Eagles take 7-3 lead at the half over Giants


When you’re thirsty and walking through the desert, the smallest bit of water looks like a Big Gulp.

Such is the Sunday night game between the Eagles and Giants, which Philly leads 7-3 at the break. Despite the fact there have been no turnovers and no sacks (although there’s a lot of pressure on both quarterbacks), offensive flow has been at a minimum.

The Eagles struck first when Michael Vick found DeSean Jackson, snapping a streak of 15 straight possessions without a touchdown.

Eli Manning drove the Giants for a field goal just before the half, the first sign of life they’ve shown.

With the passers getting into some degree of groove, it sets up for a classic second half, and we’d say that even if we didn’t work for NBC.

7 responses to “Eagles take 7-3 lead at the half over Giants

  1. Giants D is doing a lot of free lancing, especially on the line. They have no discipline. Chase Blackburn was flying all over the place but he can’t do it alone.

  2. Typical Eagles fan, frontrunning just a quarter through the season. It’s not where you start, it’s where you finish. Something the Eagles historically have non concept of.

  3. Well, i’m an eagles fan, and I recognize that we have serious problems. We’re lucky nicks was out and the rookie barden is inexperienced. Surely Reid would’ve still iced the kicker, then he really would’ve made it. That said, the oline improved, Vick made much better decisions (not taking as many unnecessary hits, no ints, and when run plays are called, we move the ball and win games. Special teams is atrocious, though the kicker is good, and way too many inquiries on nnamdi and drc. It was unfortunate that demeco couldn’t get the on the td to Cruz. I’m excited for his veteran presence in our d, I just hope he’s all the way there physically. It should be another good game in pit, hope we can win it.

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