Reid regrets icing Tynes

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From time to time, a head coach ices a kicker with a time out taken so late that the kicker actually kicks the field goal.  All too often, the kicker misses the first try and then, given an unexpected Mulligan, makes the second.

Eagles coach Andy Reid dodged a Cataldi cannonball on Sunday night when Reid’s decision to ice Giants kicker Lawrence Tynes resulted in a pair of misses.

Asked after the game whether Reid wished he could get a Mulligan on the decision to give Tynes a Mulligan (this is probably the most times I’ve ever used Mulligan in one article . . . Mulligan), Reid said, “When you’re surrounded by 66,000 people that want to probably rip your throat out at that time, yes I did.  That’s about 20-fold what Custer felt.”

The throat-ripping could have happened inside the locker room, too.  Following the game, quarterback Mike Vick reiterated his observations from an on-field post-game interview with Michele Tafoya:  “I don’t believe in icing the kicker. You give everything. You let them kick it and if it’s good it’s going to be good. If not, you can’t play games. I don’t know who started that but we have to end that tradition.”

We agree.  If Tynes had made the second try, Reid would have been facing pitchforks and torches all week, maybe longer.  And he also would have made it easier for owner Jeffrey Lurie to move on after the season, if the resulting 2-2 record had translated to 8-8.

Look at it this way.  No coach has ever been criticized for not icing a kicker.

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  1. I think Mike Shanahan started the last-possible-second icing of the kicker technique. Don’t know whose responsible for the concept though.

  2. It was a 54 yarder. You ice a kicker on a shorter kick he should make so he thinks about it, not on one that long that 5 out of 10 times he misses. Stupid Reid. I’m happy for the win but tired of the BS spots that Reid puts us in. I like the guy, but come on, you’ve been coaching this team for 14 years, get a clue.

  3. it’s sad to see, but Andy Reid won’t be the Eagles head coach next year. He’s done a lot over the past decade and some more, but 14 years without a ring? Something has to change. The Eagles don’t have one superbowl in franchise history, they finally have a super team (roster and talent wise), that owner is not going to let all of that money go to waste.

    They won’t be winning a Super Bowl, or even going, which is what he absolutely needs.

  4. The problem is, the competition committee needs to look into banning the so-called “late ice”

    I believe that icing the kicker should be about making the kicker think about the kick, not making the kicker kick it twice. That is wrong.

    So, I think the competition committee needs to make it so only a player on the field can call timeout during a field goal, and also, if the field goal is kicked anyway, then the kicking team can accept or decline the timeout.

    The late ice is BS. Its non-sense drama that needs to be done away with.

  5. Or, if you are going to ice the kicker, don’t wait until the last possible second to call the TO giving the kicker a practice kick. I never got why coaches want to give the kicker a practice kick. Call the TO before they even set up.

  6. He’s not used to having any time-outs at the end of a half. He couldn’t help himself; much like at a buffet.

  7. Man, the whole “icing the kicker” thing is so overrated.

    If anything, you’re better off NOT icing the kicker — so the kicker at least might contemplate the potentiality that it could happen.

    By icing the kicker, that’s it — you can’t “ice” him again, so he can kick with a clear head.

    It blows my mind seeing some of the best football minds in the country over-thinking this.

  8. Last second icing of a kicker works maybe 1 out of every 5-10 tries. Completely backfires at least 3 times more often. Definitely not worth it.

    If you want to ice him, do it before he gets a chance to kick the ball.

  9. Why give them a practice try? Why let them feel out how the wind is blowing? Coaches need to stop icing.

  10. csimms23 says:
    Oct 1, 2012 7:57 AM

    it’s sad to see, but Andy Reid won’t be the Eagles head coach next year. He’s done a lot over the past decade and some more, but 14 years without a ring?


    I agree, but to keep it in perspective that’s about how long Cowher was in control in Pittsburgh before winning the Super Bowl.

  11. Only dumb Eagles fans want their coach fired after a win. Look to New Orleans to see how important your head coach is to a team. And notice that there aren’t any * next to your coaches name. Fans in New Orleans and New England can’t say that…

  12. duncanthecat says:
    Oct 1, 2012 8:15 AM
    Eagles need DB’s like never before. Marginal safeties and slow CB’s will make for a season of close games.


    Slow CBs? The Eagles have 3 CBs who run under a 4.4 40. Marginal safeties yes. Not slow CBs though.

