Chiefs stick with Matt Cassel, why is another question


Matt Cassel was under center when the Chiefs took the field in the second half.

If you don’t think that qualifies as news, you didn’t see his first half.

The Chiefs turned the ball over five times in the first 30 minutes, earning every bit of their  27-6 deficit to the Chargers, and then some.

Matt Cassell was a putrid 10-of-18 for 101 yards and three interceptions, and Jamaal Charles has turned it over twice.

Benching Cassel in favor of Brady Quinn or Ricky Stanzi won’t fix anything today, but it does raise a valid question about the direction of their offense.

17 responses to “Chiefs stick with Matt Cassel, why is another question

  1. giantsfanlewis says: Sep 30, 2012 3:07 PM

    Wait I thought cassel was a pro bowler and it couldn’t have just been the system in new England.


    He was better in 2010 for the Chiefs than in 2008 for New England.

  2. Anyone who is defending Cassel clearly is not watching him play or knows absolutely nothing about football.

    The guy is, without question, the worst starting QB in football, and it’s not even close. I mean, it’s just ridiculous to watch.

  3. Cassel isn’t that bad? What is Scott Pioli, Clark Hunt, or Romeo Crennel doing posting doing a game?

    1 good WR? It’s not the rest of their faults that only Bowe is acrobatic enough to catch the garbage that gets thrown his way.

    Pioli made a 63 million investment and isn’t about to be held accountable for clearly making a mistake. Kind of like bringing in a has-been coach, not even being able to get an interview with Peyton, or keeping true talent like Brandon Carr. Hence the 20 million under the cap.

  4. Nathan, I agree, Pioli doesn’t want to look like the moron that he is by bringing in legitimate competition in the offseason. Cassel is likely better than Quinn though if he got on the field we all may be surprised because Cassle looks like a backup college QB, oh wait, he was…

  5. The worst part about Cassel isnt even the INTs. Its that he has WR’s running open and cant find them.

    My personal favorite was what should have been a walk in TD for Bowe and instead Cassel throws it out of bounds.

    Pioli needs to swallow his pride and draft a QB next year.

    Chiefs fans deserve better. (I dont know this site’s posters that well so if there are a few idiots, sorry every team has them)

    As for this year. We’ll win some games just because of the running game and defense. But we should start preparing for the draft.

  6. Iam officially starting the push for the Chiefs to draft “Geno Smith” next April. God knows they need a “real” QB.

  7. seanx40 says:

    Cassel isn’t that bad. The rest of his team isn’t all that great. One good WR is not an offense.

    ONE good receiver???

    Dwayne Bowe, Jonathan Baldwin, and Steve Breaston with Jamaal Charles underneath is more than one good receiver.

    Either you are a kid seanx40, or you are confusing football for another sport.

    What makes it so bad is the fact is he has receivers to throw to, so you can’t blame it on that. Not to mention, he has time to throw in the pocket but holds on to the ball forever, or throws it off target. AND he stares down his receivers instead of looking them off.

    Moeaki has not impressed though. Kevin Boss is much better and underated. Cut Moeaki. Might as well start Stanzi or Quinn and get them some experience and hope for the best, or a top pick next year where the Chiefs can get a QB. If they’ll actually do it.

  8. romeisfallingagain says: Sep 30, 2012 3:53 PM

    Anyone who is defending Cassel clearly is not watching him play or knows absolutely nothing about football.
    The guy is, without question, the worst starting QB in football, and it’s not even close. I mean, it’s just ridiculous to watch.
    That pass he threw behind the TE that got picked should have got him benched.

  9. All hating aside, he doesn’t even look like an NFL QB out there, he doesn’t even look like a college QB out there.

    With all that cap room, Chiefs fans should be really pissed.

  10. Chiefs get blown out again at home. These type of losses should never be tolerated by any fan base and deserve warranted criticism.

    There are a lot of missing pieces and holes this team has that a franchise qb could hide. Unlucky for Chiefs fans, our leadership and management have not attempted to realize the truth, that Matt Cassel is not it. No matter how One Arrowhead Dr. tries to persuade or manipulate the fans in allowing Matt to keep getting more chances, the excuses and patience of the fans have thoroughly ran out. Your 67 million dollar investment did not pan out and it is time to accept that fact.

    It might be too early to throw in the towel for the rest of the 2012 season, but it has been overdue to throw it in for Cassel. GoGetEmChiefs!!

  11. Cassel does not read a defense or check down. He forces his receivers to layout for passes. He’s going to get Bowe killed. The Chiefs MUST draft/invest in a legit franchise QB. The Cassel experiment has been tried and has failed…it happens Pioli, lets move on. We’re wasting our time and the time of DJ, Flowers, Charles, & Bowe. Not that you should base depth charts off fantasy football but be real fellow KC fans, how many of your leagues is Cassel available in??? He’s a backup NFL QB at best.

  12. Watching the other QB’s play and rerunning the Chiefs game it is glaring that this guy isn’t close to those other guys. Even the rookies are better.

  13. Quick name one starting QB in the league that is worse than Cassel. I’ve tried and even the rookies look better than this clown. The rookies at least have the hope of getting better. Cassel apparently topped out riding the bench in NE.

    And so marks the beginning of the end for the Cassel/Pioli/RAC experiment. I think they will make it to the bye week just because it’s only two games away. I am putting the over/under on week nine after they lose in San Diego.

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