We’re headed to overtime in Arizona

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A game that was awfully short on excitement through three quarters turned into a thriller in the fourth quarter.

And we aren’t done yet. Kevin Kolb hit Andre Roberts for a 15-yard touchdown to complete a series of massive swings that have conspired to send the game to overtime tied at 21. The score came on fourth-and-10 with just 22 seconds left to play, the second time that Kolb has hit Roberts with a fourth quarter touchdown to give the Cardinals life already this season. They combined for the winning score in Week One.

The Cardinals’ touchdown came after Ryan Tannehill lost a fumble after a sack by Daryl Washington near midfield with three minutes to play. The Cardinals drive got off to an awful start as Kolb held the ball a touch too long on each of the first two plays and got sacked by the Dolphins. They were able to convert and move the ball down for the Roberts touchdown.

If Miami loses, Tannehill’s fumble will put a black mark on what’s been his strongest day as a pro. Tannehill finishes regulation with 418 passing yards, 245 of them to Brian Hartline. That includes the 80-yard score that completely shifted momentum back into Miami’s favor after the Cardinals looked to be on the verge of taking command of the game thanks to a Patrick Peterson fumble recovery and return inside the Miami five. Kolb was picked in the end zone, though, and now we find ourselves with bonus football.