Nick Eason on Richie Incognito: Dirty, non-athletic, can’t block


Another week, another opposing defensive lineman calling Dolphins offensive lineman Richie Incognito dirty.

This time it’s Cardinals defensive end Nick Eason, who is preparing to face Incognito on the field on Sunday and says that he knows from first-hand experience just how dirty Incognito is: According to Eason, only once in all the football games he’s ever played has an opponent spit on him, and that opponent was Incognito, during a 2010 game.

I’ve never had a player or person in my life spit in my face,” Eason told Alex Marvez and Gil Brandt on SiriusXM NFL Radio. “It took everything in my power to restrain myself.”

Eason referenced the game two weeks ago when Texans defensive lineman Antonio Smith accused Incognito of trying to injure his ankle. The NFL looked at the footage and didn’t fine Incognito but did fine Smith $21,000 for kicking Incognito.

“He basically tried to break Antonio’s leg,” Eason said of Incognito. “Antonio got fined because he had to kick the guy off of him and [the NFL] did nothing to him. Usually players who do that are the non-athletic guys who really can’t block people so they play dirty.”

Incognito has defended himself as a tough and physical — but not dirty — player. Eason says Incognito crosses the line, which makes Eason “really excited for the opportunity to play against the guy.” But Eason says he’ll be smart enough not to retaliate, knowing that the retaliation is often what gets penalized — as Smith found out the hard way.

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  1. Sounds like a marginal player trying to make some headlines the easy way rather than making plays on Sunday. 2 tackles 0 sacks in 3 games. Be afraid Richie. Ha.

    Put it in perspective: Kheeston Randall (7th round rookie, non-starter) has 2 tackles thus far.

  2. Smith wasn’t retaliating, he was protecting himself. If he had been retaliating, he would have kept kicking the dirty-bird after he let go of his leg.

  3. As a Seattle fan, I loved this guy when he was with the Rams. He was good for at least one personal foul every game. Not often that you can count on one offensive lineman ending one of his team’s drives for you every single game.

  4. Richie is a dirty player, only about every player in the BFL has come out and stated it. He spit in this Eason’s face and he really is not athletic(see photo above of him exploding while stretching). But he’s probably the Dolphins best player hahaha.

  5. the cardinals have 2 sacks in each of their last 9 game and 3 or more in their last 4…. it will be just the same i say they put 15+ hits on the dolphins qb this weekend

  6. # of personal fouls penalties committed by Incognito since joining the Dolphins before the 2010 season: zero.

    Anybody who is actually paying attention and not just remembering some Rams game from three years ago knows that this is a differet guy playing for the Dolphins. Miami gave him a last chance and Incognito is making good. It’s actually fair to say he is playing at a nearl pro-bowl level so far this season, mauling people in the run game and stonewalling in pass protection.

    And as for being labeled a “dirty player”, that is the highest compliment an O-Lineman can be paid, so long as he doesn’t hurt his team with stupid penalties. If you don’t agree, you either never played organized football or you played it like a pu$$y. It’s a man’s game, folks.

  7. The Dolphins’ 176 rushing yards per game and 4 QB sacks allowed beg to differ, Mr. Eason. We have one of the best offensive lines in the NFL. Keep crying before the game even starts. We are going to be running right at you and your 2 tackles through 3 games. Punk.

  8. Richie is our best player? wake, Dansby, starks, long all pro bowlers and long is on line for hall of fame, add bush, fasano, sioli, lane, Thomas, miller, all guys that are better than anyone Arizona has at that position and probably Tannehill too.

  9. If you asked me who Nick Eason was before I read this article, I would have guessed he was an actor from the show Lost or something.

  10. Sounds like he wants to do his crying before the game. If Bush is 100% healthy then Eason will have his hands full. Bill

  11. Who is Nick Eason?

    He is the person this article is about. Claiming you don’t know him doesnt make you witty and cool. He is a person who managed to stay in the league for 10 years, 7 years beyond the 3 year average career. He’s also on a 3-0 team unlike Incognito.

    I have ZERO respect for anyone who spits on another player in a game where you are allowed to vent your frustration physically between whistles.

    If you had asked me who the Dolphins were before this article, I would have guessed they were friendly sea mammals with holes in their head so they could blow every year as usual.

  12. Incognito is a great athlete, a tough lineman with very good run blocking skills and above average in his pass blocking. His major downfall is his temper, he has a nasty temper. Incognito tends to get himself into more trouble than teams would like to see, that is why he has played for many teams. Otherwise, he is a pretty damn good lineman, Eason has no clue what he is talking about.

  13. The Seattle fan isnt lying. In one Rams/Seahawk game the Rams scored late to take the lead and Incognito took a 15 yarder after the score, basically assuring Seattle would be in field goal range after the kickoff.

    Of course Josh Brown kicked a 50 something yarder for the win.

    Thanks again for that Richie.

  14. This whining needs to stop. Incognito was probably a dirty play first coming into the league… he is not anymore. He is good at what he does and has that kill mentality that every football player should have. It is ridiculous when you see these huge NFL football whining… Oh he hurt me, oh hes a bad man. Come on man!

  15. I Love reading all the comments from people who never played a down in their lives. People who would QUIT after 1 practice out of fear of the game.

    “Man up” and stuff like that from a group of out of shape cowards on the internets makes me LOL.

    Ohhhhh how many “tough guys” packed up and left when the reality of the game hits them in the face.

  16. theawesomersfranchise

    Just because you play powderpuff doesn’t make you an expert, because had you played big boy football you would realize that Incognito plays hard. I played for 8 years till I had total knee reconstruction and it seems to me this DE is making excuses. As I’ve said before heres hoping this pillow fight doesn’t turn into a football game

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