    It is the coaching and playcalling, and leaving points on the field that will make games close all year.

  13. The only time it makes sense to use it is on a chip shot and this one was over 50. Reid is a great head coach though.

  14. Little Birdies will never win a SB with Andy…fact….classless organization and fan base…so glad they are perennial losers…lmao…

  15. Coaches need to stop trying to “Ice” the kicker. Usually it backfires because they are pretty much giving the kicker a free high pressure practice kick.

  16. andy is a planner and a plodder. what he isn’t is light on his mental feet. hell, he iced matt bryant as he tried to run on and make a sixty one yarder in fire drill mode (no t/os left) a few years ago.

    while the clock was stopped this time, he just doesn’t learn. the giants took a moment to decide whether to kick last nite and had to hurry on; andy then graciously allowed them time to line up and take their time. he was very lucky tynes fell a yard short.

    andy is a great team builder and administrator. he’s also a great leader of men and a very good offensive play designer. he is also great at keeping things on an even keel within the team.

    given all that, he is the poorest in-game manager of any successful coach and is frustrating as hell to watch. his mix of offensive plays are almost always extreme, and his goal line play calls defy common sense many times. i wish jeff lurie would kick andy into a joe paterno-type coach emeritus situation. andy is coach and front man and offensive overseer and other people call the plays and run the game…..

  17. I don’t understand why people even bother trying to ice the kicker anymore: it NEVER works. You would be so much better off making the kicking team think you’re gonna call a timeout and then never doing it and letting them snap the ball.

  18. Yes, PLEASE fire Andy Reid. We’d love to have him here in Cleveland.

    You Philadelphia fans can have Pat Shurmur. You’re welcome.

  19. Coaches just need to stop doing this. It’s stupid and it often backfires. It’s especially stupid when the kick is from 50+ yards out!

  20. Dolphin Fan here. We’ve lost the last 2 games in OT on FG’s. We’ve iced or attempted to ice the Kicker both times and it has not worked to our advantage. I have an easy solution, don’t turn the ball over in your own territory and play defense and don’t let the other team in field goal range in the first place then icing or not icing is a mute point.

  21. the rule needs to be adapted to the fact that if you want to call a time-out it has to be before the field goal has set up. the fans need this protection against dumb coaches.

  22. The whole idea of it is stupid. Joe Philbin cost his team the game against cincinnati 2 weeks ago with this stupid practice. And I’m glad he did so other coaches think twice about doing it. I wish it would have gotten more media coverage. Andy is a moron. The risk of giving a pro kicker 2 chances at any field goal by far outweighs the the reward of guessing correctly that he will make the first kick and miss the second. They should ban timeouts from the sidelines on field goals immediately. Kind of a way of protecting the coaches from themselves.

  23. Icing the kicker is cool its the last second calling of the time out that is not cool. I’ve seen TO’s called before the kick is in progress not the Mike Shanahan TO…but in any event they get paid to kick field goals, that’s it…

  24. Andy, you are more than welcome to come over to coach the New York Jets in 2013 and beyond.

    And please bring a new GM along with you.

    Jets faithful

  25. How about for a change, we see a coach pretend to ice the kicker by running towards the sideline official trying to get his attention while the kicker is setting up to kick but not actually call the timeout.

  26. i also went berserk on the 2nd pass interference call, i was so mad i missed the next penalty that helped the eagles

  27. Lost in this icing the kicker nonsense is two things. 1) NYG were out of time outs to set up the kick properly; and 2) Reid tried icing a kicker who has made 2 OT NFCCG fgs to send his team to the SB.

    Reid did Tynes a favor. His “ice” call is just a small sampling of the bone headed moves Reid has called to prevent a pretty good Eagles team the last 15 years from winning it all.

  28. Icing the kicker is great stategy. Bill Cowher did it at every opportunity.
    I have no idea how often the tactic worked or didn’t work, but I do Cowher retired with a 161-99-1 career record.

  29. Just imagine if the Pats had tried to ice Billy Cundiff last year in the AFC Championship. (I don’t remember who had how many timeouts). It was absolute chaos at that point in the game, guys running on and off the field, Ravens coaches not getting their calls in as quickly, dogs and cats…living together..mass hysteria.

    I think it’s better to let the chaos around getting ready for the initial snap be the determining factor. Some kickers have likely come to expect getting “iced”…so they can gather their thoughts and get ready for the real one. If they don’t get a T.O., they’ll likely rush the kick or whatever.

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