Moss gets targeted once on Sunday


Randy Moss has given the Jets fits in the past.  On Sunday, the ball came his way only once, on a deep ball into triple coverage.

While the Moss of old would have caught it, the 35-year-old version of one of the greatest wideouts in league history didn’t bring it down.

It’s unclear why Moss isn’t getting more looks.  Hall of Famer Jerry Rice addressed the situation prior to Sunday’s win.

“I really don’t know what the plan is for him. I thought he would be more involved and that they would be throwing the ball downfield and that he would be on the field more,” Rice told KNBR, via the San Francisco Chronicle.  “So I don’t know what the game plan is for using him, or what Jim Harbaugh is thinking right now.  I do think Randy Moss still has some football in him, but he’s going to have to make those plays.”

It’s hard for Moss to gripe, given that the 49ers are 3-1.  Still, with the Jets possibly in the market for a receiver, maybe Moss would prefer to actually contribute to a so-so team than coast on a contender.

That could be the thing to watch over the next four weeks, given the adjustment to the trade deadline.  If one of the top-end AFC teams develops a need and expresses an interest in swinging a deal, maybe the Niners will flip Randy for a draft pick, like the Pats did during the 2010 season.  Then again, with the 49ers looking to be on track for the Super Bowl, the last thing they want to do is help any team they may be facing, from either conference.

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  1. Moss will get his opportunities, like he did against the Vikes, but not when the 49ers are leading by 20+ points. Harbaugh’s offense is about ball control and clock management.

  2. The 49ers won’t drop Randy Moss. They’ll eventually use him more just when people forget he’s there. Harbaugh literally involves every single player on the team. Back up QB’s and D-lineman as TE’s and FB’s included. There is a plan for Moss.

    Moss has already stated that he only wants a Superbowl. He’s not chasing stats because he already has enough

  3. is it necessary to count how many snaps/targets Moss gets every week? Can we start doing this for every receiver in the league? It’s clear the 49ers and Hatbaugh have a plan on how they want to operate on offense and thats why Moss is being used the way he is. Same with Crabtree, Manningham, Davis, etc.

  4. they’re just hiding him. come playoff time, he’ll have 10 catches, 180 yds and 2 scores and you’ll all be writing that you can’t believe that Randy Moss is that good.

    I will smirk and say I told you so.

  5. I don’t know why it’s still hard for so many to understand. He’s a 35 year old receiver and time hasn’t stopped for him. Time waits for no one. So many people still buy into the marquee name without actually watching what he does on the field. There’s a perfectly good reason he was cut loose by 3 teams in a single year……and it wasn’t just his attitude. The dude is done as any kind of dangerous threat.

  6. 9ers had 245 total yards rushing with a rushing 5.6 YPA.

    They really had no pressing need to stretch the ball downfield and sling it around the yard when your racking up rushing yards like that.

    Look at the box score and you’ll see none of the pass catchers had amazing days

  7. Because when a team totally dominates and wins 35-0 on the road everyone’s first question is “How come the #2 wideout didn’t get more looks?”

    It’s getting disgusting how Florio and his ilk trot this out every single week, just hoping Moss will take the bait and say something negative, thus allowing them to write about the huge “controversy” that they themselves would have created.

  8. Every week there is another article about Moss. This is getting old and repetitive. Not sure if you got the memo, but Harbaugh does not believe in the “Randy Ratio” The Niners are 3-1 so clearly what they are doing is working.

  9. C. Harbaugh is smarter than you or I, he clearly has a plan. Look at Gore, he is getting less reps now as well, does that mean that Harbaugh is clueless and that Gore should go to the Colts? No, it means Harbaugh knows that Gore (and Moss) are old and that less plays means more games for both. Why risk Moss to a Josh Morgan type injury when the game is in hand? Moss isn’t going to put up 200 yds and 3 tds anymore, but if you keep him healthy, he can be a better version of Ginn late in the season, and a better version of Ginn would have made all the difference last year.

  10. I don’t get what the big deal is. I’m a Niners fan and when we signed Moss I figured we were basically getting an ageing star in the twilight of his career that didn’t really have ‘it’ any more but could stretch the field, creating space in the seam and maybe popping up with a big play or two every now and then.

