Drew Brees ties record, refs miss offensive pass interference


Saints quarterback Drew Brees has just tied one of the longest and most impressive records in NFL history. With some help from the officials.

Brees hit Marques Colston in the end zone for a touchdown in the first quarter today at Lambeau Field, making it Brees’s 47th consecutive game with a touchdown pass. That ties a record that Johnny Unitas set from 1956 to 1960, a record that stood for more than half a century and that was often compared to Joe DiMaggio’s 56-game hitting streak as one of the most unbreakable records in sports. Now Brees is a game away from breaking it.

However, Brees got some help because Colston pushed off in the end zone before making the catch. The officials missed it, but it should have been an offensive pass interference penalty and no touchdown.

And so the Packers have been victimized by the regular officials missing an offensive pass interference call on a touchdown, on the Sunday after the lockout of NFL referees ended, in large part because the Packers were victimized by the replacement officials missing an offensive pass interference call on a touchdown.

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  1. Tell me it isn’t so the REAL refs blew one. Seen a few today and some confussion as well. No one wants to bring it up since it was all hugs and kisses before games. Announcers in booth have no guts.

  2. Bring back the replacements. The integrity of the NFL is being tarnished. Oh and that was a touchdown for Seattle the replacements got it right.

  3. Fox pregame showed the refs going out of their way to chum it up and shake hands with Aaron Rodgers. Yup, the real refs are indeed back. Look for favorable calls to go the Packers way.

  4. That’s alright.

    The flow of the game is better, and these refs didn’t give a game away. Yet.

    Still, these refs are a major improvement.

  5. While it certainly was Pass Interference; why don’t you ever mention the obvious penalties Green Bay gets away with? And there are a lot to chose from.

  6. They need to start a new record book. What is the point in comparing these old records to an entirely diferent rule set? Non story. Brees could go 60 games and it still wouldnt compare to JU’s 48. Nice achievement for Brees but no comparison. Just like his passing record last year. *

  7. And there you go.

    The refs spotted the ball where Cobb’s left elbow hit the ground. Problem is he had the ball in his right arm, incorrectly gaining a full yard or more on the spot. Really think GB runs on 4th and a over a yard instead of 4th and inches?

    Will we see a post on this obvious missed call if the drive leads to a TD instead of the probable punt? I think not.

  8. And if the replacement refs had missed this call, we’d be reading about it, multiple times a day, for the next week.

    Because, you know, Smith is just as bad as Florio and would whine forever.

  9. No way the regular refs could possibly miss a call. We were told when they came back things would be perfect again.

    Noticed in Panthers Falcons game today that it took forever for officials to sort through a call. Announcers displayed a patience that was completely absent for the replacements. Absolutely no criticism for the pace of the game.

    Announcers were just in on the whole unionized ref agenda.

  10. Indoor QB. Stats are dramatically skewed for anybody who plays more than half their games on carpet with perfect weather.

  11. Seriously Contra, you sound like the biggest baby on here. I swear you have to follow and comment on every packer story. Get a life. You complain how annoying packer fans are, but listen to yourself you hypocrite. Bad calls go both ways. It’s obvious that you focus in on the packers so much because you’re jealous of how much better they are than the vikings.

    Grow up. You act like you’re 12 years old.

  12. How about the fact that, per the NFL, Offensive Pass Interference hasn’t been called on a Hail Mary pass in the last 86 attempts? And in the past 86 attempts, there has been exactly ONE defensive PI call?

    It’s never called, but the media bias toward the NFL referee union has led to this baseless outcry of “worst call ever”. It’s pathetic, watching the NFL sports media work an agenda like this.

  13. truthserum4u says: Sep 30, 2012 5:31 PM

    And there you go.

    The refs spotted the ball where Cobb’s left elbow hit the ground. Problem is he had the ball in his right arm, incorrectly gaining a full yard or more on the spot. Really think GB runs on 4th and a over a yard instead of 4th and inches?

    Will we see a post on this obvious missed call if the drive leads to a TD instead of the probable punt? I think not.


    Anything else you want to say after that Graham non-catch?

  14. Wow. And I was mistaken.

    So, NOW I think that the Packers should just try to blow up any ref early in the game. Then when they’re on the ground, injured, tell all the other officials that that’s what happens if you don’t call a fair game…

  15. Contra77..you still think so? The touchdown shouldn’t hve been due to pass interference, and the refs just kept their drive going with a horrible complete catch call. Anyone who thinks the Packers are getting favorable calls needs their eyes checked.

  16. Complaining about Cobb getting spotted maybe a foot further. Jordy Nelson just got spotted a yard and a half short. He was clearly down at the 2 yard line and they marked him at the 3 and a half while the other ref was motioning why he spotted him back that far.

  17. What a BS record.

    It was great when they were losing to the Rams by 3 TDs last year, and were burning timeouts with 10 seconds left so Drew could get his TD.

  18. @ cmizzad

    Clearly comprehension isn’t one of your strong suites!

    In my first comment I stated it was PI. My point was: So a bad call was made, so what, bad calls happen all the time to every team. Why is there an article about this one? Why not mention the incorrect calls that favor the Packers, such as the Cobb spot?

    Yes that should have been an interception on Monday night. But at least Tate had his left hand on the ball at the same time Jennings did and had his right hand in there as they hit the ground. At least it was close. Teams have had complete phantom calls go against them costing a victory. And yet Packer fans think that was the worst call in NFL history. Get a grip!

    You had some bad calls go against you in this game? Welcome to the club, what took you so long?

  19. Hate to see that record broken but congratulations to Brees.

    As for ‘integrity of the game.’ It’s like virginity – once it’s gone it’s gone forever. As it is now.

    Only one unbreakable left in sports – DiMaggio’s 56 straight in 1941 (No I wasn’t there!) and Ted Williams’ hitting .406 that year, including going 4 for 6 the last two games of the season when his average was .399 something and it would have carried over to .400. He wouldn’t do that.

  20. 1) Stop the BS about real refs and replacement refs – they all miss calls and all have their own favorites and biases.

    2) You want to tell me that Unitas didn’t occassionally have a ref flub a call?

    3) This article should have sold Brees accomplishment instead of being so biased and critical…

  21. Both of these QBs are great athletes. Yes, there was OPI. No, it wasn’t called. Nothing new from ANY other year, including the years JU played. I do imagine GBP players and fans felt they couldn’t buy an OPI call when that happened. Did hear some sportscasters question a couple of calls during one game yesterday, so not all were giving free passes. Switching around with Sunday Ticket to many games, but felt overall, the games definitely flowed much better and teams were ‘better behaved’.


    If you still think that was a Seahawks TD, you need glasses…..or perspective!

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