Carroll tried to take time out before fake field goal

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Hours before Eagles coach Andy Reid iced Giants kicker Lawrence Tynes with a timeout called just as Tynes missed a 54-yard field goal, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll tried to call a timeout just as the Rams faked a field goal that resulted in a touchdown.

I was calling timeout but they didn’t see me,” Carroll said after the 19-13 loss, via the Associated Press.  “I was out on the field, I don’t know how far, but I was out there running at them.  We saw it from upstairs.  I didn’t do a good enough job of getting in their view, because I was calling time out before the ball was snapped.”

The fact that a coach may be trying to call time out in order to stop a fake is precisely why the NFL never will change the rules to prevent icing the kicker.  And that’s something we discussed at the end of the segment from Monday’s Pro Football Talk regarding icing the kicker.

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21 responses to “Carroll tried to take time out before fake field goal

  1. Isn’t that why you stand near a side judge or whoever at that point? Pete Carroll has always been and will always be a cheating (and not just in football) dirtbag. Karma is tough Pete. Next time stay closer to an official.

  2. if this happened last week, the replacement refs would have been blamed for not seeing him and costing them the game.

  3. Sure Pete. And last week Wilson threw a great pass that Tate had obvious control of after he didn’t push GB’s CB to the ground.

    There’s no doubt Carroll has a ra-ra personality, but the credibility is extremely lacking. Just ask the NCAA…

  4. I would be interested to see if anyone has video evidence that he was definitively trying to call T/O.

  5. Once upon a time the Vikings tried that exact same play with Randy Moss but …..instead of staying on the edge of the playing field Moss walked off and was not interested nor paying attention. So when the place hold got the ball he got up and had no one to throw it to and got tackled.

  6. omahapackerfan

    If you’re going to use tired cliches, at least get them right. I’m sorry the refs screwed you’re team out of a game, maybe it’s time to move on.

  7. It can’t be true because if it was the whole country would be up in arms, presidential candidates would be making a fuss, Russell Wilson would be whining in interviews and apologizing to NFL fans, and our linemen would be crying all week long on Twitter.

    Of course, for those really interested, all you have to do is look it up on youtube. A couple fans posted it. It happened, and had it not, we would have had a tie going into that last drive. So what.

    You won’t hear Seahawk players or coaches crying about it. They lost and now they’re trying to learn from it and get better, not sit around whining like Packers.

  8. To the people suggesting he made it up, I was at the game. He definitely tried to call a timeout, and he ran all the way down the sideline. I thought the officials saw it at the time and one blew his whistle, and that’s why they were conferencing afterwards. It turns out they just missed him, and were calling a penalty.

    There are plenty of reasons to doubt Carroll, but he is absolutely telling the truth here.

  9. Just another day in the life of sorry bitter packer fans… Mad at a coach for being excited about a win.. Ur kidding right… RIGHT! As if you wouldnt be excited on that situation on a last second play, get a life people your are pathetic!

  10. Icing the kicker should be a 15 yard Unsportsmanlike Conduct penalty. Realistically, it rarely ever works, and it slows down the game unnecessarily.

  11. I call B.S. I was there, he was not paying attention. He’s not a good coach at all and I’m glad the Seahawks hired him.

  12. so technically Pete Caroll would be 1-3 if not for that gift from the replacement refs on monday night. The defense is good but with no passing game…it will get you by for awhile and then bite you at the end…maybe the more experience matt flynn when healthy should step up.

  13. Carroll hatred is rampant, cuz he is upbeat and positive, keep hating, won’t change the fact that Seattle is on the rose since he took over

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