Vikings hold seven-point halftime edge in Detroit


Last September, the Vikings routinely held leads at halftime.  And routinely blew them.

This year, the Vikings for the second straight week take a lead over a 2011 playoff team into the locker room.  Last year, they led the 49ers by 14; this week, Minnesota leads Detroit by seven.

Apart from a game-opening kickoff return for a touchdown from Percy Harvin, the two offenses have managed four field goals among them.  The Vikings have leaned on the run, with 67 yards on the ground and only 59 through the air from quarterback Christian Ponder.  The Lions have been pass-heavy, churning up 116 yards and only 15 rushing.

The game has been devoid of miscues and drama, with no fumbles or interceptions or missed field goals or anything else worth mentioning.

If the Lions don’t turn it around, there won’t be anything worth mentioning about their season.

7 responses to “Vikings hold seven-point halftime edge in Detroit

  1. Vikings D is improving every game. Their offense has the potential to be lethal. They are rebuilt,bigger and faster. Young and hungry. Get used to watching the Vikings win haters

  2. Their offense has the potential to be lethal? Young unknown QB. Check. Below average offensive line. Check. Great RB. Check. Average at best TE’s. Check. Average at best WR’s. Check.

    Adrian Peterson is the only elite player on the entire offense. There are no elite receivers at TE or WR. The lethality of this offense will all depend on Ponders development. If he becomes great then they can become lethal. If he’s just good then they won’t be any more than average. I don’t see lethal potential.

  3. @ pvy, Harvin is the best player in the NFL? Hahaha.

    The Vikings offense had about 100 yards in the first half against a bad Detroit defense. They didn’t score offensive touchdowns. They scored special teams touchdowns. Now if you want to say the special teams is lethal than go ahead. The offense didn’t do anything outside of the few beasty Peterson runs.

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