Rex Ryan: I think Mark Sanchez is the answer at quarterback

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The Jets had the ball seven times in the second half of their 34-0 loss to the 49ers on Sunday.

Mark Sanchez was intercepted once, Santonio Holmes fumbled once and the team went three-and-out on their other five possessions. One of those punts was blocked when the 49ers appeared to be rushing just one man, which isn’t on the offense but does add to the overwhelming stench of futility emanating from the Jets in Week Four.

Sanchez finished the day 13-of-29 for 103 yards, the latest dismal performance in a career that’s had no shortage of them. Naturally, Jets coach Rex Ryan was asked after the game if he will be making a change at quarterback before the team faces the Texans next weekend.

“I don’t think that’s the answer.  I think Mark’s the answer at quarterback,” Ryan said in comments from his postgame press conference distributed by the Jets. “I think Mark is the answer.  Again, time will tell.”

We’ll save you the trouble. If Sanchez is the answer, what question could Ryan possibly be asking?

There’s not much sign that there’s a quarterback change afoot with the Jets. They never pulled Sanchez from the game to get a look at Tim Tebow running more than the limited package of plays that we’ve seen from him this season and there doesn’t seem to be any urgency to get more on offense out of a player that the Jets felt the need to trade for this offseason.

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  1. More and more teams are squatting their safety’s, knowing everything is a 5 yard out, or a 5 yard in.

    His lack of arm strength combined with his lack of intelligence and leadership abilities are way too obvious.

  2. I’m a jets fan in waiting. I’m definitely not committed to them now. In fact, if it means tebow eventually replaces Sanchez, I hope the jets get blown out by 40+ every game. Only when Tebow replaces Sanchez will I become a jets fan.

  3. MS is the certainly the answer. The question: “Name the one player most responsible for you becoming the latest ex-coach to join ESPN as part of their football coverage.” JEEZ!

  4. Of course Sanchez is the answer. Your choices are A. Sanchez, B. Tebow or C. None of the above. In any multiple choice test, eliminate the obviously wrong answers and what remains must be the right answer.

  5. I feel sorry for Rex. He’s like a replacement ref, in over his head. He needs to make severe changes but is intimidated to do so. He’s not only going to lose this job, but any semblance of an ability to get another head coaching job. I enjoy watching the shibacle, but I guess I have a soft spot for Rex. Do your job! (where have I heard that before?)

  6. His backup is a guy who’s even worse at playing the quarterback position, Tim Tebow.

    Jets seem amazingly averse to throwing the towel in on grossly ineffective players. Took em a century on Wayne Hunter. Still trotting out Sanchez and Shonn Greene

  7. To be fair, the question was “who is the worst player on your team and what position does he play?”

  8. lotta guys calling for Tebow…. and that’s delusional

    even with how bad Sanchez is looking, he is getting DOUBLE the yards and TDs per game that Tebow put up as a starter last year…

    do you guys really want HALF of what Sanchez put up this year so far?

    think about what the Jets record is gonna be then….

  9. Wow. He went from “Sanchez will always be the starting QB as long as I am head coach” to “I think” pretty quickly.

    Then again, given Rex’s definition of the word “guarantee” Sanchez couldn’t have been too confident about Rex’s earlier boast anyways

  10. Since the Jets play my Texans next week…please leave Sanchez at QB!!! JJ Watts, Brooks Reed, and everyone else on the defense can hardly wait to destroy him. Although with the Texans awesome defense, it doesn’t matter which QB the Jets use (when Tim Tebow beat us, it was pre-Wade Phillips).

  11. Sanchez is the anwer? Yeah, if the question is “Why havent the jets won a SB with all that talent?”

    I cant even phathom Rex’s mindset on Sanchez. Sanchez is so obviously bad at QB, that Rex must be the only one who cant see him struggle.

    Sanchez has never been “good”, “great” or “elite”. He has shown a few splashes over the years, but he will never bring a title to the Jets. Maybe Sanchez is the best QB on the roster… Which would make the back-up absolutely horrendous.

  12. Sanchez is wretchedly bad. Either the atmosphere at the Jets is too toxic and he needs to leave or Sanchez will go down as one of the worst draft choices for a QB in years.

  13. The Jet’s are horrible, and Rex Ryan needs to shut up. Talk about a beating by the 49ers. You can’t get a field goal????? Please how bad it that??

