Cardinals squeak past Dolphins on Jay Feely field goal in OT


Overtime was unkind again to the Miami Dolphins.

The Dolphins lost in the fifth quarter by three points for the second straight win when Jay Feely’s 46-yard field goal sailed through the uprights. It was the second Arizona possession of overtime as the Dolphins forced them to go three-and-out after receiving the kickoff and then moved the ball near midfield. But Ryan Tannehill threw an interception to Kerry Rhodes and Kevin Kolb hit Andre Roberts with a key third-down conversion to get the Cardinals to 4-0 on the season.

Tannehill also fumbled the ball to set up Kolb and Roberts for the game-tying touchdown late in the fourth quarter, a double dose of bad news that will make it hard to celebrate his 431 passing yards over the course of the afternoon. Tannehill’s blunders will sting, but there were definitely signs of the quarterback that the Dolphins hope that Tannehill will become in Arizona on Sunday.

There were also signs that Brian Hartline will put an end to the worry about the quality of the receiving corps. Hartline set a franchise record with 253 receiving yards, gaudy numbers that follow a strong start to the year for the 2009 fourth-round pick. Cameron Wake also had 4.5 sacks for the Dolphins to continue the trend of strong individual performances rendered less meaningful by the final score.

Kolb didn’t fare too badly on the individual glory side of things either. He wound up with 324 passing yards on the day and threw three touchdowns to help overcome two interceptions and some slow decisions and poor blocking that helped Wake and his mates rack up eight sacks over the course of the game. Roberts finished the day with 118 yards and two scores and the Cardinals showed an ability to come from behind twice in a game that could have easily gotten away from them.

It didn’t, though, and they remain all by themselves in first place in the NFC West.

50 responses to “Cardinals squeak past Dolphins on Jay Feely field goal in OT

  1. The Dolphins aren’t good enough to hold on and win close games.This is 2 weeks in a row they got out to an early lead and go on and lose in overtime.

  2. The Cards are the worst 4-0 team in the league, and their offensive line is, well, offensive. That heralded D everyone was talking about, just let a rookie QB drop 400 + yards on them. I still peg them for 8-8. What a joke.

  3. Philbin looks way over his head. Cut JIMMY WILSON and Legaduu Nannee before the plane lands back in Miami. Dan Carpenter has blown a tire, he will not be back to form, happened to Pete Stoyanovich. Get a new kicker Monday after your coaches meeting. And if you can trade Daniel Thomas for a pack of socks please do it and stop holding out for more.

  4. why would you run a pass play on 2nd & 8 with under 3 min on your own side of the field, kill the clock! this loss is on the coaches…. and carpenter again.

  5. Close game but it doesn’t matter how you win in the NFL #Birdgang 4-0 baby!!! Good game Miami Tannehill is a sleeper QB who will win his share of games.

  6. I’m damn proud of my phish…..

    Each week we improve and each week we learn something new about our team…..

    Iron out the kicking and quit the cute crap plays….. We are in good hands Miami

  7. Yesss it’s alllll the kickers fault because he missed a 50+ yarder and made two others. he also made the game saving tackle at the beginning of OT. lol Get a clue people

  8. the Cards got owned every which way all day and still won….

    8 sacks (!), 2 ints held them to 28 yards rushing …

    Hartline broke the club record with 253 yards and Bess went over 100 ….

    and the Phins still found a way to lose… wow

  9. Tanny, Hartline, Wake, SSmith, and (to an extent) Bess each have crazy/career days. And we lose.

    In all 3 losses, an incredible, aost never before seen, series of events had to happen for the Dolphons to lose; and it happened in all of them.

    This team is cursed. This goes beyond Ireland, Parcells, Saban, Wannie, or JJ. It goes back to Joe Robbie refusing to pay Csonka Kiick and Warfield so that those guys felt it was better to play for a DIFFERENT LEAGUE!!!! Ever since then, almost 40 years.


  10. Why is legacy nanae still allowed onto the field? He can’t catch, and the one catch he makes he fumbles it….

  11. jayman35 says:
    Sep 30, 2012 7:52 PM
    The Cards are the worst 4-0 team in the league, and their offensive line is, well, offensive. That heralded D everyone was talking about, just let a rookie QB drop 400 + yards on them. I still peg them for 8-8. What a joke.
    So first what you are saying is the Texans and Falcons are better 4-0 teams, ok, i can give you that. But hate all you want, as a 49er fan I am not taking this team lightly. I hope u r right jayman.

