Eagles load up on the run after shaky first half from Shady


Through 30 minutes on Sunday night, the Eagles had given the ball only six times to running back LeSean McCoy.  He gained a mere two yards.

Fortunately for the Eagles, that didn’t prompt coach Andy Reid to abandon the run in the second half.  Instead, McCoy got the ball 17 more times — and he gained another 121 yards.

“We stuck with it, and eventually it cracked,” McCoy said, via CSNPhilly.com.  “We ran stuff outside, then inside, then outside.  The linemen were getting blocks.  Our scheme for the linemen, it’s for them to run.  They do it well.  Hats off to the linemen and [offensive line] coach [Howard] Mudd.  Those guys did a good job, and it showed today.”

Asked about being featured in this week’s game plan after having limited carries in Week Three, McCoy said via comments distributed by the team, “I won’t get into all of that.”

We will.  And we’ll say that the perception before Sunday that the Eagles weren’t using McCoy was simply erroneous.  He had 58 carries in three games.  That translates to more than 19 per game, a higher weekly average than he generated in 2011.  After last night, his average is now over 20 per game, which puts McCoy on pace for more than 320 carries this season.

The key is that the Eagles not only stuck with the run on Sunday but embraced it despite early failure.  It’s something they’ll need to keep doing if they hope to keep winning games — and if they hope to keep Mike Vick healthy.  As explained by Reuben Frank of CSNPhilly.com, the Eagles are 10-1 when McCoy has 20 or more carries, and 20-21 when he doesn’t.

6 responses to “Eagles load up on the run after shaky first half from Shady

  1. Shaky first half? He only ran the ball 6 times(I think) in the first half. Plus why did he lose carries to Bryce Brown? McCoy is the man, the Eagles need to put the load on him not Vick.

  2. Shady didnt really have a shaky first half.

    The offensive line couldnt block anyone, and the Eagles damn near telegraphed every single run play. I can tell you exactly when the Eagles are going to run, and to which side most of the time.

    If Morninwheg is calling the plays, he is calling them very predictably.

    All 6 times McCoy got the ball in the first half, there were defenders in his face as it was being handed off. You arent going to have much success that way.

  3. Running McCoy, NOT Vick is how you win games. Example- 3rd and Goal from the 2 should have been a McCoy rush up the gut, not Vick bootleg. Result would have been a TD. And I swear I’m not only saying this as a bitter fantasy owner of McCoy who’s seen nothing from him all season leading into this game… sad thing is I really feel Andy Reid will write it off as a win and keep one of the top RB’s in the league quiet most of the season. Real shame.

  4. It doesn’t matter though. Its a known fact since the Brian Westbrook days that when you give the ball to WHOEVER their back is, they win games. McCoy needs the ball. He’s always slow in the first half and he always busts it open in the second half. Apparently history and statistics mean nothing to Andy Reid, who is trying to hard to prove that he’s smarter than everyone else.

    You don’t get an extra ring because you handicap yourself by not using the best player on your team.

  5. Wouldn’t say Shady had a shakey start more so that defensive front began to wear down late in the game which is Nfl custom . LeSean plays his best ball in the fourth quarter when his energy is high and defensive fronts are tired of chasing him around. The giants had more success running on eagles the second half as well.

  6. Still don’t know why we speculate with “on pace” predictions. That means JJ Watt is on pace for like 30 sacks. And mike Vick is on pace for like 40 picks. Enough already.

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