    Then he has a good preseason and training camp (like that means anything whatsoever) and suddenly everyone thinks he is going to go back to partying like it’s 1999. He’s a bit part player, that’s all. He wasn’t brought in to be ‘the man’. In fact the way the 49ers offence works, nobody is ‘the man’. If he limps through the season with 25 catches for 400 yards and one big touchdown when it matters, most 49ers fans will be more than happy.

  11. Still seems like a case of the media trying to get a rise out of Randy Moss. Anyone who watched the game saw that he was a good teammate throughout, and was all smiles. Let’s not forget, it was Randy who picked up the ball after Kaepernick’s first career touchdown and handed it to him to make sure he kept it. And everytime Randy was shown on the sideline he was smiling and celebrating with teammates. Every article that comes out highlighting the balls not thrown Randy’s way is just an attempt to incite Randy into getting angry. Frankly, I don’t understand it. Leave the guy alone and let him enjoy the end of his career like he seems to be doing.

  12. The Niners achiles heel is Alex Smith. If you can put a good rush on him and play man coverage, you have a chance to make the Niners be a come from behind team and they aren’t good at that.

  13. There was a story during training camp that guys like Crabtree would sit in the back during meetings. Harbaugh told Moss to sit on the front row and now all the young receivers who idolized Moss sit on the front and pay attention. Football isn’t just about the play on the field but leadership. Look at Ray Lewis, he’s lost a few steps and probably the 4th best player on that defense behind Ngati, Suggs, and Reed but he’s still the leader.

  14. He’s old and he’s finally figured out that if he wants to play he has to go with the flow and do what the team asks. He still has some plays in him. It’s better than hanging out with TO and Chad and Plaxico.

  15. Not a Niners fan, but I’m a big fan of guys who are (or who have been) bigger than the game. I truly enjoyed watching Randy do his thing in his prime and I thought the 9ers were a great fit for him at this point in his career. While he isn’t an intricate part of their offense, I hope he keeps his head and continues to contribute where he fits. His team is doing well and at this point in his career he needs to embrace that and stick it out. I fear a hissy fit in the future and would hate to see him miss out on a potential ring because he’s not getting the looks he thinks he deserves. I hope I’m wrong but history unfortunately shows the contrary.

  16. After Kaepernick scored his first NFL touchdown, Moss was the one who chased down the ball to give to Kaep for him. He’s bought into the team concept this time around and it’s killing Florio.

    By the way, how many targets did the Bengals 3rd WR get yesterday?

  17. There was only one individual stat Moss cared about this year. Bumping TO to 3rd on the td list and he accomplished that week 1. You guys can bait him all you want but he is content

  18. Not worried,
    1. He was triple covered on the one throw that came his direction. Maybe he has lost a step but defenses for sure respect him.
    2. His run blocking helped the Niners ground game.
    3. As the game of thrones Stark guy already commented, he picked the ball up and handed it to Kaep on his first TD. Randy appears to be a good teammate.

  19. ernie ernie says:
    Oct 1, 2012 10:50 AM
    The Niners achiles heel is Alex Smith. If you can put a good rush on him and play man coverage, you have a chance to make the Niners be a come from behind team and they aren’t good at that.
    Sometimes when I watch Smith I agree with you but then I look at the stats from last year: 4th quarter comeback wins against….Cin, Phi, Det, NYG, Sea, NO (twice)…maybe they ARE good at that.

  20. So much for all that cheerleading that Heath Evans did for the guy this past offseason!!!!

    Let the offseason stay as an offseason and put the article writing and hyperbole to a minimum!!!

    What matters are regular season games and the guy’s play on tape!!!

    Let’s stop caring about this guy and let’s get on the Mario Manningham bandwagon!!! He’s an underrated athlete!!!

  21. Moss isn’t giving anywhere near full effort, he’s barely raising his arms.

    The fans of every team he goes to think things will be different this time, nope. Some things just don’t change.

    Big time waste of talent.

  22. I guess they don’t have any more news to talk about. As seen on Sunday this offense is getting dynamic and sneaky. Moss is obviously going to be used in some capacity — right now he is drawing coverage from other receivers. He can obviously get open extremely well, the only thing in question right now is his hands.

