Adrian Peterson aims for 200-plus-yard game

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In his fourth game back after suffering a torn ACL on Christmas Eve, Vikings running back Adrian Peterson notched his first 100-yard game of the season.

But what was his goal?  “250 yards,” he told PFT by phone after the 20-13 victory that moved Minnesota to 3-1.

Peterson said he had roughly five plays that he could have busted for big gains, and that he’s entering every game now believing that he can rush for 200 to 250 yards.  Peterson said he’s getting stronger each week, and that he’s now at 97 percent.

With Titans running back Chris Johnson coming to town on Sunday, Peterson isn’t worrying about proving that he remains the better tailback.  “I know who the best back in this league is,” Peterson said.

His team surprisingly is among the best in the league.  Peterson said that the Vikings “have a lot of room to grow,” and that they can be much better than they are.

If Peterson can start rattling off 200-plus-yard games, the Vikings will be a lot better.

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  1. thetokyosandblaster says:
    Sep 30, 2012 6:46 PM
    They may even score an offensive TD against a bad defense.

    Patience, they’ll play GB soon enough.

  2. Offense burned up pleanty of clock. Defense did their jobs, and special teams, long over due, made the difference! Vikes got it done and at 3-1 it’s awesome!!!! SKOL Vikes!!!!!!

  3. The Vikings had the lead the entire game. They played a very conservative game plan with the lead. It’s called being smart. How bad is Detroit that a team doesn’t need an offensive TD to win? The Vikings, and Christian Ponder, are simply doing what it takes to win. I have no problem with that.

  4. Three times today the Vikings were marching with AP and then they sat him and put in Gerhart and the drive immediately stalled. The coaching staff does some unexplainable things sometimes. Like the trick play on first and goal, just put in Webb if you are going to do that. I really would like Musgrave to get off the sideline and move to the booth to get a better eye on what plays they could exploit.

  5. Whose afraid of the big bad Lion D? NOBODY!

    Ndamukong WHO?
    Fairley is so bloated he can’t breath standing up, but excellent in the neutral zone… penalties.

    Gunther has this D so UNDERPERFORMING, I’d believe the season was fixed by a Vegas bookie.

    LeShoure’s running game??? You’ve got to be freaking kidding me!!! They guy is running scared.

    How bout those special teams!!! Way to go boys.

    Lions are much better than their results… starts with a WEAK HC and maybe complete staff house cleaning.

    I’m sick and tired of being SICK AND TIRED!

  6. It must be something in the water up there in Minnesota. Peterson thinks he will get 250 yards, the fans think the Superbowl is in reach and Ziggy thinks Leslie is a real coach.

  7. This whole season so far has been one pleasant surprise — a record of 3-1, AP’s looks back in form, Ponder doesn’t stink, Harvin/Greenway/O-line are playing strong, we’re at the top of the division 4 weeks in, the Saints are 0-4, anf the normal Packer trolls are reduced to making the old lame comments they had to make when the Vikes were good. It may not last, but it’s entertaining now.

  8. Love my Vikes, but sometimes I think he makes the OL look better than what it is.

    What is more amazing than 1 TD on a kick off and 1 TD on a punt return? No flags on either one of the plays. In fact I do not remember a single penalty called on the STeam.

  9. I really was not for the hiring of the new D head coach. Never been a coordinator before and INdy was never really known for it’s D. But I really cannot complain too much throught the 4 games this year.

  10. Vikes are looking pretty good! Defense is looking solid, special teams look good, all we need is to get the offense to be a little more consistent and we could make some waves this year.

  11. It is good to know that Peterson understands that Arian Foster is the league’s best running back.

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