Rex: Sanchez is “definitely our guy”

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There might come a time for the Jets to make a quarterback change.

But that time is not today, at least according to Jets coach Rex Ryan.

Ryan backed Mark Sanchez after a third straight bad game, saying he was not ready to go to backup Tim Tebow.

I just know in my heart right now that this is not the time,” Ryan said, via Brian Costello of the New York Post. “I think Tim is an outstanding player. I think Mark is. Right now, I think Mark gives us our best opportunity to win. I will always do, in my opinion, what’s in the best interest of this team, and that interest is what gives us the best chance to win. No matter who it is.”

Despite the 34-0 loss, Ryan remains confident in his starter.

“He’s definitely our guy,” Ryan said. “I mean we’ve had some poor performances in the past, and not just from our quarterback, from our team and we’ve been whipped pretty good, but I’m confident we’ll come back. . . .

“As competitive as Mark is, I know this is killing him. He’s going to want to respond. But you have to stay within the structure of what we need too. It’s a guy looking for a three-run homer with one guy on base. We can’t have that. Do his job. When guys are open, get him the football. Don’t force the issue. And protect the football. I think he will. We’ve seen him before. He’s responded.”

Maybe he’s just seen enough of the other guy to know that won’t help either.

75 responses to “Rex: Sanchez is “definitely our guy”

  1. NY Jets are 2-2.
    First place in the division.
    Everyone relax, all teams suffer bad losses.

    I cannot wait for this team to outperform all of the naysayers uninformed blabber !!!

    J-E-T-S JETS,JETS,JETS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I like Tebow. But he isn’t a QB. As bad as the Jets and Sanchez are, going to Tebow will blow this up into the…stratosphere

  3. definitely our guy to get us both fired! looks like Rexy learned everything he could from Brian Billick sticking with the DREADFUL, Kyle Boller, till they were both run out of town. Sanchez is a poor man’s Kyle.

  4. I don’t think sanchez is even a competent nfl backup qb. It’s pretty sad this conversation is even happening considering the guy who would replace him has demonstrated time and time again that his favorite receiver is the ground.

  5. I open this app on my phone and see three jets stories in a row. One: they can’t figure out an injury, two: the owner can’t keep stupid statements to himself, three: 34 – 0 loss and the coach is saying everything is fine in his heart. So funny.

  6. Rex Ryan is hilarious, but my fear is that he’ll someday get fired and then I’ll have to travel to a NJ overpass somewhere to hear him speak. Is there a way we can collectively agree to keep the Jets in their 8-8 to 6-10 no man’s land for the next 10 years, low enough to make these hilarious blowouts happen 3-4 times a season, just just high enough that he doesn’t quite get fired? This is important to me.

  7. Why does everyone keep saying that Tebow won’t help when he’s proven in the only chances he’s gotten to play that he can move the chains, take time off the clock and score enough points?

    Tebow may never win the MVP, but do the Jets really see Sanchez as the future of the franchise? He’s been a below average QB every season in the league.

  8. Dolphins fans can relate and share your pain after a decade of average QB play.

    The Jets will not turn the franchise around until they start with a franchise QB and Sanchez is not one.

  9. I think it’s only a matter of time before Sanchez is benched, at least temporarily.

    The only question is whether the Jets will replace him with the second best QB on their roster, or whether they’ll go with Tim Tebow.

  10. It won’t make a difference after this season. Ryan and Sanchez will both be looking for jobs after the Jets crash and burn …….6-10 season at best.

  11. Let me say this: Sanchez is a better QB than Tebow.

    Let me also say this: Tebow needs to start for the Jets.

    The reason being, the Jets have absolutely nothing at the WR position right now, especially now with Santonio out. The same goes for the RB position. Sanchez has no skill players around him to move the chains in a traditional manner. The Jets best option is to put Tebow in at QB. Let him add an extra dimension to the running game and let him do his “run around and extend the play” thing to try and make something happen. It’s their only hope.

