Gregg Williams gets green light to attend Seahawks-Rams game


Former Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams received the harshest punishment in the bounty scandal, an indefinite suspension that will be reviewed after one year.

But Williams is getting consideration that none of the other folks suspended by the league office will receive.  Williams, per multiple reports, has been given permission to attend Sunday’s game between the Seahawks and the Rams.

Williams was hired by the Rams as defensive coordinator several weeks before the league office announced the findings of the renewed bounty investigation.  The entire fiasco reached a higher level in April, when audio surfaced of third-world-dictator-style remarks from Williams the night before the January 2012 playoff game between the 49ers and Saints.

The move comes at a time when there is plenty of suspicion in league circles that Williams is regularly meeting with his son, Rams linebacker Blake Williams, to study film and prepare game plans.  Though the Williamses are allowed to spend as much time together as they want, they’re not supposed to talk football.  But there’s no way to enforce that prohibition, absent hidden cameras and/or microphones.

Given that Williams recently signed a sworn statement implicating Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma in the bounty program, it’s hard to dismiss the possibility that Williams’ willingness to play ball with the league has helped him secure the ability to watch the team that has hired him play ball against the Seahawks.

14 responses to “Gregg Williams gets green light to attend Seahawks-Rams game

  1. Wow.

    Run over your player with a cement truck, possibly even making untrue claims, and then benefiting from it.

    And then somebody leaking this information.

    Looks like the league office is running their own pool.

  2. What a coincidence,he signs whatever the NFL wants and now he’s at the games. This just goes to show what a sham this whole bounty case is. Greg Williams,the person who supposedly ran the whole thing, is now back what a joke.

  3. As a Saints fan, this really ticks me off. How can the NFL defend this?

    The man who was ring leader of the “bounty program” who is suspended indefinitely can attend games while Sean Payton, Joe Vitt, and Mickey Loomis are hung out to dry because “if they didn’t know about the bounty program, they should have”

    If I didn’t love this team and city, I’d be done with the NFL for good.

    Oh well, I guess being Goodell’s lap dog has its benefits, eh Gregg? WHAT A JOKE!!

  4. I think New Orleans Saints owner Tom Benson need to do some very close investigation on the the NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. All the other owners should feel the same way seeing that Roger Goodell is no good for the NFL what goes for one should go for all suspended coaches. Roger Goodell trying to destroy the New Orleans Saints and Tom Benson need to start putting his investigaters to work as soon as possible.

  5. Anyone here thinking that Goodell will be reducing the suspensions next week anyway? I’ve read where thats a possibility. Just rumours of course right now. Dont see how the no fun league can possibly allow williams this if there’s not something else coming down the pipe next week.

  6. This is total BS. Gregg Williams lies for the NFL and Goodell and he is allowed to attend NFL games and meet with his son and very likely go over the defense with his son who is a coach for the Rams.

    What a total freaking joke!

    Does anybody out there think for a second that his lying affidavit had a “wink wink nod nod” agreement that he would be allowed back in the club if he “helped” out Goodell.

    I am a lifelong fan of the NFL. We had had Saints Season Tickets since 1967 and I am so close to be done with this league it is not even funny. A lifelong fan, attended hundreds of games, multiple playoff games, home and away, have spent a small fortune on the NFL in the last 40+ years, and I am about to hang it up and go fishing on Sundays. I am pissed off about this whole joke of a league that Roger Goodell has created.

  7. “it’s hard to dismiss the possibility that Williams’ willingness to play ball with the league has helped him secure the ability to watch the team that has hired him play ball against the Seahawks”

    Really…you think!

  8. Good for him. After Payton and Loomis got caught lying they certainly threw him under the bus. Pay back sucks. They ALL knew about it. Coaches, players and Loomis. Williams is obviously a great defensive coach or Payton would have not selected him to head up his defense to start with. So there. And if players can go to prison and get a second chance then this guy certainly should as well. All this blown integrity crap is just that – crap. Players turn on each other when needed and back up each other when needed. Not out of integrity- its whatever benefits them. Or maybe he just wanted to cheer for his son! Haha.

  9. Why did Gregg Williams need permission from the NFL to attend the game if he is no longer part of the NFL. ESPN reports that he is a private citizen and is allowed to do as he wishes, and Sean Payton is still employed, but suspended. If he was truly free to attend any game, he wouldn’t need permission. eh? I sure do hope the judges are paying attention, it is STILL a sham!

  10. Saints fan needs to calm down, don’t blame the NFL, blame your coaching staff. The league did It’s job of enforcing rules. If they weren’t so arrogant and defiant when warned the second time you wouldn’t be crying injustice… Suck it up N.O.

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