  23. wish moss would have went to a different team san fran is stacked with young talented receivers he has become a mentor and a decoy philly could have been a good fit for him he will never break Jerry Rice’s record with a one pass in triple coverage per game pace maybe that is the plan and if he is content to be on superbowl contender just to get a ring and not play then he should have waited for another offer or stayed at home

  24. V Davis only got 2 passes his way … so what!
    The name of the game is to win … this is not FF.

  25. One thing I’ve noticed from the 49ers offense this year is that Crabtree, not Davis, is the primary target for Alex Smith. Our star, pro-bowl, future-hall-of-famer TE has only caught 10-15 passes all season so far. So when you talk about Moss not getting snaps or throws, look down the line. Manning hasn’t had a ton of throws his way but when he does he makes big plays. Crabtree has been on FIRE this season (particularly on that long drive against Detroit where he made all of those long 3rd down conversions)! Vernon Davis is lulling defenses to sleep because he’s currently not a big target but I expect a flurry of action his way in coming games against the Giants and Arizona. Moss will have his day just like everyone else.

  26. @mossnvick… do you even realize how far behind Rice Moss still is? He would need at least 3 more seasons at his 07 level of play to get there

  27. This is not pop warner football…everyone does not get to play and participate equally. The Niners forgot their identity last week against the Vikes and went back to it this week against the Jets. Ground and pound and take over in the 2nd half. Minimize mistakes and don’t make turnovers while inducing turnovers from your opponents. That is the Niner winning formula under Harbaugh and company. The Niners players have bought in…including Moss. With 250yds on the ground and eating minutes like it was a last meal, why change that formula.

    Now if the Niners were playing from behind, that’s a different story. That is an achilles, but the ground and pound minimizes the chances that the Niners will be looking up at the scoreboard early in a game!

  28. “maybe Moss would prefer to actually contribute to a so-so team than coast on a contender”

    That’s what he’s done his whole career and he’s got no rings to show for it. Plus I wouldn’t describe him as coasting right now. His contributions are not statistical so the media and fantasy players don’t get it. He has been making tons of contributions to the TEAM.

  29. I’m a niners fan and moss should get more reps. But I think Harbaugh likes Kyle Williams a lot which is why he is in on 3rd down every play running decoy deep routes.

  30. There is a good chance Moss isn’t the human highlight reel he once was but he can still be productive just having him on the field gets the attention of the defense the 49’rs are winning who cares how they do it , as a Pats fan I watched the media try to spark Moss to talk negative the whole time he was here and he didn’t fall for it until his last year here they did the same thing to Cory Dillon it’s their job to sell controversy but I wouldn’t worry about Randy he will play when he gets the chance , although I do believe a more elite QB would get him the ball a lil more he doesn’t need to carry that team ….

  31. Boom!! Randy Moss is not finished! The truth is Smith can’t can throw a ball over 20 yards. The only deep ball thrown to Moss was not from Smith, but Kaepernick. Smith is over rated, he under performs, and he has missed a wide open Moss on a couple of routes. Moss can’t catch what’s not thrown his way. Boom! The media needs to back off and stop antagonizing Moss. He is doing everything right, but the media is trying to provoke him as always. Boom! Moss has nothing to prove, he is a first ballot Hall of Famer, and if Smith could throw like Brady, Moss would have 40+ receptions. Boom, Moss is comin at ya!,

  32. How much are you going to milk this? Are we going to have to read a 500 word description of how many times Moss was targeted every week?


    I’m like 40% you are Randy Moss. Either that or you need to find more to do with you’re time. Actually, either way you should find more to do with your time.

  33. Alex Smith had 12 completions. 12. The fact that Randy Moss didn’t get 1 of 12 when the highest number of receptions for any other player was 3 is hardly news.

    The fact that that they had to bring in the backup QB to try to get the ball to Moss deep speaks volumes.

    Alex Smith lacks the arm and confident to get the ball deep, which is Moss’ strength.

    This isn’t a good fit, but I think Moss will stay quiet because he so badly wants a Super Bowl ring.

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