Last second field goal allows Redskins to avoid blowing win in Tampa


When Billy Cundiff last tried a clutch field goal at the end of a game, his Ravens wound up as losers of the AFC Championship Game.

Cundiff got another shot on Sunday as the Redskins drove in position for him to try a 41-yarder with seconds left in their game with the Bucaneers. The Redskins had blown a 15-point halftime lead and trailed the Bucs 22-21 when Cundiff, who had already missed three field goals in the game, was ushered into the game. His kick was through the uprights this time and the Redskins pulled out a 24-21 win in Tampa.

The final score was set up by Robert Griffin III. The rookie quarterback completed four passes for 46 yards and scrambled for 15 more yards to account for all of the positive yardage generated by the team on the final drive. It capped an impressive statistical day for Griffin — 26-of-35 passing for 323 yards plus 43 rushing yards and no turnovers — but the Redskins offense fizzled for much of the second half before catching fire late. They punted on four of their five second half possessions with the other ending on one of Cundiff’s misses.

Their defense also turned down the heat in the second half. After limiting Bucs quarterback Josh Freeman to 88 passing yards in the first half, the ‘Skins were shredded for 211 and a touchdown in the second half. Mike Williams had 115 receiving yards and Vincent Jackson had 100, but the Buccaneers dug themselves a hole that proved to be a little too deep for them to climb out of in the final 30 minutes. One play they’d surely like to have back is the two-point conversion following LeGarrette Blount’s touchdown that cut the score to 21-19. Guard Ted Larsen was flagged for a false start and Freeman fired incomplete from the seven.

That leaves the Bucs at 1-3 after three straight losses by a combined 15 points following their season-opening win over the Panthers. And it leaves the Redskins at 2-2 thanks to the quarterback they picked second overall starting and finishing the game like the player they hoped they were getting with that pick. Griffin’s got the ‘Skins at 2-2 and the future of the offense continues to look bright with him at the helm.

64 responses to “Last second field goal allows Redskins to avoid blowing win in Tampa

  1. Just another good day at work for this franchise. The defense finally tightened up and lo and behold, a Redskins victory. As a great voice so accurately predicted, this team will be just fine under the savvy leadership of Robert Griffin and the Shanahans. RGIII is the best rookie since Marino. To the detractors who foolishly declared our season to be over, this victory is for you. As for what’s next, well I expect to be 4-2 heading to a great showdown with Pittsburgh. Hail to the Redskins!

  2. Bucs need an upgrade at QB as Freeman is NOT the answer. Should be in a position the draft Barkley next year.

  3. “The RG3 is going to be a bust” talk has settled down since the first snap of game 1, huh.

    Let this be a lesson, though I know it won’t be.

  4. I must agree with my brethren on the other side of the parkway… Cundiff has gotta go, winning kick or not…

    On another note thank the high heavens for RG3 and Alfred Morris because our defense is soft as twinkie filling!

    Oh and stop showing Morris’ mom on TV with that 3 month armpit ‘fro.

  5. PFT: Please look into the dead-ball false start the Redskins had under 60 seconds.

    I was under the impression that there is a mandatory 10 second run-off if a false start occurs…. that would have changed the entire complexion of the game, the Redskins would have burned their last timeout and had to kick a much longer field goal with a kicker who was 0-3 on the day kicking for his job most likely.

  6. I am an official RGIII hater/fan.

    I dont know exactly how I feel about this guy, but I cant stop watching him.

  7. Please cut Billy “cant kick” cundiff……..and sign Neil Rackers……..please or even Gano…lol…UGHHHHHHHHH

  8. @logicalthinkersays,
    Stop making new screennames, we all know who you are and you still spund just as stupid no matter what name you use. The only lesson that needs to be learned is some humility by you ‘skins fans, but dont worry its coming.

    Tune in to NBC, the REAL two best teams in the NFC East are playing.

  9. This game confirmed what I’ve thought …

    The Redskins have NO DEFENSE and Griffin is wearing a rabbit’s foot that is due to lose its powers. He is either on target with a Redskin receiver or with a defender. He had four or five potential interceptions dropped that would have greatly changed this game.

    Griffin has only two assets – a good hard count and a quick release. He is a running back, like Mike Vick, who thinks he is a quarterback.

    The Redskins should count themselves lucky they won – and it is only because Tampa Bay is a truly awful team.

    Knowing my Redskins, they’ll gloat all week and get their butts handed to them next Sunday.