  14. No time to panic. Just the 4-0 Texans up next on Monday Night football with the whole country watching.

  15. Stupid is as stupid does. Cant believe this guy is willing to crash and burn with Sanchez. He’s gotta go with Tebow soon – he brings much more to the table than Sanchez

  16. Your answer was 13 of 29 for 103 yds with an INT and couldn’t lead the offense to single point today. the Jets offense looked like it did in preseason.

  17. The Jets problem isn’t Sanchez, it’s Ryan. How can any player assert leadership with a bombastic blowhard like Rex as his coach? As long as Ryan sucks all the air out of the locker room, no one will be able to take control of that team.

  18. I’ll admit I’m surprised at how Sanchez has steadily regressed instead of improving. He seemed like a very good prospect when they drafted him. Maybe a change of scenery would be good for him. Meanwhile, why not see what McElroy can do? Or even Tebow, who is terrible as well but at least has great intangibles. How the “mighty” have fallen.

  19. I definitely think it’s time they finally call on the services of T.T. to fix their lackluster quarterback play. That’s right, time to bring back Tom Tupa.

  20. You jests fans are hilarious. Just a few weeks ago, ol’ Rexy was the saviour and last year was a fluke because just before that…..they went to the AFCC two years in a row. Silly jests fans. That was with Mangenious’ players!!!! When Rexy got rid of his players and started to bring in his “posse”, this is what you end up with. 200 yd rushers every week and more.

  21. Pete Carroll is still (laughing) in dis belief that anyone would jump for Mark Sanchez. NYJ didn’t do their homework with this selection and if they just asked his coach if he was any good they might be in a better position.

  22. Hey jests fans…….

    Just wanted an inside opinion on what y’all think of the Tony Sparano offense? He just never seemed to get it right in Miami and as soon as he leaves, the offensive line ranks among the best. Anyway, sorry we couldn’t see at least one fist pump today, but hey… is okay as long as everyone got a turn to play.

  23. as a Bills fan i only have one thing to say… i may not watch the Bills play SF next week. I can only imagine how bad it will be

  24. question: Who makes Jets fans nostalgic for Neil O’Donnell?

    thats how im feeling for DOug Flutie right now

  25. Cue Skip Bayless demanding you- know- who to begin starting in place of MS. Mr. B. is truly difficult to like, however he is a relentless, tireless worker who always does the background and research prior to opining on anyone or anything. That said, his support of TT baffles me no end. Of course, so do all those wins Denver accomplished with him under center. As for the Jets, it does not appear as though this would be a poor time to experiment with a change at qb. How much worse could things become?

  26. tim tebow had a 45% completion percentage last year and people consider him one of the worst passing qb’s ever. sanchez is in he mid 40’s this year. in my opinion start tebow especially since he doesn’t fumble the ball every time he’s hit……

  27. “I think” implies that you’re not sure so the answer is tebow. Boy are the jets becoming a mess week by week, can’t get any worse next week. Sad part, tebow won’t even bring them back to life, jets should have went after a QB who can play and help the team. Theres no way they beat the Texans next week, where’s that panic button when you need it

  28. Let me try a different route, other than the rampant Jets bashing above….which made me laugh hysterically.

    The real reason they would be reluctant to make that QB change is it would be admitting defeat and that an NFL Coach and GM were WRONG. Besides the fact that their egos couldn’t possibly take that abuse, that admission is akin to asking your boss to fire you. If they DO make a change it would have to be to their guy McElroy. That is the only way for them to salvage their dignity….if he plays well that is…..IF!

  29. randygnyc: what are you a high school girl that can’t make up her mind but really likes the pretty green color they wear? be a football fan, defend your team no matter what. I hate the jets and Tebow but had to cheer on my team despite him last year. Be careful what you wish for because he is NOT the answer. Even if he does become quarterback you should never call yourself a fan; a true fan stands by their team regardless. People like you disgust me.

  30. Just a reminder, it was the Jets OWNER that wanted to keep the replacement refs on the field after last Monday Night’s complete incompetence. With that in mind, I would suggest that the Jets problems go WAY higher then Rex Ryan. He’s just the mouthpiece you happen to hear all of the time and the circus act you see put on the field every Sunday.

  31. “Theres no way they beat the Texans next week…..”

    What do you mean, you know the ol’ saying about on any given Sunday.

    hee hee, sorry even I couldn’t say that with a straight face.

  32. While Sanchez is to blame for much of the mistakes this season, not having your best option (Keller) and very little else around you, that goes on the GM who failed to bring in the talent for Sanchez. Honestly, the team was built for a QB like Tebow

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