49ers get back on track by eviscerating Jets

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The 49ers were not happy with the way their game in Minnesota went last Sunday and they took out their frustrations on the Jets this Sunday.

A completely overwhelming performance by the 49ers defense on the beleaguered Jets offense paved the way for a 34-0 victory that improved the 49ers’ record to 3-1 on the season. The 49ers didn’t let the Jets do a thing on offense all day, holding them to 145 yards while forcing four turnovers and sacking Mark Sanchez three times. They had two more sacks wiped out by defensive penalties, something that might have proven to be a problem against a more effective unit.

These Jets are not an effective offensive unit. Sanchez finished the day 13-of-29 for 103 yards and an interception. He also fumbled on one of Aldon Smith’s two sacks and looked helpless just about every time he dropped back to throw a pass. Not because of the protection, which was occasionally good, but because there just wasn’t any way to make positive things happen when he put the ball in the air. His passes either sailed wide or Jets receivers couldn’t get open or sometimes both all at once. The game was lost by the time wide receiver Santonio Holmes hurt his knee, but Holmes’ absence left a team already short on offensive talent with just about nothing to show for itself on that side of the ball.

The 49ers offense wasn’t particularly efficient through the air, but the Jets defense was powerless to stop them on the ground. They picked up 247 yards on 43 rushes for a robust 5.7 yards per carry with Colin Kaepernick, Frank Gore and Kendall Hunter all running for touchdowns. The offensive line was pushing the Jets defensive front back for yards at a time and the Jets didn’t do a particularly good job of tackling when they were able to get in front of Niner ball carriers.

And, for good measure, linebacker Larry Grant blocked a Robert Malone punt in the fourth quarter to set up San Francisco’s final touchdown of the afternoon.

Demoralizing stuff for the Jets across the board, but a revitalizing game for the 49ers after their misstep in Minnesota.

45 responses to “49ers get back on track by eviscerating Jets

  1. Why is Tim Tebow not the starting quarterback of the Jets? You’re telling me he can’t put up below average numbers?

    Yes he can, but he can still run the football and make the running attack become effective.

    Rex Ryan deserves to be fired if he plays Sanchez this whole season

  2. And Rex thinks his job’s secure? He is ALL talk and folks like that are usually the last to know. This WILL be his last season as head coach unless Woody is truly as bad an owner as I hear. What a joke. And as a Skins fan, I should know!

  3. @chargerdillon

    Sanchez was AWFUL today, but let’s be real. Tebow is not any better. They’re better off starting their 3rd string QB. I honestly do not understand the love affair the media has with Tebow. Heck, I’ll go out there for much less than they’re paying him to throw the pigskin 5 yards short of the intended receiver.

  4. Why didn’t Tebow get put into the game in the 4th quarter? Mark Sanchez looked worse than Alex Smith prior to last year, and that’s saying something. Even the announcers were perplexed why he wasn’t getting playing time when the 49ers were doing so for their backup QB. It’s like Rex Ryan WANTS a riot on his hands (from both Tebow and the fans).

    Secondly, Rex Ryan isn’t losing weight, he’s just having the air let out of him. This blustering blowhard talks so much all offseason and even into early regular season only to be crushed into mopy stupidity come post-game interview. Maybe one of these days he’ll figure out it’s not smart to count your chickens before they’re hatched.

  5. I so wanted to see Tebow against that 49ers defense. That would’ve been fun to watch.
    Obviously Ryan is saving Timmy for the defensively-impaired opponents. That way, the myth can live…
    No Revis.
    No Holmes.
    No hope.
    Bye now…

  6. Would’ve been 47-0 if Akers hadn’t missed 2 FGs and had Kaepernick gone in for the score at the end of the game instead of showing some class and downing it.

  7. The Jets are finished, done, cooked, it’s all over New York.

    The offense is one of the worst in the last five years and the defense minus Revis is just average.

  8. With Tebow not getting in at end shows what Jets think of him. Had nothing to lose but see what he could do …notta!!!!

  9. chargerdillon says:
    Sep 30, 2012 4:05 PM
    Why is Tim Tebow not the starting quarterback of the Jets? You’re telling me he can’t put up below average numbers?

    if the Jets had an actual backup QB, they could go to him now…. but they don’t, they have a fullback averaging 2 yards a run….

    Sanchez this year is getting DOUBLE the yards and TDs per game that Tebow got in that fluke year in Denver

    so be careful what you are wishing for…. you’ll regret it.

