Whisenhunt says Cardinals aren’t a frontrunner, yet

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So how will coach Ken Whisenhunt help the Cardinals deal with the fact that they’re becoming one of the best teams in the NFL?

By telling them that they’re not one of the best teams in the NFL.

During a Friday interview on Pro Football Talk on NBC Sports Network, Whisenhunt said the Cardinals aren’t a frontrunner, yet.

The standings, which contain only three 3-0 teams and the Cardinals are one of them, would say otherwise.

Regardless of whether the Cardinals truly are — or aren’t — among the NFL elite, they have a dilemma looming, once Week One starting quarterback John Skelton fully recovers from a sprained ankle.  Whisenhunt says Skelton isn’t 100 percent yet, and Whisenhunt said that, once both Skelton and Kevin Kolb are at that level of health, the Cardinals will have a tough decision to make.

Whisenhunt also addressed the possibility of using both in the same game, like the team did five years ago with Matt Leinart and Kurt Warner.  To find out what Whisenhunt said, you’ll have to watch the video.

That’s not a deliberate tease; I just don’t remember what he said.

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3 responses to “Whisenhunt says Cardinals aren’t a frontrunner, yet

  1. I’m a Cardinals fan and he’s right. Until we stop letting big leads disappear late in the game and until teams fear our offense, we aren’t elite.

    If you’ve been a Cards fan, you realize that as unlikely as it was to beat the Pats, Eagles, and Seahawks, it would be just like this team to go out and get blown out by the Dolphins and Rams. That’s just life as a Cardinals fan.

  2. Plenty of time for the Cards to return to their normal form of fail. They have so much experience at it.

  3. The Cards have a wealth of talent on this team…more so even than the 2008 team… the difference is that this is a group dominated by raw talent whereas that Superbowl team was mostly made up of vets. These guys are still in the development phase and need to remember that they have a long way to go and any week, any team could exploit a weakness if they aren’t playing as a unit and let up for just a second. This is an exciting team to watch, Coach Whisenhunt is an excellent coach who the guys trust.
    I don’t see the QB situation as a big deal because the guys are a unit and are seeing very quickly the im-portance a solid backup is to the success of a team…there is only a #1 and backups in the minds of sportswriters…among the players, it’s a team; everyone must complete his assignment and do his job. GO CARDS! FLY HIGH!

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