Jets bring in Aaron Berry


It’s time for the Jets to break glass in event of emergency.  And that has brought them to cornerback Aaron Berry.

Berry, a former Lion whose very bad year began with playing the “broke and miserable” card on Twitter against fans criticizing him and the rest of his team for getting toasted in New Orleans and continued with a pair of offseason arrests and a three-game suspension, has agreed to terms with the Jets, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.  He’ll help replace cornerback Darrelle Revis, who is done for the year.

The willingness to embrace a so-so player with a rap sheet that includes allegedly pulling a gun on three guys the same day a madman shot up a theater in Colorado shows how desperate the Jets are.

And it makes us wonder in what other ways the desperation will manifest itself, especially if receiver Santonio Holmes is lost for an extended period of time.

In other words, Terrell Owens possibly will be getting a job.

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  1. Just Terrell Owens. After that offensive performance yesterday, the Jets need Terrell Owens, Plaxico Burress and Chad Johnson. Who are the starting wide receivers for the Jets? I know they have Kurley and who else……….Larry and Moe. If they do not sign any wide receivers then the Texans will beat the Jets 38-0 on Monday night. Go Texans.

  2. The Jets will not sign a wide receiver. Rex will tell the press that the Jets like their young wide receivers and they want to develop their young talent at wide receiver as the Jets earn a 4-12 record along with a Top 5 pick in the 2013 NFL Draft.

  3. Doesn’t matter who they bring, they were terrible yesterday. What did they do right?? They can’t even get a field goal, please it’s more than a cb there. The whole team stinks.

  4. Furthermore, Deion [think extremely repetitive, nails-on-a-blackboard] Sanders said on NFL-Network that the Desperation Jets should add Plaxico & Chad to that list…

  5. OMG – why would anyone take a chance on a mediocre player with his rap sheet. Going to a team that encourages players to “express” themselves.

    and yet

    LOL – same ol’ jests

  6. Ive got a better idea, even with the injuries your current defense will be FINE if you get your offense moving the ball and controlling the clock. How bout working on THAT??

  7. As a Jets fan, I am outraged at the play of the team all the way around . Rex is playing for his job as is Sanchez and Mike Tannenbaum. After three years the ship should be righted, but instead is sinking…Can’t blame lack of Revis because a so called top 5 defense should not give up 200 yards on the ground. I hate to say rebuild again for next year after having made the championship games back to back…but WTF?

  8. The Jets are penny pinchers, and its starting to show. Stephen Hill may turn into a good player, but to expect a 2nd round pick from an option college to be your number two, when Santonio is really a number 2+, is just stupid. But its not stupid, its the way the Jets FO tries to run the team. Getting the best value for guys, instead of getting playmakers.

    But the biggest problem for the jets is they can’t run the ball. Remember the jets were supposed to be all about ground and pound? They can’t run on anyone, and they can’t stop the run.

    Having said that, I still dont think the sky is falling. They didn’t have 2 of their 3 starters on offense (Keller, and Hill), and were going up against a team with a great defense, and a legit shot to get to the superbowl. Anyone remember what the 49ers did to the packers? Jets are clearly not in that class, but it doesn’t mean they can’t get better, and contend for a playoff spot. Their schedule gets softer after these next few games.

  9. “But the biggest problem for the jets is they can’t run the ball. Remember the jets were supposed to be all about ground and pound? They can’t run on anyone, and they can’t stop the run.”

    Better get used to this with Tony Sparano at the helm. For 3-4 years this “supposed” O-Line coach couldn’t settle on one starting line in Miami. Since he’s left, the line looks pretty good.

  10. Whoever thinks the Jets are going 4-12 is just dumb. I’m not saying they’re going 10-6 or even 9-7, but if you look at their 2nd half schedule, it’s way too easy. I think at worst they go 6-10 and at best they go 8-8.

  11. How do you tout your philosophy as being ground and pound with a running back that gets 3 yards a carry? How do continually brag about a Q.B. that hasn’t scored a touchdown for you in the last 32 possessions? How do you get a Q.B. and say your going to run the wildcat to utilize his skills and after 4 games haven’t figured when and where to use it? Maybe it’s because you have an organization from top to bottom that doesn’t know how to draft, coach or administrate.

  12. @dkrauss93

    Really? They can’t even move the ball so how are they going to win games? Sanchez is a bust and the defense is falling off a cliff.
    If not for the Dolphins kicker missing two (typically within his range) that would have been a loss too. That was your lucky token for the year.

    This team looks more ready to implode than win 8 games.

  13. I think all of us (and subconsciously even Jets fans) were expecting a train wreck this season, but I don’t think anyone thought it’d be this juicy.

    I can’t look away.

  14. Sure, bring in that Lions’ reject…because a circus can never have too many clowns. Go ahead and sign Owens, Chad Johnson, and Burress too. Wait, that won’t work- because you don’t have a QB who can pass it to them! What a disaster. At this point, I actually feel sorry for Jets fans.

  15. 2ndaryinsanity,

    I was gonna thumbs up your post until the last sentence. Any time I would ever start to feel bad for that joke of a franchise or their fans, I just think back to the last four years of their superbowl appearances and how obnoxious they are. I knew it was just a matter of time until Rexy took Manginious’ team and turned them into basement fodder.

  16. All these players getting arrested… Millions of dollars in the bank, and what are they going to jail for? Pulling guns, beating their wives? If you are going to do it, have some creativity! Go out and take your pants off at seaworld, or make it rain waffles at a stripclub. Either way, I am glad the Jets keep signing these fools

  17. Yes, the joke is this Jets team as a terrible product to field.
    The second biggest joke are those Jets haters actually having the word “Jets” as part of their username.

    They probably still have issues why they weren’t chosen into games as kids.

    Just hope their acne healed.

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