Flacco’s contract is “up to Bisciotti”


After a second solid showing from Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco in five days, as the team finished a four-games-in-17-days-stretch with a 3-1 record, the phone of agent Joe Linta still isn’t ringing.

Linta tells PFT that there have still been no talks since training camp.

“Their choice not ours,” Linta said.  “It’s no big deal to Joe — we’ll talk or not talk — it’s up to [owner] Steve Bisciotti.”

Bisciotti learned this week, along with the rest of the league’s owners, the danger of gambling and losing.  As to Flacco, the Ravens are gambling that he won’t have a monstrous year.  If he does, it’ll cost Bisciotti a lot more than 1/32nd of what he’ll have to kick in for the officials under their new labor deal.

21 responses to “Flacco’s contract is “up to Bisciotti”

  1. Oh please Steve, get it done…Without that defense, flacco is just a ok QB. Its his 4th year and he still hasn’t played in the ProBowl yet? He’s just ok NOT great at all

  2. Lot of nerve talking about ravens D when your 1-2 steelers couldnt even stop the raiders? N keep hating on Flacco he will just keep doing what he does WINNING.. Hard to hear all this hating all the way up here on the TOP though ahaha… RAVENS NATION

  3. You very well may end up on top, which is your Super Bowl. We all know you can’t finish choking in every big game. Enjoy the top the view is great, but don’t order any rings just yet .

  4. Flacco will get his deal done, look at his stats on the season. With Torrey Smith emerging as one of the better WRs in the game Joe is going to go HAM on the league this year.

    Be afraid Pittsburgh, be very afraid.

  5. I love when steeler fans come on just to see themselfs on a website. As usual they do not think before they, act/talk/type. As pointed out the steelers are 2-3 the last 3 years. As far as the number of Pro Bowls, Ben has been to 2 in this being his 9th year; with the first coming in the 2007 season. Not saying Flacco will make it but he looks good. This is Joe’s 5th year still 4 yrs behind Ben. He could go this and next year and be tied with number of Pro Bowls, and in less years. Also as stated before Pro Bowls are popularity. Want to talk numbers tell me how many wins Ben has in 4yrs and 4 games???? Flacco is tops in wins, consecitive playoff wins. You can say they cant win the big one, but 31 other teams are in the same boat; and during his career Pittsburgh has won 1, and yes you do get credit for that. When Joe and the Ravens win theirs i have a big bowl of crow for you all to eat.

  6. The Steelers are just a speed bump this year. They are rebuilding. They are on the down slop..and the Ravens will win the division this year. Wait till Suggs gets back!!! So keep talkin trash steeler boy,…if it wan’t for us. You guys would suck!! We make you have to play tough!!! You know your always worried about the RAVENS!! Maybe not the rest of the teams…BUT SURLY the RAVENS!!!
    See you in the playoffs.

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