Greg the Leg powers Rams to lead


A pair of rookie sixth-round kickers are helping teams without superior talent generate points on drives that otherwise would have resulted in none.

In Minnesota, it’s Blair Walsh.  In St. Louis, it’s Greg Zuerlein.

Zuerlein has nailed three more field goals, making him 10 of 10 on the year, to help the Rams to a 13-7 lead.  That includes a 58-yarder and a 60-yarder today.

Of course, if the Seahawks can manage to keep the game within a score, there’s a chance they’ll win the game on a simultaneous possession Hail Mary.

6 responses to “Greg the Leg powers Rams to lead

  1. Three weeks ago I called NFL Radio.
    The guy answered and said, “What do you want to talk about?”
    I said “The Rams rookie kicker.”
    He said “Nah. Nobody cares about the Rams’ rookie kicker.”
    I said, “You will soon enough.”

  2. Terrible terrible Seattle performance.. Cannot expect to be anything letting terrible teams beat you!!!! Im starting to see that Wilson aint the dude!!!! With beast mode doing what he does we CANNOT LOSE THAT GAME… PATHETIC!!!!

  3. Florio, you really need to let go of the final play of the seahawks game last week. The refs are back, the play is over. What more do you want? You are just starting to sound like a packers homer and a seahawk hater. The pack had 59 minutes and 52 seconds to score more than 12 points. Maybe they should have done that. A winning team overcomes bad penalties every week. Like that offensive pass interference that led to the packers only TD that you never mention.

    By the way… im a niners fan.

  4. At least you are getting more objective, and now you are calling it a smiultaneous Hail Mary,
    and not arguing over ther term control. Perhaps youve seen the light and realized a player can have just as much control with 1 hand as he does with 2, adn that a ball moving isnt being controlled. Well done.

  5. Russell Wilson is killing this team. Seahawks are an easy 4-0 with Flynn at QB. RW missed at least 2 wide open guys for TD’s in the red zone today. Didn’t even see them. He’s in over his head and needs to sit and watch for the rest of the year.

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