Chargers move to 3-1, accept generous gift from Chiefs

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Home field is no advantage for the Chiefs.

They’ve now been outscored 77-44 at Arrowhead Stadium in a pair of games, after Sunday’s 37-20 loss to the Chargers. The Chiefs lost 40-24 to the Falcons in the opener, and their only win was on the road against a Saints team with greater issues than their own.

San Diego played a clean enough and opportunistic game, but the Chiefs offered this one up on a silver platter. Five first-half turnovers (six total) put them in a hole they weren’t going to recover from.

San Diego continues to display little faith in Ryan Mathews, not letting him touch it on the first possession, though he responded with 61 yards on 14 carries and no fumbles. Jackie Battle scored a pair of touchdowns for the Chargers.

24 responses to “Chargers move to 3-1, accept generous gift from Chiefs

  1. I hope they’ll stay in the gift giving mode next week. The Ravens have a hard enough schedule as it is.

  2. The Chiefs continue to stink it up. How can anyone remain a fan of this team. It’s one thing when a team is making progress, and quite another when a team continues to draft high and makes all the wrong moves. They haven’t been to a SB since SB IV (which they lost). One crappy head coach after the other. At least King Carl and Marty got them to the playoffs on a regular basis (even though they always lost). Pioli has done a horrid job of drafting and brought an overrated Cassel with him who has stunk it up on a regular basis. How can you routinely fail with first round picks like the Chiefs have under Pioli? Glen Dorsey, pick 5 overall. Tyson Jackson, pick 3 overall. Both from LSU. Traded Jared Allen to the Vikings under Herm Edwards, for what? A first and two third round picks that have done nothing to date. This team is horrendous and I see no light at the end of the tunnel.

  3. While yes, I hate Pioli, Crenne,l and Matt Cassel, and would prefer to have Jared Allen. I think KC Got Brandon Albert and Jamaal Charles for the Allen picks, though I may be wrong. Still I’d rather have Allen as RB’s are pretty easy to come by.

  4. Chargers earned the W, headline makes it look like chargers only won because chiefs are bad. This site hates the chargers!

  5. Generous gifts? The Chargers forced TWO fumbles from one of the best backs in the league and also another, Eric Weddle used both his mind and body to make an excellent interception and the other two were both quite hard to grab after being tipped due to pressured throws. The Chiefs had an offense among the best, this is just a sad article.

  6. As a Chiefs fan, I hope Pioli will get it through his head that Cassel is not and will not ever be the answer for this team. 2013 NFL draft wish? How about a franchise QB! I am a loyal fan, but watching this team sputter along is hard to stomach.

  7. Chargers EARNED this win by causing 6 turnovers. It was not offered up on a silver platter. They were constantly in the backfield and actually going for strips. Weddle’s one handed pick was also not just handed to him.

  8. The upcoming Ravens game at Arrowhead should be blacked out. Do not understand how fans can spend money on this type of a product. Chiefs not competing at home and getting blown out is becoming far too regular (which is frightening). After getting smacked by Atlanta at the home opener, this Chiefs team had a responsibility to show the fans that they cared and did not take our passion for granted.

    If you are not a season ticket holder, do not go to the game. If you are a season ticket holder, sell your ticket on stubhub to Ravens fans and try to make your money back. Enough is Enough.

  9. Unless I missed something, not one of those six turnovers happened unforced. I believe that 100% of those plays were a direct result of the Chargers’ defense playing very strong.

    The score also doesn’t tell the whole story. SD should have scored over 50-points, but the offense remains stagnant.

  10. This is the first year I don’t check this site daily. I have been here from the beginning. I used to click on their sponsors’ links all the time when Mike started asking us to. But this is the type of article I have come to expect, if there even is a Chargers article. Often they don’t even get the coverage or there is a dead link. These facts bum me out. I miss the Taco Bill days.

  11. Kansas city Chiefs are good at something, they’re good at gift giving points,turning the ball over, playing a “horrible quarterback”, and everyone to come to their games and pay to watch this. !!!!!Please Everybody Boycott Arrowhead and the Chiefs organization!!!!!

  12. So the 2 forced fumbles and the INT Weddle got were gifts? No, they were earned and played well. The other 2 first half INTs were tipped and could’ve had any outcome but it ended in the Bolts favor. Give credit where credit is due. Bolts D helped those 3 turnovers I mentioned in the beginning. Article stinks up this place.

  13. Romeo has really had the boys ready to play…….they’ve only trailed 78-29 collectively in the first 4 games this year.

    The fact this team has a win is a miracle!

  14. Maybe the Kansas City Chiefs should move to the new LA stadium. They are in the AFC West after all, maybe they should be there physically too.

    (Yes, I know MO is technically considered Midwest.)

  15. I don’t recall any articles about the Falcons being “gifted” a win last week when the Chargers had four turnovers. The Chargers forced six turnovers in a game, but they only won because Kansas City gave it to them. Got it.

  16. Chiefs are 3-8 over their last eleven home games. And it will only get worse with Cassel playing QB. The Charles fumbles were definitely forced by the defense. The interceptions were gifts from your friend Matt Cassel. On every one he had an open receiver on the other side of the field.

  17. The word “gifted” is used because 2 of the INT’s bounced off Wr/Te hands and the 3rd was a throw into 3 Chargers standing in a zone.

    Neither of Charles fumbles were caused by a big hit.

    Its not as though the Chargers defense was lights out. Chargers won, not disputing that but KC shot itself in the foot as much as Sd “forced” things to happen.

  18. The Chargers had 6 pressues on 42 pass attempts. 3 QB hits.

    Thats not exactly devestating defense. Cassel had plenty of time to throw, he just made bad reads… especially the 1st INT.

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