Romo tables contract negotiations

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After the Cowboys expressed an interest in extending quarterback Tony Romo’s contract, we reported that it’s unlikely to happen any time soon.

Owner Jerry Jones now admits that’s the case.

“We talked.  We thought he had an interest, and he knows we have an interest,” Jones said, via the Dallas Morning News. “But he wants to just concentrate on the season.”

He wants to concentrate on the season in part because, as we understand it, the Romo camp realizes that Jones hopes to buy now so he can buy low.

“We’re not doing anything on the contract right now,” Jones added. “We just haven’t done anything on it. He’s just concentrating on right now, this year, what he’s doing on the field.”

Romo is signed through 2013.  When he signed his current deal, it seemed to be a lower haul than he could have gotten.  That’s a dynamic that likely was fueled by Romo’s entry into the NFL as an undrafted player.

Romo is deep into house money, and the bottom line is that it looks like he’s going to try to get a lot deeper into house money by waiting at least until next year to do a new deal in Dallas.

And it looks like he eventually will.  “He’s not going anywhere,” Jones said.

That may be accurate.  But in order to keep Romo from going anywhere, Jones may have to use the franchise tag come 2014.

Of course, this all assumes that Romo can stay healthy.  Given the way he’s been banged around this year, Romo may want to take the money and limp.

30 responses to “Romo tables contract negotiations

  1. They should pay him he’s one of the better QB’s in the league and although he isn’t at the Elite level you could make the a strong argument that he is a top 10 QB in this league.

  2. I know he has his big game issues but id take him here in Buffalo, in a heartbeat (maybe not first choice but id be ok with him here). Buffalo would be perfect because we wouldnt have any big games for him to choke in… but seriously, he gets a bad rap for some good reason but i think part of that is the team he plays for.

  3. Tony Romo is not a leader, he’s a yahoo gunslinger who thinks he’s better than he really is. He has yet to show he can do anything in the playoffs except choke. “He’s not going anywhere” is right.

    Romo should take what he can get while he’s still in one piece and they’re still drinking his kool-aid in Dallas. The window is closing.

  4. While not a top five QB, he is by far a top ten QB and most of the ignorant country bumpkins that post here (including all the NFL players) would take him as their QB in a heartbeat. There are two facts to point out here: so long as J-squared is still alive and running the draft the Cowboys will be nothing more than a middle of the road team. Why? Because Skeletor is consumed with the sexy pick. Perhaps he has forgotten that sometimes the best girl in bed isn’t always the sexiest.

    The other fact is that the many of the comments posted here are posted by people that know as much about football as I do about inserting a tampon in an elephant. They are from drones that live in a bubble of and repeat what they heard on their local radio station. The lack of real insight and quality commentary is illustrative of how these commenters probably live their mediocre, shallow and unimportant lives. Your railing on Tony Romo and the Cowboys is both unoriginal and overplayed, much like most of Lady Gaga’s music.

  5. romo is top 6-7 qb.. way better than rapeisburger…. u haters realize theres 6 qb’s in the league with s.b. rings and 5 of them have losing records so far? but wait i thought they were able to carry a team? 1person can not carry a football team.. romos line constantly stinks.. but i guess he should be to blame.. check his stats, he pretty much leads in everything or atleast top 5. get ur heads out of the gutter i bet theres 25 teams that would love to have him as a starter..

  6. Whoever said Tony Romo is no Ben Roethlisberger is dead on.

    Romo’s blown it in the important moments plenty of times. Ben doesn’t do that. And Romo isn’t a rapist.

    I’ll take Romo for my quarterback over Ben any time. I’ll buy my son a Romo jersey over a Roethlisberger ’til the day I die.

    Compared to if it was Roethlisberger? Hell yeah I’m proud of Romo being my quarterback.

  7. He may want to do a deal now while he is healthy, check out Revis, he may never get another big contract if he has long term problems with the knee. Bill p.s. A bird ( money ) in the hand is better then 2 in the bushes.

  8. so many negative comments on this page, he’s in the top 7 QBs in the league, 2nd highest rated passer of all time, hate all day, he’s a great story, undrafted to star QB, he deserves a giant payday

  9. As a Redskin fan, I’m not too blind to say Romo isn’t in the top 10 QBs in the NFL, because he is. But he is the 5th oldest starting QB in the league, so he may want to strike it while it’s hot.

    Regardless, he’s overly-accused of causing Dallas losses and despite the “choking” stigma, dude is pretty solid when it counts.

    He’ll get paid regardless…deservingly so.

    Hail to the Redskins.

  10. I’m as big a Cowboys fan as there is and I say let him play out his contract to see at that point what he’s worth. The franchise tag will always be there to use if needed.

  11. Romo is a great qb! If you are a “real” NFL fan then you should know it takes a team to win a super bowl, not just one guy, offense, defense and special teams! Romo will win a super bowl!

  12. Looks like those contract negotiations will be tabled for quite some time longer. Romo is awful.

  13. As a Cowboy for 30 plus years I can see Romo has the heart but the last six years two elements of his game is missing – quality decisions under fire.
    An NFL quarterback has to be able to make good decisions under duress and Romo has not been able to accomplish this. That first interception where Bryant obviously ran a wrong route and mis – read the defense was a great example – The quarterback has to see this and make a different decision quickly (i.e. take the sack) or better yet another call all together at the line – second thing missing from Romo’s repertoire is the ability to throw the seam route – he has never done this well and missed a couple Monday night that were painful and one was a touchdown. Top 20QB but not top 10

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