DeCastro walking without a limp five weeks after “severe” knee injury


As if the sideline-level scouting report on WVU quarterback Geno Smith wasn’t enough to justify the write off, there was another nugget more closely related to the NFL that could make the entire day in Morgantown land in the deduction column on the 1040.

After the game, I spotted Colts quarterback Andrew Luck, who was attending the game with his father, Oliver, the WVU Athletics Director.  Andrew’s current team is on a bye, and with him was his former Stanford teammate, Steelers guard David DeCastro, whose pro team also is off this weekend.

DeCastro injured his knee badly during the preseason.  Eventually, the Steelers placed him on injured reserve with the “designated for return” designation.

Five weeks removed from the injury, DeCastro was walking briskly without a limp as he and Luck left the stadium.  Though it’s hardly evidence that he’ll be ready to go any time soon, with DeCastro able to return to play eight weeks after placement on IR (which happened nearly four weeks ago), he’s looking in street clothes like a guy who was never even injured.

Write off justified.  I should have bought a few more beers.

8 responses to “DeCastro walking without a limp five weeks after “severe” knee injury

  1. uhhh ohhh. The beast will be back soon to give big ben more time and protection. This offense is already scary good. Can’t wait to see how these last 13 games play out. It’s a marathon not a sprint Ratbird fans!

  2. I definitely like the sound of this. Because, man — we really need DeCastro creating some running lanes.

  3. Walking briskly is one thing. He will need to plant that thing on the turf and build strength in the upcoming weeks. GOod news, but let’s not assume he is ready to go full speed soon.

  4. Last time I checked, this is still the same team that lost to the lowly raiders. Over the hill and on the decline

  5. The Ravens are the most over-rated and over-hyped team in the NFL, they barely beat the Cleveland Clowns who might be the worst team in the league. Come Nov 18, the Steelers will humilate this farce of a team. Any team that gives their coach a gatorade bath during the season is a team of losers, like the Ravens do when they win their Super Bowls during the season but not at the end like the Steelers do.

    At the end of the season, the Ravens will be looking up at the Steelers like they have done for most of their fanchise history, including when they were the Cleveland Clowns. Go look it up.

  6. Good call, pravin. You’re absolutely right.

    I feel similarly about Mendy. He trashed his ACL in 2012, and even though Mendenhall might be vastly improved — it still does not mean he’s going to possession the speed, strength, explosion and cutting ability that he had prior to the injury.

    Adrian Peterson is an absolute freak of nature, and even he lacks the same explosion he had pre-injury. So it could take time with both DeCastro and Mendy.

    Other injury concerns include Harrison and Polamalu. Hopefully, the rest and the bye week did them some good – but we’ll see.

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