Bills could be down two offensive linemen for a while


Getting outscored 45-7 over the final 26 minutes of a football game is usually more than enough to make for a dismal Sunday.

The Bills had to deal with even more bad news on top of their complete meltdown after taking a 21-7 lead over the Patriots, though. They also have to deal with the fact that they lost two of their starting offensive linemen to injuries during the game. Left tackle Cordy Glenn and right guard Kraig Urbik were both forced out of the 52-28 loss and coach Chan Gailey said that he thinks both players will be missing for the next little bit.

“Cordy got an ankle and it’s going to be a while,” said Gailey, via the team’s website. “So is Urbik. Urbik had an ankle too.”

Not exactly the place you want to find yourself with a trip to San Francisco in a week’s time. Chris Hairston would start in place of Glenn and Chad Rinehart would step in for Urbik if they are unable to answer the bell for the game against the 49ers.

The Bills also lost safety Jarius Byrd, who forced two fumbles early in the game, to a hip pointer in the second half and he did not return. We’re not sure if that means the Bills added injury to the insult provided by the Patriots or if the insult was added to the injury, although such things probably don’t matter when you wind up losing by 24 points at home.

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  1. Spiller and Jackson with fumbles. Fitzpatrick with 4 ints. The vaunted Bills d-line allowing 20 YPC. The least of their worries is their o-line.

  2. Yes the Bills just plain sucked! I do think the Bill’s have a lot more d-line talent then they are showing, what is Wannstadt doing? It also hurt that the Pat’s knew to run against Anderson all day, obviously he can’t play the run.

    Do you think Mayo will get a one game suspension for the head hit he put on (Chandler?) during that return?

  3. I will not criticize any players after that loss. It has been evident now, it is players individual efforts that have won the Bills games lately. Coaching is where I place the blame. You leave in Nickle and Dime personel while the Pats are just rolling up yards, I didn’t understand it. Justin Rodgers on Wes Welker is as big of a mismatch as there ever was, but they never rotated another corner to him. Not giving Chioce carries was the biggest head scratcher. Then, deciding to run the ball after NE made it 21-14 was another crazy happening on Sunday. I won’t say the Bills didn’t have a chance, becasue that is it was evident for the first 34 minutes that they knew what they were doing, but good coaches make adjustments, BB did and Chan did not. Gut check time for the Bills, weathering this next storm of games will show the charecter of this team, coaches included. Winning 1 of the next 3 and then going to NE to beat the Pats should be the realistic view of this team, keep this team grounded, they can’t handle success yet.

  4. Do you think the culture could have something to do with the injuries? Let’s say that a player gets down during the course of a game. Because he is down, he pays less attention to positioning, takes a play or two off, doesn’t always flex his muscles and doesn’t play the position from a position of stregnth. He will be more suspectible to injury.

    This happens to the Bills EVERY year. It has to be more than just bad luck.

  5. Spikes will be fined for that hit on Chandler. I bet $21K. Hopefully Chandler is ok.

    I’ll give Jackson and Spiller props for trying to come back so soon but in hindsight, you guys probably would have been better off with Choice.

    I think your biggest issue (besides QB) is Dave Wannastadt. Has he ever had sustained success anywhere? That D was a hot mess in the 2nd half.

  6. Sorry I thought it was mayo, and that would have been his second of the year so it would have probably been a suspension.
    Still an awful dirty play, hope Chandler is ok.

  7. atxpatfan says:
    Oct 1, 2012 10:54 AM

    I think your biggest issue (besides QB) is Dave Wannastadt. Has he ever had sustained success anywhere? That D was a hot mess in the 2nd half.
    ***************************************************Wannastadt is a damn fine DC, has been for a long time.

    So Mario Williams played yesterday?

    I watched the whole game and I didn’t notice him.

  8. atxpatfan:

    I would say much of the football watching world over the age of 40 would agree with me.

    But that’s ok, I’m sure you have it all figured out already.

  9. You know what sucks about Mario Williams is there seems to be 2 types of players in the league the ones that continue top play at a high level and the 2nd who when they get their payday they dry up and blow away. I will let you pick which one Mario is! Let’s put it this way. If you want to watch 100M in action watch Williams. Every play it looks like he is playing contain, and not even trying to get up field. It makes me sick. He get almost zero pressure on 90% of the play. WHY US!

  10. Injuries affect every team Bills fans. The teams that are consistantly good have the ‘next man up’ mentality. I feel for you Bills fans, I really do.

  11. Chandler was running his mouth the whole game. Spikes may get fined, and deservedly so, but the hit was part of football when you challenge the opponent to do so.

  12. Watching the pats rack up rushing yards against our nickel package was so pathetic looking. The pats would line up 3 wide with a single back and gronk, so the Bills would go nickel or dime since we don’t trust our LBs to zone cover. Then Brady would get to the line, chuckle, check to a run play and gash the Bills and our soft LBs, who were also unable to cover the middle of the field, allowing Gronk and Welker to run free all day.

    As for Mario, its becoming evident that he loses motivation very quickly. He’s a mercenary, not a home grown player like most of the team. If the team gets behind, he disappears. Of course, the whole D was hugely demoralized by the fact that the offense was completely unable to score, control the clock, or even get first downs.

    Buffalo needs Geno Smith and a LB that can lay the wood on crossing recievers.

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