Chris Johnson: I’m going to be as good as my offensive line

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After the second game of the season, Titans running back Chris Johnson answered a question about his piddling production by saying that people on the offense needed to do their jobs if he was going to be successful.

It wasn’t hard to guess which players Johnson thought were falling short. The finger was pointed at the offensive line, something that some thought was less than charitable given how little Johnson was able to do even when the blocking did give him a chance to gain yardage.

Johnson finally flashed some of his old skills in Sunday’s otherwise dismal 38-14 loss to the Texans. After the game, Johnson again pointed the finger at his blockers but he did it in order to point out how good a job they did opening up holes. It might have fallen short of LeRoy Harris’ skewed self-assessment, but it was still an appropriate response from Johnson.

“Yeah, it was a pretty good game, running the ball or whatever,” Johnson said, via Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean. “I feel like my offensive line went out there and did a great job from the first snap. Just getting up on guys, pushing those guys back, recreating the line of scrimmage and just giving me somewhere to run. Like I’ve been saying all year, I’m going to be as good as my offensive line.”

Johnson finished the day with 141 yards on 25 carries, a very positive development for the Titans offense that they’ll need to replicate if they want to improve on their 1-3 start to the season. Johnson said he doesn’t think the team has totally solved the problems with the ground game from the first three weeks, but it should be far easier to build on what’s working than trying to come up with a solution to something that keeps malfuctioning.

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  1. Johnson didn’t mention that 66 of those yards came in the 4th quarter when the game was already over and the Texans were playing bench guys.

  2. Gotta love how Chris Johnson is talking so much about his success being tied to the o-line now that his best season is behind him.

  3. This guy just straight out SUCKS. 1 year wonder. People please stop calling him CJ2K. You know how idiotic that sounds. Call him CJ 398yds.

  4. So I guess he his humility will help him share his money with his o line, since he is only really good when they are?

  5. Always someone else’s fault, right Chris? Unfortunately, that is a theme in our country these days. No accountability.

  6. Chris Johnson could not use the word “I” more or be more concerned about himself if he tried!! All I ever hear out of this guy is I,I,I!! I’m Gunna run for 2000 yards, I’m Gunna be back in form, I’m the best back in football!! Man, I miss watching Tomlinson, Martin, Taylor, bettis, Lewis, Dunn– this dude reminds me of tiki. Maybe if you think team 1st, it might go better

  7. Eagles are using back ups of back ups on the O line, and facing a Giants D, Shady put up over 120 yards. Let’s see what CJ would do against that line. I don’t hear Shady complaining about our line.

  8. Any running back is as good as his offensive line. A special running back gets something beyond what the line gives him. Watch the Viking offense when you’re on the sidelines this week, Chris, if you want to see what I mean.

  9. this is the same guy who when he rushed for 2000 yards didn’t even go out and buy his offensive lineman
    a gift. Did he mention his line when things went great? Classless jerk.

  10. Chris Johnson represents everything that is wrong with the NFL. This is the guy that asked people to pray for him on twitter when he was going through a multi million dollar contract dispute. Absolute hack.

  11. Chris, the dollar amount on the contract you signed says you should still be able to produce at an AVERAGE level with a terrible o-line. Of course, that’s why everyone was telling the Titans they were nuts for signing you to it.

  12. I don’t get why the media loves this guy so much. He’s a whiner and a flake, and he always has been. Yeah, your o-line may suck, but crying to the media about it isn’t going to help, Milli. Or is it Vanilli? I can never remember…

  13. Just don’t say anything. If your line is bad, just be accountable for yourself and keep your mouth shut. And when they play well, don’t act like it’s a fluke event like February 29th. Just play the game.

  14. He should split up his paycheck 5 more ways and give it to his line. Perhaps they’ll block for you better since you’ve spent so much time throwing them under the bus for your lack of effort.

  15. CJ,,,,when you come to MN this weekend,take a look at the man the world calls AD. He is everything you’re not, great and a true professional. Oh btw, Vikings D stuffing you son.

  16. You what Chris- maybe you should restructure your salary to give more money to your O-Line when you do have a great game……….

  17. Well according to this mans theory any minimum wasge fa running back can be great with a great offensive line.. Heck why give any rb a contract over the minimum when it is the o line who should be making the money..

    Thank you Chris from all offensive lineman in the league.

  18. Chris, that may be the first accurate thing I’ve seen you say in months. You’re right, average running backs are only as good as their offensive line. GREAT backs, however, transcend average or inferior offensive lines.

    -Titans Fan

  19. LOL these comments always give me a lugh? He can’t win even when he says that his success is directly linked to his blocking, which is absoltely true for any RB that isn’t named AP or Barry Sanders or a few others. You should never pay top money for a RB. An average RB can be productive behind a top 15 offensive line. Too bad the Titans O-line is ranked currently at the worst in at least 15-20 years by quite a bit.

    So much false information in these comments too it’s ridiculous. CJ thanked his line near the end of his 2000 yard season, he bought them all watches as well. Also no, no team in the NFL would want our washed up o-lineman. Our 3 interior lineman are all either backups or old as dirt. Hutchinson couldn’t cut it for the Vikings anymore and it’s obvious after 4 games he has nothing left.

  20. He gives full credit for his performance to his OL and gets massively ridiculed? LOL, okay. Once someone says something to get under people’s skin I guess everything they say gets put under a microscope and attacked.

  21. His prior statements have brought the current ridicule and scorn upon him.

    Dailyspew said it best–

    “Just don’t say anything. If your line is bad, just be accountable for yourself and keep your mouth shut. And when they play well, don’t act like it’s a fluke event like February 29th. Just play the game.”

  22. But he has some really good o-lineman blocking for him. AD has been running behind a sub-par line for the past few seasons and you don’t hear a peep out of him.

    As others have pointed out, Payton and Sanders, among others, ran behind some otrocious lines and they did nothing but produce, produce and produce some more.

  23. What all of you fail to remember, is CJ2K still has more rushing yards than anyone over the last 5 years…. He will still be a top 5 rusher at season end…

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