  10. The injury to Revis (and possibly to Holmes) may buy Rex another year. He can use them as an excuse for the team being horrible. Is the Jets 3rd string QB any good? Because Sanchez can’t get it done. All those calling for Tebow are delusional. He is NOT the answer. Before you say that Tebow turned the Bronco’s around last year and they made the play-off’s… the Bronco’s team was so much better than the Jets. Denver had better receivers and a better runningback. Denver had a dominant defense. The Jets have none of those. So, like I asked…is their 3rd string QB any good????

  11. Trade Sanchez to Seahawks for Flynn. Pay difference to Seahawks in salary disparity. Offer third rounder as well to make it happen. Ryan must know its over with Sanchez. The Tebow decision is going to get Rex or Tanny fired. How dumb to not get real qb competition. Russell Wilson and Nick Foles were right there for the taking. So now we’ll looking at Sanchez, Gholston, and Wilson. Jerry Reece got you beat by a mile, dude. Sign Aaron Berry. Draft Shonne Greene’s replacement.

  12. Note to Woody: if any of your people still believes Sanchez will get it done – schedule their dismissal for incompetance. Eviscerate is an ugly word. McElroy needs to play. Damon Harrison should be given a chance. Pouha had a back issue, he’s nowhere near as strong as he’s been. He needs time to get strong again. Make changes. What’s the worse that can happen: you get shutout again and give up another 200 yards rushing in your own house.

  13. It was a beautiful thing to see that game today – just flat out awesome. I had thought the Jets would at least try to show up but both Sanchez and Tebow were non-factors today. And Holmes getting hurt didn’t help matters any – it was great to see the Niners skunk them.

  14. I dont know how in the world the jets were expected to score points in this game.. The Best defenses in the league reside in the NFC west! (who woulda thought lol) Lead by the 49ers! Tebow will be in soon theyd do better running the ball 85 – 90

  15. Greg McElroy. He IS better than Tebow and Sanchez. Remember, he’s the one who said it was the worst locker room he’s ever been in at the end of the year (echoed by LT).

  16. How can you get a punt blocked when you paid $50 million for a personal punt protector?

    Bring on championship qb Greg McElroy!

  17. Anytime you can go into that kinda overly hostile place and pitch a road shutout, that’s big.

    Who’s got it better than us? Nobody!

  18. Rex ia another quality DC who is no good at HC. But he and the owner haven’t figured it out yet.

    Jets are embarrassing.

  19. Didn’t Rex say this is the best defense he had since he’s been here? Can’t stop the run, there terrible. Gotta love it though, shut the Jets fans up.

  20. Brinke says: Sep 30, 2012 7:34 PM

    Anytime you can go into that kinda overly hostile place and pitch a road shutout, that’s big.

    Who’s got it better than us? Nobody!


    Couldn’t have been that hostile, the crowd was pretty quiet most of the game, and there were a lot of red jerseys in the seats.

  21. *Time to musk up.
    *Wow. Never ceases to amaze me. What cologne you gonna go with? London Gentleman, or wait. No, no, no. Hold on. Blackbeard’s Delight.
    *No, she gets a special cologne… It’s called Mark Sanchez by Odeon. It’s illegal in nine countries… Yep, it’s made with bits of real Sanchez, so you know it’s good.
    *They’ve done studies, you know. 40% of the time, he completes it every time.

  22. The game was pretty tight for a long time, then the Jet’s mistakes piled up and it got out of hand. I’d like to see the niners put teams away sooner with the offense scoring, rather than relying on defense and special teams to silver platter opportunities for them. Kaepernick looked great. I’d like him to get the opportunity to have an entire series in a game.

  23. No team wants that 49ers team the week after they lose a game!
    I doubt that anyone wants them the week after they WIN a game. I’m have a lot of respect for the Vikings for the game they played against the Niners.

    With the way the rest of the AFC Least lines up right now, all the Patriots need to do is show up and go 9-7. That is, unless they’re concerned with playoff seeding, which in recent years hasn’t mattered that much to them, plus or minus. The Dolphins aren’t very good, the Bills stink, and the Jets are almost as bad as the Bills.

  24. This is the Niner formula for success…ground and pound, ball control, minimize mistakes and take over the game in the 2nd half when the opposing D is beat up. Kaeper is showing the future of Niner offense. But he needs more time to grow and learn…for now.

    Props to Vikings last week for showing the Niners the futulity of trying to be a run and gun team. The formula works, so don’t fix it.

    Classy by Kaeper to not run up the score.

  25. Jets are 2-2 and still in first place leading the division.

    Every team has a bad loss, its better to experience those early vs. late in the season.

    I fully expect a really sound effort by the Jets next MNF against quality opponent in Texans.

    Saints, Lions, many others would LOVE to be 2-2 right now !!!!!!!!!!

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