  10. I’m pretty sure the score was 23-21… since the.bucs.were up a point, we needed the fg for the win. therefore, the score.reflected that. it wasn’t 24-21.


  11. RG3 can throw with a laser arm. RG3 can rush. RG3 can take hits. Since he can do so many other things so amazingly well … maybe someone should ask him if he knows how to kick field goals. After watching Cundiff tonight, I think it’s worth a try.

  12. I think Kyles play calling on the last 2 possessions was wrong. 4:30 To go, 2nd & 10, run the ball. Twice in consecutive drives, he called passes, which were unsuccessful, causing 3rd and 10’s, then punts, allowing Tampa to get the lead. He still does not understand situational play calling, and the Redskins are very lucky we scratched out a win today.

  13. zachstone13 – there is no 10 second runoff when the clock is stopped, only when the clock is running.

    That said, Cundiff needs to be cut immediately….never seen such terrible inconsistency from a kicker in the NFL. He makes Graham Gano look good by comparison

  14. RG3 is the man. 3 weeks in a row he marched the team down the field to attempt a tie/win, the difference is, there weren’t any dumb mistakes/personal fouls at the end of this one.

    Also, I can’t imagine how horrible the defense would be without Ryan Kerrigan. He is quickly taking over for Fletcher as the heart of the defense.

  15. Let’s just see how they look after Thanksgiving….

    That’s about the time when fair judgements can be made…

  16. “Griffin has only two assets – a good hard count and a quick release. He is a running back, like Mike Vick, who thinks he is a quarterback.”

    That’s a rather asinine comment for a guy who is hovering around 70% completion percentage.

    He has definitely gotten lucky that some passes that should be sure interceptions have been dropped. Every quarterback in the NFL has this happen to them. For the most part, though, he has been on target, and not all the near interceptions were bad throws (a la Hankerson falling down in the Tampa game).

    The Redskins aren’t good enough to challenge for the NFC East unless something really crazy happens. The D is too atrocious and now we can’t even count on simple FGs which would have never made this a close game. Still, it is fun to finally watch the Redskins offense DO something each week. Also a major plus that the option was barely called this week.

  17. Awesome if true:

    “With the game on the line RG3 took the field to lead the Redskins to a victory. There was only one problem, his headset and communication with the coaches went out. Despite that, RG3 lead the team down the field and Billy Cundiff redeemed himself hitting a 41 yarder.”

  18. They trailed 22-21 and then kicked a field goal to win 24-21? That’s a powerful field goal…


    Now I get it! That’s why Cundiff missed all those kicks! He was charging up his super kick! Oh you silly Cundiff you….

  19. Ok first 4 games the Bucs faced Cam Newton, Eli Manning ,Tony Romo and RG3. Boy do they need this bye! The Bucs are 1 and 3. Not too bad for a team everybody thinks might be 8 and 8. They only need 7 more wins to make the grade.
    Enjoy the bye week guys and heal up! GO BUCS!

  20. never understood all the Skins hate. Great franchise that has been terrible for so long. Die hard fans that stick with them every year. Finally this team gets a very very good quarterback and no one can just let it be. I know they exist, but I’ve never met an obnoxious redskins fan in person. How could they be?

    Not one sensible skins fan thinks this team is going to do anything this year. We just want a good quarterback to hang our hat on every year. And now they have one, guaranteed. Stop the nonsense. Save your “let’s see where this team is after Thanksgiving” or “oh you beat the mighty bucs.” Skins fans have perspective, so maybe the negative nancies should get some.

    Other teams in the NFC East should still be concerned that if the Redskins had ANY semblance of a defense, they’d be 4-0 right now.

  21. Alfred Morris, the next great Redskins running back, starting to really shine…what a bruiser, fun to watch

  22. That last deep pass to victor jackson by Freeman was one of the prettiest passes I’ve ever seen. He’s got a cannon

  23. I was at the game today and wow the fans of the buccaneers horrible oh we lost the game cuz the real ref’s don’t like us or when Josh Freeman was struggling the first 3 qts fans kept crying about how bad he was but in the fourth u would of thought had Tom Brady as there qb in the 4th haha good luck buccaneers with those fans.

  24. If after the bye week the Bucs lose to the Chiefs and then the Saints (If they’re still winless by then), then they might as well tank the season and “Lay flat for Matt” or “Give up for Geno”.

