Bears’ defense takes control in Dallas

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In a defensive struggle in Dallas, the Bears’ defense struck first.

Bears cornerback Charles Tillman intercepted a Tony Romo pass late in the second quarter and ran it back 25 yards for a touchdown, scoring the game’s first touchdown and giving the Bears a 10-0 lead.

Romo and Dez Bryant were talking on the sideline afterward, and it appeared that Romo had changed the play at the line of scrimmage and called for Bryant to change his route, only to have Bryant run the wrong route, leading to the ball going directly to Tillman with Bryant totally out of position.

Bears running back Matt Forte, back after missing last week with a sprained ankle, appeared to tweak that ankle on his first carry. But after having it re-taped, he returned to the game and has run well, with seven carries for 42 yards.

The Cowboys’ running back, DeMarco Murray, has been a mess: He has just 13 yards on seven carries and has fumbled twice.

In the second half, someone on the Cowboys’ offense is going to have to make a play. The first half has been all about the Bears’ defense.

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  1. i really want to like cutler but seeing him snub his o.c few weeks after bumping his lineman.. i just dont know what his deal is.. he needs to get ahold of himself.

  2. The plays called are too complicated for the more mentally challenged components of the Cowboys offense. Romo should scrap the radio and play sandlot ball every. That was a nice drive before halftime, mostly improvised.

  3. Breaking News

    Bears Defense just gave up 6

    Why does it seam like Stuart Scott is always looking at the people on both sides of me?

  4. Man, Jon Gruden doesn’t sound so bad if you’re a casual observer (meaning you have no allegiance to either team playing) but if you’re a fan of one of the teams on MNF, your ears will bleed to death with all the crap he spews out.

    Seriously, I WISH I was deaf right now.

  5. I haven’t watched a cowgirls game in a while, but this is just sad. Romo is on a ship of fools. Anyone going to nut up and help the guy?

  6. Time for the Cowboys to rid themselves of Romo.

    There was a reason why he was not drafted. Time to move on…

    He is NOT a franchise QB and the Cowboys will NEVER be a contender with him.

    Go ahead Cowboy apologists, make an argument that his stats back up his “franchise QB” status…come on, make us laugh some more…

  7. Wth? Cutler holds the ball a little too long and fumbles, Gruden crucifies him. Romo does the exact same thing and not a word.

  8. The cowboys have assumed Jerry’s personality. It’s like the circus in the big tent. Never a dull moment, and always entertaining. You can always depend on romo for the unexpected. That last round of turnovers was top quality TV.

  9. The Bears Defense looks good … against the Cowboys.

    I think the Bears will end up 2nd in the division behind the Packers.

    Cowboys may end up last in their division.

  10. As long as Jerry Jones runs the Cowboys, they won’t win crap….

    Thanks for the Jerry Wipes and Victoria Secret though….

    Go to Hell


    Cowboys fan since ’75

    Long before you bought them Jerrah

  11. Serious question:

    if the tipped pass interference was overruled, shouldn’t it have been defensive holding which is a 5 yard penalty/auto first down?????

    I hate da bears but I think they got screwed there.

  12. “Some of the players on this team are gutless, the ones that ain’t are brainless,’ Coach John McKay
    Thought this famous quote was applicable here.

  13. Romo has 4 times the interceptions that RG3 has in one game. The cowgirls back has been broken. Here comes Orton.

  14. Time to scrap the entire Dallas offense. Dropped passes, gaffed routes, horrible blocking, and a heroin induced QB are ruining this squad. Not to mention a terrible General Manager.

  15. Did those Cutler comments come before or after that 2nd half? W’s are what count in this league, not what the cameras catch during 3 hours of the most competitive moments of your life. Bears are a better team with Cutler as their QB, and nothing else matters.

  16. Wade Phillips is laughing in Houston.

    Simply put: Jason Garrett is a poor HC and Rob Ryan is a poor DC (and in no way qualified to be a HC). Put them out of their misery, please.

