Flacco’s contract is “up to Bisciotti”


After a second solid showing from Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco in five days, as the team finished a four-games-in-17-days-stretch with a 3-1 record, the phone of agent Joe Linta still isn’t ringing.

Linta tells PFT that there have still been no talks since training camp.

“Their choice not ours,” Linta said.  “It’s no big deal to Joe — we’ll talk or not talk — it’s up to [owner] Steve Bisciotti.”

Bisciotti learned this week, along with the rest of the league’s owners, the danger of gambling and losing.  As to Flacco, the Ravens are gambling that he won’t have a monstrous year.  If he does, it’ll cost Bisciotti a lot more than 1/32nd of what he’ll have to kick in for the officials under their new labor deal.