Jets owe Holmes $7.5 million guaranteed next year


It’s safe to say that the Jets fear receiver Santonio Holmes has a torn ACL.  (Where do I apply for the Pulitzer?)

A week ago, the Jets lost cornerback Darrelle Revis to a torn ACL.  His injury complicates a contract situation that could result in Revis proving that he still has “it” in 2013 — and walking away via a contract that prevents the Jets from using the franchise tag in 2014.

Now, with Holmes potentially gone for the year and facing a strenuous rehab process that will require hard work and entail plenty of frustration, the reality is that the Jets already owe him $7.5 million next year, regardless of whether he’s healthy or effective.

Meanwhile, the loss of arguably the best offensive player along with the best defensive player in back-to-back weeks means that the Jets could be teetering on the brink of an implosion.  And then the question becomes whether anyone will be getting fired when they just end the season.