Running backs coach on CJ2K: “Eventually, things will start happening”

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Titans running back Chris Johnson is averaging 1.36 yards per carry this season. As Florio alluded to last week, the Titans are going to have a decision to make on Johnson’s Nashville future after the season if he doesn’t pick it up.

But Johnson’s position coach, Titans running backs coach Jim Skipper, is staying optimistic about his talented if underachieving prized pupil. Skipper believes the Titans can ride out Johnson’s struggles.

“Well, it’s like a baseball batter trying to hit a homerun,” Skipper told Ian Rapoport of “All of the sudden, the batter hasn’t hit a homerun in 25 at-bats and now everybody’s counting how many at-bats he’s gone since he hit a homer. That type of thing. What you gotta do is just relax and eventually, things will start happening.

“All you gotta do is be yourself and good things will happen and stay positive.”

We’ll see about that. On Sunday, the Titans square off with a Texans defense that ranks fifth against the run and has yet to surrender a rushing touchdown through three games.

The Titans play the run-tough defenses of Minnesota and Pittsburgh the following two weeks.

21 responses to “Running backs coach on CJ2K: “Eventually, things will start happening”

  1. I have a choice to start Ben Tate or CJ today. I’m going with the backup running back of the Texans to put up more yards than the self proclaimed superstar.

    25% of the season will be over after today and every pundit who pegged CJ as a top 5 running back before the season started should be fired.

  2. 1.36 YPC is his way of sayin’ he does not care now that he’s been paid.

    Highway robbery doesn’t even begin to describe what he’s pulled off…….

  3. Johnson’s problem is he is trying to run for a touchdown every time he carries the ball. I don’t believe there are too many running plays designed to go for 20 yards…most are designed for 4 to 6 yards, so you take what the play is blocked for and move on to the next snap. Instead, Johnson stops in the hole, doesn’t follow his blocks, goes backwards, all the time looking to hit the home run, but far too often winding up with a loss instead of the 5 yards the play was blocked for.

  4. For the past year, CJ has been under tremendous to avoid injury. He has to keep his body intact so he can spend all that money.

  5. The Titans did jam the Texans up pretty nicely at the end of last year in Houston. I guess anything is possible today.

  6. I don’t buy the hype. If he was still able/wanting to break open the big run, he would still find the occasional opportunity. I think he would be a much better soccer player since he’s great at flopping at initial contact.

  7. “Eventually things will start happening [in the running game]……….whenever we trade or cut CJ0K.”

  8. It’s not a coincidence that the Titans run game (any RB) ground to a halt when Chris Palmer took over as OC, either.

    I don’t even recognize this offense vs. how they used to approach things with Heimerdinger (who knew Fisher had an “impose your will” mentality). Palmer is not the guy you want calling plays if your goal is to establish your identity as a rushing team. But hey…at least he’ll make Locker’s stat line look good.

  9. Problem is that he’s trying too hard.

    When nobody expected him to rush for 2000 yards he was just glad to run for 5 every carry, but those 5 in front of him would lead to other opportunities.

    Since the following year he’s put himself up onstage declaring he’s gonna rush for 2500 or whatever, and now he runs like he wants to do it in one play.

    One step at a time, Chris. You’re still that same dude, but you’re trying.. too.. hard, and every play, it shows.

  10. I wonder if he will give any of that money back for his wonderful play this season. Wish the owners would just suspend him for something so they would not have to pay him.

  11. Dude has a 2,000 yard mouth, on 1.36 yards legs.

    Give back the money, Johnson, you sure as h@ll didn’t earn it.

  12. kingpel says:

    “The Titans did jam the Texans up pretty nicely at the end of last year in Houston. I guess anything is possible today.”

    Nice theory, except last year the Texans played that game against the Titans with TJ Yates at QB. You remember him? The rookie who was the Texans’ 3rd-string QB? The Texans still almost won that game.

    In short, the Titans have no chance today.

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