  25. @thevauntedchris
    I can help you out with your question on why all the hate on the Skins. See you sound like a pretty level headed Skins fan so the problem isn’t with you or fans like you. All fans should love their team without fail, rain or shine.
    The problem lies with fair weather fans that because they have a new toy they are so happy until…it breaks.
    They make statements like”I told everyone he is the greatest(fill in the blank) since( fill in the blank). But God forbid there may be some trials and tribulations ( all teams have them).Go blue. Sorry had to fit that in. When that happens these so called fans are ready to cut bait and move on. That would be good for all as the trolls will disappear and you can bo back to rooting for your home team

  26. thevauntedchris says:
    Sep 30, 2012 10:24 PM
    That last deep pass to victor jackson by Freeman was one of the prettiest passes I’ve ever seen. He’s got a cannon

    4 2

    Anyone know who Victor Jackson is? Does he play in the NFL? I know Vincent Jackson plays for the Bucs, but Victor???? Not sure who that is????

  27. @ddogdaddy
    So every philly fan fits the mold which you say moves on after they say that the player is great? I think every team has these folks. To limit this to the fans of the Skins is just ridiculous.

  28. This is an open letter to all Redskins fans and also to fan’s of RG3. After watching 2 or 3 games this year it has come to my conclusion that without proper guidance this young qb is not long for this world due to some of the hits he has already been subjected to. I am sugessting that during the game there will be severeal times when it would be most appropriate to raise the cards with the words SLIDE and the fans could yell SLIDE. This may had life and most definatly add years to his legs and body which he will be able use for many additioal years. You may thank a COLTS fan for this idea.

  29. @ andylucksneck

    yes, vincent Jackson..I apologize if I ruined your evening by my completely unacceptable quick typing brain fart. It’s amazing you even knew who I was talking about. Kudos to you

  30. I don’t live anywhere near DC anymore, so I very rarely ever see Skins fans where I live. But I think the NFL is better than other leagues at not having as many bandwagon fans..I could be wrong..But when a person sees me wearing a Skins item or sees my car decal, my typical response for the last 15 years is “unfortunately, yes I’m a skins fan.” I still haven’t seen people near me busting down the door to ride that train, RG3 or not.

    I can deal with a few extra fans as long the Redskins don’t turn into the “pink hat” Red Sox fanbase after their ’04 title.

  31. “The problem lies with fair weather fans that because they have a new toy they are so happy until…it breaks.
    They make statements like”I told everyone he is the greatest(fill in the blank) since( fill in the blank). But God forbid there may be some trials and tribulations ( all teams have them).”

    To be fair, some of the “great since (fill in the blank)” most likely came out of the who RGLeaf BS that permeated this board prior to the season starting. I realize that came out of pretty much one troll, but it just felt like everyone “knew” he would fail because the Skins took him and traded a lot of picks to get him.

    That being said. He has done far better than I would have anticipated and I know eventually he is going to hit a rough patch. Either way, excited for the potential and just about as excited for Alfred Morris’ sturdy play.

  32. Not sure anyone else noticed this, but they said that the final score was 24-21. It was actually 24-22.

  33. We need a new kicker. It made no sense when we cut Gano for this has-been in the first place. When a first-class organization like the Ravens is replacing him with a rookie, that’s the only red flag you need. Last year was Cundiff’s second game-losing miss in the playoffs, and after the first one he was so screwed up mentally he was out of the league for 2 seasons. Let’s cut our losses and re-sign Gano before he gets picked up and becomes next in the line of countless kickers the Skins cut that went on to be successful elsewhere.

  34. Oh, and for the RG3 haters still beating your head against the wall ignoring the obvious, here’s a relevant stat. To the genius beating the “he’s a RB who thinks he’s a QB” drum: Only one other QB had one or fewer INTs in the first 100 passes of his NFL career besides Griffin. His name was Warren Moon. Hall of Famer. And Moon wasn’t even really a rookie, with 6 years in the CFL under his belt. So, still think he’s a one-trick pony? Oh, wait, I bet Moon never had a defender drop an interception, right?

  35. ok honestly RG3 Had too many calls go for him the safety that was and all those roughing the passer calls he nearly had four picks and for the life of me couldn’t we call a better defense to not lose the game the buccaneers aren’t awful just badly coached due to lack of experience and should’ve won that game hands Down and losing Clayborn killed us because he was excellent against the run smh 1-3 we should be 3-1 at worst Washington is no better than us and ill take Freeman over Barkley and Geno Smith smh Josh had us with a lead that all that matters. he will get better with time and as he gains more confidence as a fan im pissed we let another NFC easy team slide smh

  36. You think the ‘skins (and the rest of the NFL) would have learned not to pick up the Ravens trash. Cundiff joins the likes of A. Thomas, Chris Chester, Bart Scott and the likes of former Ravens cast offs who fail to come close to expectations with their new teams. Seriously other than Priest Holmes and maybe McGahee name one other Raven castoff who finds success with their new team..