    On the other hand, the Jerry is a poor GM.

  17. How bout dem cowgirls !!! I think Jerry jones son in law still cleaning his glasses. Daaa Bears! Road to super bowl is gunna be goin through Chicago if they keep this up

  18. Man it’s time for a change in BIG D.. Get rid of Romo and Dez..Neither one of them can play in pressure situations.. I just don’t understand why they don’t pass to Miles Austin like every down.. He’s the only Money player on the team!!!

  19. When Shaun O’Hara said that the Cowboys were the better team in Texas because they were in a tougher division I knew that NFL broadcasting was in a crisis that was equivalent to the Cowboys.

    The NFC is overrated because of fool’s gold QB’s like Romo!!!! Their teams have too many games that they shouldn’t lose!!!! The Cowboys have done that ever since 2010!!!

    Dallas, learn from the Texans because they’re not only deserving of being Texas’ team they deserve to be America’s Team!!! Why??? Because they’ll win the Super Bowl and make Jerry Jones look like a dope who’s only benefiting from Jimmy Johnson’s success!!!

  20. I just don’t know where to start when it comes to this. I’ve been a Cowboy’s fan for my entire memorable and comprehendible life. Granted the 90’s were awesome and unforgettable but as America’s team I/we expect better than what has been accomplished since then. Since I got married and have had a child, which have both been Cowboy fans since then, all we have endured is heartbreak. Every year we have such high expectations and in return with my family and I loving the ‘boys, I’ve spent a countless amount of money on game tickets and merchandise than what you could imagine. I am so sick and tired of not drafting a QB at least in the 3rd round just for maybe an uncovered gem or maybe competition for Romo. I could not believe for the life of me why we didn’t try to pick up a QB in the first to third round of this past draft, I just can’t understand what Jerry is thinking. What I do know is since my son has been alive he has not witnessed a Cowboys Super bowl victory and it hurts me badly. I believe this situation starts with the head coach to the defensive coordinator. Unless the QB, head coach, and defensive coordinator is changed the same outcome will be with us year after year.

    I remember Jerry telling the world before we played the Saints back in the year they won the Super bowl that if we didn’t win he was going to change it all. Well unfortunately as crazy as it sounds, we won that game and went on to beat the Eagles 2 straight times, once in the wildcard game of the playoffs. If we would have just lost that game to the Saints, Jason Garrett would be long gone and our new head coach would either figure out how to better coach Romo or boot him out the door. Please Jerry help the Cowboy nation and fire Garrett right now!! Take a chance on Ryan even though his defense has been lit up several times this year already at least he brings some spark and emotion. HELP US JERRY, PLEASE!!

  21. I think what was impressive last night was that the Bears had a good game plan. Rollouts, boots, found the TE for a few passes. Defensively, even with Urlacher still not up to speed, defense played inspired. The secondary looks good. Tillman was aggressive, Jennings tipped another ball for Wright, Conte flying around. But…it’s one game. Yes 3-1 is good, but go to Jacksonville now and beat them. SHOULD be easy but it will likely be a taffy pull. Then a BYE week, get healthy and ready for the next 10.

    As for the Tice/Culter thing, that happens a lot when coordinators get in certain players ears, Cutler walked away, Tice followed and then three minutes later, they were talking. Yes, Jay is a putz. There are a lot of them out there.

  22. Mr. Wright 212 says: Oct 2, 2012 2:15 AM

    Dallas blew their load to beat the Giants.
    Funny, you used this same line yesterday about the Eagles.

    Heres one for you, Giants blew their load last year and wont even make the playoffs this year.

    For all the smack you Ginas fans talk, you seem oblivious to the fact that 9-7 is only 1 game better than 8-8. Youre also oblivious that you lucked your way past SF and GB in the playoffs. You got lucky, you should have some humility about it, not arrogance and ignorance.

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