Rodgers exits after eye poke, Harrell stumbles and fumbles


Packers fans already had doubts about Graham Harrell as Aaron Rodgers’ backup, and Harrell’s first NFL play did nothing to erase those doubts.

After Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was poked in the eye and had to leave the game, Harrell entered and promptly tripped over one of his own offensive linemen, stumbled, and then fumbled while trying to hand the ball off to Cedric Benson. The Saints recovered Harrell’s fumble, an incredibly costly turnover for the Packers, who had first-and-goal after a facemasking penalty was called when Rodgers was poked in the eye.

The turnover became even more costly when the Saints scored a touchdown on an 80-yard Drew Brees bomb to Joseph Morgan, giving the Saints a 24-21 lead in Green Bay.

The Packers have also lost receiver Greg Jennings for the game with a groin injury, in a game that’s about as close as it gets to must-win in Week Four, for both teams.

UPDATE 6:45 p.m. ET: Rodgers returned to the game after the Saints scored. Harrell’s fumble was the only offensive play Rodgers missed.

27 responses to “Rodgers exits after eye poke, Harrell stumbles and fumbles

  1. Once again the refs are changing the momentum of the game . Thanks again!

    And give me thumbs down if you don’t know sh1t about football. Which is most of you on here.

  2. I wonder how much of a bounty that guy got for the eye poke on Rodgers. Saints are the scummiest team in the NFL.

  3. Packers blame the replacement refs, blame the “real” refs, but fail to point the finger at themselves.

    The point is, they have a very porous secondary, and if it wasn’t for Clay Matthews a very poor front 7. The O-Line is hit or miss and Rodgers can only do so much.

  4. Go figure… People still complaining about the officials.

    The worst fans in the NFL are wearing shirts proclaiming “Worst Call Ever”.

    They deserve to lose again.

  5. The officials have screwed the Pack out of a couple huge calls again but this game is completely on the Packers. They have a bunch of drops again and you can’t fumble the ball on 1st and goal from the two yard line. The secondary which looked great the last couple weeks is as bad as last season right now. This games on the Pack.

  6. mancave001 says:
    Sep 30, 2012 6:47 PM
    No comments on the officiating? Because it really blows. And I’m not even a Pack fan.
    No they used up all the ref pity points last week. Soon they’ll be calling for the replacement refs back or just taking knees after the snap in protest. Sad really.

  7. Every game the packers try to play even worse than the week prior – must be playing for a top 5 draft pick in April – shows me that Joe philbin was the real mastermind of this offense the last couple of years. It’s time Mcbarfy goes – maybe even Thompson also

  8. @22much4ken, have you watched the game. Outside of the Harrell fumble the Packers offense has been doing what it wants.

  9. I don’t understand. Packer fans protested the replacement refs and when the “good” refs took the field they cheered them. Now they’re booing the “good” refs. Maybe they need to take a closer look at the team.

  10. apooster says:
    Sep 30, 2012 6:54 PM
    “Packers blame the replacement refs, blame the “real” refs, but fail to point the finger at themselves.”

    really? …. yet every time the Packer drop 45 on your team, you haters whine about the refs, not the fact that antonie winfield is the only guy in the secondary…. smh.

  11. TJ Rubley 2.0

    About the only think worse than Harrell was the officiating. Almost robbed us, two weeks in a row.

    I mean really, really bad.

    Good thing this is a dominant team, enough to overcome all that.

  12. before packer fans have a cry about Harrel tripping, just remember that the franchise QB had to leave the game because he had a boo boo on his eye. besides tripping over his own OL really wasnt his fault that could have happened to Peyton Manning or Joe Mantana. shutup Green Bay fans and get over it!! you won the game what else do you want?

  13. That fumble was just as much benson’s fault. Watch the replay Benson tries to grab the ball and it hits off his finger tips because he closes his grip too soon. Anyone who ever played running back knows you make a pocket and the quarterback is responsible for getting it there. If you try to reach for it, that kind of thing often happens.

  14. “The point is, they have a very porous secondary, and if it wasn’t for Clay Matthews a very poor front 7. The O-Line is hit or miss and Rodgers can only do so much.”

    Although they didn’t show it today, the Packers defense has drastically improved throughout the course of the last few weeks so I have no idea what team you are watching.

  15. Hard to blame Harrell for the fumble. It was a combination of getting stepped on and a mix up with the back.

  16. I bet the ignorant fans in the stands did the same thing they used to do to Rodgers. Boo him mercilessly and send him death threats daily. Class act crowd up there in Wisconsin.

  17. nflfollower says:
    Sep 30, 2012 7:23 PM

    How about them “real refs” lol. Shouldn’t have wasted all your challenges earlier green bay.
    Uh, the Packers would have that extra challenge if the refs hadn’t blown the calls on both of their 2 guaranteed challenges.

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