Fight looming between Dolphins, Artis Hicks


As the Dolphins to struggle to win more games, they soon could be struggling to win credibility in a contractual fight with one of the players they recently cut.

Per a league source, Hicks will be pursuing on Monday a grievance challenging the team’s decision to cut him for failing to disclose a pre-existing medical condition.

As the source explains it, the Dolphins seized upon an X-ray that Hicks had on his neck in 2006, when he played for the Vikings, to support the notion that Hicks hid the fact that he now has an acute herniation in the C3-C4 area.  Never mind the fact that the X-ray, per the source, showed no herniation or that Hicks continued to play after the X-ray or that he missed no practices or games with the injury or that he even forgot having the X-ray.

Hicks will argue that he should have been placed on injured reserve, which would have entitled him to his salary until receiving medical clearance to play.

The source explained that the Dolphins initially planned to place Hicks on “minor” injured reserve, cutting him loose after he recovered from the effects of a stinger that he suffered during training camp, but Hicks’ camp argued based on a second episode and subsequent second medical opinion that Hicks wouldn’t be healthy because the herniated disc put him at risk of serious injury (including death and/or paralysis) if he took another hit to that area of his spine.

Though an arbitrator will ultimately resolve this one, this is the kind of tactic that could make players even less inclined to sign with the Dolphins in the future.

5 responses to “Fight looming between Dolphins, Artis Hicks

  1. You don’t know the NFL very well if you think this is the first team to ever do this to a player.

  2. Perhaps, but then again Hicks wouldn’t be the first or firtst thousandth player to have hidden an injury in order to keep playing and getting paid. Let’s see how this plays out before we assume Miami is being shady. Whoever leaked this information is obviously in Hicks camp, and they may be hoping the Dolphins settle rather than deal with the bad publicity that comes even if they are in the right.

  3. This story needs much better reporting before it can support any sort of claim.

    By the sound of the second to last paragraph, the Dolphins thought he was just suffering a stinger, could be put on the minor IR, and return to play… THEN Hicks told them: no, I have herniated vertebrae that could kill me, you need to pay me for the whole year and I won’t be playing for you.

    Which sounds exactly like not disclosing a pre-existing condition.

    But the beginning of the story seems polluted with unrelated and biased info (the source says that Hicks didn’t forget having an X-Ray? Okay, so what?) as to have no idea what’s actually factual or relevant.

  4. Wow that is weak…I would represent Hicks on this one! First it would have to be an MRI or CT scan to visualize a disc injury. Through in the fact that around 75% of ASYMPTOMATIC adults have 2 or more disc herniations and disc herniations will heal on there own – as long as you don’t go the Peyton Manning (surgery) route most people recover from a disc just fine (if the even know that they have a herniation).

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