  37. Mentioning Vick and RG3 in the same sentence demonstrates that you don’t know what you are talking about. Unless you say “RG3 is on his way to being a better pocket passer than Vick.” or “Unlike Vick, RG3 has only run when he was ordered to by the coach or absolutely had to in an effort to extend or salvage a play.”

    A simple look at the stats would show you this. He’s certainly playing WAAAAAY better than Vick who is on a better team with MUCH better weapons. And let’s keep it really real for a sec…this is Vick’s first good game this year and it hasn’t been as good and ANY of RG3’s games. Ignore the facts if you want to, the definition to delusional was posted by one of your fellow posters in one of the last Jets related articles.

    Oh and for the record, I’m not even on the Kool-Aid, I predicted my Skins to have a losing season. RG3 is like Weapon X to us, because if it weren’t for him and A. Morris we wouldn’t have ANY wins. He’s great. Whether you believe it or not doesn’t change a thing. HTTR.

  38. Who are the RGIII haters? This guy is dynamite, whether you like him or not, but I don’t know anyone who’s wanting or expecting him to fail.

    As for Cundiff, I hate to say it, but for the good of the Redskins, he probably needs to go. I’m sorry, but look how many kickers have never recovered from a huge miss over the years.

    Mike Vanderjagt was the most accurate FG kicker in history, until his playoff miss in 2005 against Pittsburgh. After that, he couldn’t make a kick to save his life, and was out of the league for good less than a year later. Lin Elliot cost the Cowboys some early season games by missing short FG attempts. A few years later he winds up in KC, and his three misses cost the top-seed Chiefs a playoff loss to Indy.

    Cundiff’s miss in the playoffs last year is still with him; that much is obvious after yesterday’s game. Heck, he barely made the last attempt. I would not be surprised to see him cut as soon as today.

  39. “trailed the Bucs 22-21”
    “His kick was through the uprights this time and the Redskins pulled out a 24-21 win in Tampa”

    So not only did they give the Skins 3 points for the FG but deducted 1 from the Bucs, when was that added to the rules and why wasn’t a point deducted from Washington for each of Barths 3 FGs?

    Surely the game should have gone to overtime with a 21-21 score, the Bucs have been robbed yet again by the useless refs!!!!

  40. RG3 looks great. He just needs to learn to take less hits, it just doesnt seem possible to withstand that kind of beating every week.
    I don’t think the D played that well at all. It was more the Bucs O missing throws and blocks. Redskins still look like a risky proposition to me.

    The Bucs are still an enigma, but it’s becoming clear that Freeman isnt playing up to par in the new offense. The D is also new and has it’s growing pains but it has had some good games since the beating they took from the Giants. Staying close in every game is a good start for Schiano though.

  41. Thank God we have RG3, he has heart. If the Redskins secondary was good we would be 4-0. The offense is finally exciting to watch again.

  42. We have a great an exciting offense, but the defense is sorry. We should nickname them the pearl harbor crew because bombs are being dropped every sunday

  43. I’m still waiting for the news flash that Billy Cundiff was chased out of DC..2 easy field goals missed that almost cost us the game, he needs to be fired… But I’ve been really impressed by RGIII in the no huddle, especially in this game because his headset wasn’t working. Robert has shown signs of brilliance, but he’s also showed signs he’s a rookie. But a few of those potential interceptions weren’t his fault, Hankerson falling down, Garcon running the wrong route, he can’t do a thing about that. Also Alfred Morris has been knocking it out of the park, he is a hard runner and a straight beast. Squats 846 lbs and benches 450 haha are you kidding me, some offensive and defensive linemen can’t do that. Sucks our secondary is so bad, that’s the only reason they aren’t a playoff team this year.

  44. we are lucky to be at 2-2 at this point but, it’s not for lack of offense. I’m still miffed about giving Tanared Jackson so much practice time if we knew he’d be suspended. D. Hall is trying and so are a few others but Reed Doughty cannot be on the field this much. anyway if we can keep the Falcons to less than 24 points we may have a chance. Congratulations to RGIII and the Redskins for being at 500 one quarter of the season in. HTTR!!!!!

  45. I love how everyone wants to hate on Skins’ fans because they actually have a team worth watching.

    Skins fans know why the caged bird sings.

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