  12. You forgot to mention Ray Finkle or Dan Carpenter or whatever you want to call him. Really the Fins could be 3 and 1 right now and 1st in their division. Missed kicks in two of the losses cost them the game. They are playing tough, RT had a break out game today, but some costly mistakes. All in all he looked spectacular for a WR who only played 19 games as a QB in college. Just some rookie mistakes to fix. Not going to lie, it’s nice to cheer for T.D’s instead of fist pumping for field goals. Although a successful field goal would have came in nice the last 2 games we played and one of those in O.T. Glad Philbin DROPPED the drama queen Brandon Marshall and Brian Hartline is stepping up with his assignment as an impact WR. Bess as well. Still some work to be had with the Dolphins but it looks as there could be some promise?

  13. Thats fine, continue to blame the other team’s mistakes. and not the cardinals mental toughness through extreme adversity dating back to last year, the will to never give up, the fight to continue by the defense being left on the field far too long and making absolutely decisive stops and turnovers… no, its all the fins, eagles, pats, hawks, hawks, etc’s fault…

  14. Cut nannee trade Nolan Carroll and Thomas. What is going on with Amstrong? Get a new punter ASAP, all this b4 landing in Miami. I’m just fricking tired of blowing games like that….

  15. Honestly, is there a lifelong Dolphin fan out there who wasn’t absolutely sure we would find a way to lose that game?

  16. Cardinals D looks good…Told everyone theyd be better than the pre season champ Seaclucks..At that theyll need to play better than that to beat the Niners…

  17. You people crack me up!!!!!! Three weeks ago, Miami wa touted as the WORST team in the league by a longshot. They just racked incredible yards against one of the stoutest D’s in the league and held one of the most explosive WRs to not many yards. Imagine this team in 3-4 more weeks. We all knew this was going to be a learning process and it would hurt for a little while but the end result would be worth it.

  18. It’s hell of a lot easier to make the playoffs when you start out 4-0 than with any other record. Give the Cards credit. Hell, they beat the Pats on the road. That ain’t easy.

  19. With that many passing yards the Dolphins should of scored more points, when it mattered Tannehill showed he’s still a rookie.

    I give credit to Tannehill we game planned to stop the run and he accepted the challenge to beat us through the air.

    With that said

    4 AND OH BABY!!!

  20. “Great game for Dolphin fans, our team is getting better, it looks like we might actually have a QB, and we are moving up the ranks in the 2013 draft.”


    And the Dolphins have two second rounders and two third rounders. If Tannehill continues to develop, this team could compete for a playoff spot in 2013 or 2014.

  21. Anyone else notice Wannie’s defense blow a big lead at home, at the same time Sparano’s offense was getting shut out at home?

  22. Anyone who watched Tannehill play today, regardless of the rookie mistakes, saw a quarterback poised to be a star.. I see a young, talented roster that is tough enough to take a few punches now, but will become a winning team because of it

  23. Fire Naanee now, the guy adds nothing and costs us a lot.
    The defense played a great game today especially against the run. Great job rushing the qback and congrats to Smith for interceptions.
    We need to get another field goal kicker if this keeps up. That is 2 games this guy Carpenter has cost us with misses in 2 straight weeks.
    Why not pick up K Winslow as a TE?
    Thill has a great arm, but needs better judgement, which comes with playing experience. I think he will be getting better as the season progresses. And B. Hartline and D. Bess, great games!!!

  24. “The Cards are the worst 4-0 team in the league.” Sorry to hear that you’re losing tons of cash betting against them. They sure must be pretty bad if they can beat NE in Foxboro, crush Philly, beat SEA, etc. In other words, shut yer mouth and quit yer whinin’. The Cards are a good team despite your blindness.. or your inability to assess talent.

  25. I’m realistic – I know Kolb didn’t get to where he is by not being an outstanding athlete and football player.

    With that acknowledgment, how in the heck does he have a job? He moves slower than Gilbert Brown backing away from the buffet.

