Giants don’t know how long Phillips will miss, know he was missed

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The Giants don’t know yet how much time safety Kenny Phillips will miss with his knee sprain.

But they know for sure they were different in his absence.

Giants defensive end Justin Tuck said the Giants became “gun shy” after Phillips went down in the first quarter of last night’s loss to the Eagles.

Phillips walked to the locker room under his own power, but there was no word yet on his prognosis.

“Yeah, great concerns,” Giants coach Tom Coughlin said, via Andrew Gross of the Bergen Record. “I don’t know what it is about that spot but we’re certainly having a difficult time being able to stay together and stay whole. Give credit to the guys who fought their way through it tonight. I’m sorry Kenny went down.

“Hopefully we’ll find out that it’s something he can come back from soon. I don’t know that for a fact.”

The Giants were also playing short-handed otherwise in the secondary. They lost Terrell Thomas to an ACL injury in camp, and Jayron Hosley and Michael Coe were inactive with hamstring injuries.

Safety Antrel Rolle played after being questionable after hitting a camera with his knee the previous week at Carolina. And cornerback Corey Webster was playing in a cast with a broken hand.

The Giants will get one man back this week, as Tyler Sash is eligible to return after his four-game suspension.

8 responses to “Giants don’t know how long Phillips will miss, know he was missed

  1. The Giants D was soft with or without Phillips. Tuck got beat as did Osi and the whole D. Keep making excuses…

  2. Giants all-star D-line played against an Eagles O-line consisting of two backups and a season chock full of horrific blocking… pretty sure Tuck & Co. needs to look in the mirror because they couldn’t quite do what the Browns, Cardinals, and Ravens could do.

    I’ll tell you what, the Giants better hope it’s because of their poor play because if Reid screwed his head on last week, and the Eagles O-Line was playing well, the Giants are in deep trouble.

    JPP… where are you???

  3. JPP was there, but the guy is getting supreme attention every week. The real question should be where is Justin Tuck. he has been invisible all season. And another question is how soft can Perry Fewell be?

  4. Excuses? Today is October 1. Not February 4. The Eagles have done nothing. They lose December 30 and their season ends just like Dallas’ did Week 17 last year.

  5. I’m pretty sure if you knew anything about football cobra, you would know that Vick hasn’t been sacked by a d-lineman all year. The giants were living in that back field but Vick is tough to bring down. Not like that vaunted eagles defensive line did anything either. So eagles fans before you get all crazy here… You didn’t turn the ball over once, McCoy finally had 20 plus carries and you still only won a game by 2 points, at home by the way. Oh year, no Hakeem nicks and Kenny Phillips after the 1st quarter. See you in December. By the way, get a ring, you guys are tarnishing the legacy of the NFC east.

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