Bengals cruise to easy win over Jags, improve to 3-1

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There were dramatic finishes and displays of incredible football all over the NFL today.

There was also a game in Jacksonville.

The Bengals did what a (relatively) good team should do to a (relatively) bad one,  thumping the Jaguars 27-10.

They did it efficiently, with Andy Dalton throwing for 244 yards and two touchdowns, A.J. Green catching six passes for 117 yards and a touchdown their defense limiting the Jags to 212 total yards.

Jags quarterback Blaine Gabbert threw his first interception of the year (against five touchdowns), but his problem isn’t the picks he’s not throwing, it’s the plays he’s not making.

He averaged just under 5.5 yards per pass attempt, and even though Justin Blackmon stepped in and had a better day (six catches for 48 yards, everything’s relative), the Jaguars play as if they know they don’t have much of a chance and just want to keep it close.

They failed.

14 responses to “Bengals cruise to easy win over Jags, improve to 3-1

  1. Under 5.5 YPA against Terence Newman, Adam Jones and a guy just upped from the practice squad.

    Won’t be pretty against the Bears.

    Would be shocked if the Bears game is the last game Gabbert starts this season.

  2. hey, you can’t blame this loss on Gabbert, he was cookin’ until the run game stalled and they got way behind. The guy keeps getting better.

  3. Joetoronto is a fan of the Raiders. That explains: (a) his lack of class [default setting for Raiders fans], (b) how bitter he is about a winning team/’easy schedules,’ and (c) his hatred of the Bengals [who robbed his team of two high draft picks for a washed up pick-six machine, and picked up the former head coach he longs for].
    Can’t really blame Joe at this point. We should probably just be proud he hasn’t drank his liver to death watching the Raiders.

  4. joetoronto says:
    Sep 30, 2012 6:57 PM
    What a schedule, it must be nice.

    Too bad they lose every game they play against a decent team.
    By every game you mean one? How did your raiders do today? Ouch

  5. Didn’t think I’d miss the replacement refs, but these guys were just as bad… MJD catches a ball with Reggie Nelson draped over his back, but no interference call – forced the Jags to settle for a field goal. On one of the Bengals’ TDs, the only reason the pass is completed was because the DT was held and thrown to the turf.

    The Jaguars didn’t do anything to overcome these things – like dropping two INTs and fumbling a third – but one or two breaks their way and this game could have gone the other way.

    But you wouldn’t know that if you only watched the highlights…

  6. @themediaisblind
    Yep, the Bengals sacking Gabbert six times, holding MJD under forty yards, and getting multiple plays over forty yards and out gaining them 382 to 212 (while losing the turnover battle 2 to 1) was all about the refs making calls against the jags at home in front of their fans.
    Your tears taste delicious.

  7. I am a Jags fan and season ticket holder.

    Blaine is the worst QB that has come out the past 2 years. He is Leftwich part deux. Except Leftwich could take a hit. Blaine has zero pocket presence, can’t move in pocket, can’t read a D at all. He has the strong arm. Great how many times in the history of this game have we heard “he has a strong arm”? Too many to name. Give me a QB with an avg to above avg arm but a good head on his shoulders, oh wait we could have drafted him in the second round for the pick we gave up to take Blaine, we played him today. Andy Dalton.

    Tough pill to swallow today knowing your team is out of it after the 4th game.

    Oh well the tailgate was great.

  8. Only Blame Gabbert can make Jags fans like myself look back and refer to the David Garrard era as “the good ol’ days.”

  9. Lmfao are you kidding me!! joetoronto is a raiders fan and he trolls the Jags!!! Man no wonder your allways trolling!!! It has to really suck being a fan of that franchise. I’m sorry joe I had no idea you were a raiders fan. If it makes you feel better to troll the jags go ahead i feel sorry for you now!!! What a joke of a franchise!!!

  10. How about Vontaze Butfict!?! He lead the bengals in tackles with 8, had his first career nfl sack, and also has some nice pass deflections. So far he has been a great grab for the bengals. What I also love about him is his energy on the field. I noticed a few different times yesterday where he was pumping guys up and celebrating with this teammates after big plays.

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