    I think the Wiz has saved his job unless the wheels completely fall off, but we have got to have a real QB next year. Doesn’t have to be another Warner, but we need better than Kolb and Skelton. They are both back-ups you hope you don’t need.

  26. No one had any expectations for the Dolphins this year including myself so these loses come as no big surprise.

    What is surprising is that the Dolphins are staying in these games till the very end. This draft class (I know it’s still very early) but from Tannehill, Vernon, Miller, J.Martin, and undrafted rookies in J.Lane and Derick Shelby are turning out to be real pros.

    This Dolphin team is a young team and they are playing well. I can honestly say that Philbin has this team on track to compete as early as next season.

    With 40 million under the salary cap and 5 draft picks in the first three rounds and Tannehill getting a season under his belt, I can see them battling for a division title.

  27. Let me get this straight…..The Fins cut “ankle weights” Wallace so they could keep Nannee?!?!?! Then against the Cards they let Nannee dress and make Marlon Moore (even w/ no catches is a big contributor on s.t.) sit as an inactive. Nothing troubles me more than Nannee still having a job and Jimmy Wilson continuing to run his mouth on the field while making high school type errors. Philbin please realize these type players will make you look like sporano pt 2. Cut ties with those arena league players immediately.

    PS….since the jets like our trash, see if you can trade thomas for a conditional 4th round pick. Thomas cried about being embarrassed on HK but yet has done nothing about it. Hit the sled with Bush after practice softy.

  28. @norcalmafia The Arizona d looked good? Im no expert but I don’t think giving up 400+ yards to a rookie QB & over 230+ yds receiving to one guy is considered good defense. I don’t care how many sacks or int’s they had giving up those type of numbers doesn’t look good for any team

  29. I’m a Cards fan but I have to say Tannehill was pretty impressive, even with the last game mishap.

    In pulling this one out, the Cards definitely got away with one. But that’s the same thing they did during their Superbowl run year.

    More and more, there’s a team that catches all the breaks and gets to the end. Look at the Giants last year. Everything clicked just right for them down the stretch.

    Yet, they were lucky as well. They beat the Cards on a terrible call. The Cards had the lead, the Giants were trying to drive to a score when Cruz caught a pass, tried to shift directions and lost his balance, pitching forth and then fumbled the ball when he hit the ground, which the Cards recovered. Should have been game over.

    Instead, the ref ruled it wasn’t a fumble because Cruz “gave himself up”. No one was around him, he face-planted and that was ruled he “gave himself up”.

    When before or after has Cruz given himself up? Who ever does? That call turned the Giants L into a W and that record took them to the playoffs.

    It never hurts to be lucky.

  30. For the record i am a dolphins fan and firstly arizona is a very solid team and the difference is today we have realized miami is too. It was a great game to watch, watching 2 very good defenses make huge plays at huge times. Tannehill looks like the real deal and that front 7 is scary good against the run. A year or two with keeping our core players and builiding around them and tanny has finally given this fan base hope!!! We shouldve won, but that doesnt take away the fact kolb went up the field to tie it and then win it with no running game, kudos to the cards they didnt deserve it but they earned it.

  31. The one good thing is that I was kind of numb from laughing so hard watching the jests game before the Fins kicked off. What a display of ineptitude on all three parts of the game.

    Fins have a very bright future. Just have to endure the bumps along the way.

  32. What a game! As tough as it is to lose 2 games in a row you dominated, it is part of the growing pains for a young team.

    However, it is fun to watch rookie grow up in front of you and Tannehill is special. Yes, still too many turnovers but the picks yesterday were not all his fault.

    At least he doesnt have that “deer-in-the-headlight” look of another AFC East 4 year starter. Lol. There is hope and this team is on the rise!

  33. Last time I checked…it was a 60 minute game and every play counted. It seems the Cardinals understand that and have put away a lot of close games. It’s not fools gold if you are 11-2 in the last 13 games. Just imagine if they had a QB & a oline…they’d be dominate!

  34. I leave you with this. The young team’s development is like getting onto the turnpike. You want to get into the fast lane, but have to slowly accelerate from the right hand lane to eventually get up to your desired speed. I don’t see us far from getting into the passing lane. (no pun intended–well actually yes!!)

    Be patient my friends. I haven’t felt this good about the team in a looong time. I hope you see it that way also–it makes the pain of another loss more tolerable.

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