  12. I cant belive that day would come where id rather see tim tebow start hell id rather see greg McElroy olay hell actually give a chance to score sanchez woukdnt even be a quailty starter in the cfl (candian football league) if sanchez is the starter the rest of the season expect a top 5 pick and will probally waste it on a kicker or a scrub pass rusher like always

  13. As a jets fan I just wanna cry. Cry bc our wr are garbage, our tight end hasn’t played yet, our defense is softer then a pillow, and we they don’t care

  14. Love how Sanchez gets hammered week after week first on the field and then in the media. Why doesnt anyone talk about the decline in talent? How have the Jets replaced Thomas Jones, Al Faneca and a bunch of others? So am I to understand when they win its cuz of the defense Mike T and Rex but when they lose its Sanchez’s fault really?

  15. It isn’t Sanchez’s fault that the Jets suck, it’s Rex’s fault. He did an awful job in the off season. No running game and the defense is pretty mediocre.

    If anyone should replace Sanchez it should be Greg McElroy. Tebow is two steps back. At least McElroy would give them a chance to win today.

  16. What Rex is actually saying is that the Jets organization has decided that Matt Barkley or Geno Smith is expected to be available
    next April . Mark Sanchez is definitely their guy to help the Jets obtain a top 5 pick in next year’s draft.

  17. You can’t blame a 34 to 0 loss on ONE guy.

    Let’s face it the Jet’s have many big problems this year, and they are not going away this year.

    End of story.

  18. Ryan is a smart man, he will not play Tebow primetime on Monday Night against the Texans! If he does that, NYC will collapse, knowing that they don’t even own a backup QB.

    Tebow will start against the Colts in week 6, in a sunday 1:00 PM game that no one will watch anyway.

  19. J-E-T-S T-E-B-O-W J-E-T-S T-E-B-O-W

    Great move on management’s part. We know if Sanchez has another bad game, where the focus is going to be on, good luck with that decision.

  20. “It isn’t Sanchez’s fault that the Jets suck, it’s Rex’s fault. He did an awful job in the off season. No running game and the defense is pretty mediocre.”

    Not only this offseason, but the entire time he’s been in new joisey. He got rid of a lot of good playoff caliber players, signed his own over-the-hill posse, and this is what you end up with. Rexy and that entire team spend so much time TALKING about how good they are and will be, that they forget they actually have to get some good talent to win. But hey, what do I know. This is Rexy’s BEST TEAM EVER with a guaranteed top #5 defense.

  21. Last year Rex guaranteed Sanchez would be the starting QB “as long as I am head coach”

    Then he traded for Tebow

    Then he reaffirmed Sanchez as the starter.

    Then yesterday he said “I THINK Sanchez is our guy”

    Today we’re back to “he’s definitely our guy”

    I don’t think Sanchez is taking any comfort, knowing that Rex seems to have some comprehension issues with concepts like “guarantee”

    So much for a head coach instilling confidence in his players.

  22. Rex Ryan. Oblivious to the end. Poor performances are really poor coaching when the same routine goes on and on. We Hawk fans have our own problems but at least we don’t have REX.

  23. I’m not saying Tim Tebow is or isn’t the guy but…

    That was a ass kicking yesterday. From the QB to the OC. Somebody has to come to the carpet and explain yesterday.

  24. On the bright side for Sanchez, last year Roethlisberger got blown out 35-7 by the Ravens and 20-3 by the 49ers.

    All Sanchez needs is for his defense to get him a bunch of 13-9 wins. Then he will be elite just like Roethlisberger.

  25. After watching him in Denver, I am a Tebow fan. There he had a solid team behind him. But not even Jesus could help the Jets.

  26. After they lose to the texans on monday night he will get benched. Tebow will beat the colts everyone will be tebowing, ESPN will be un-watchable. Then they will get killed by the Pats (i hate the pats) tebow will get the benifit of the doubt that sanchez didn’t. They will finish 6-10 rex will get fired. New HC will come in and say ” holy crap nobody on this team can throw the damn ball”. Oh and they should put McElroy in ahead of tebow but it wont happen.!

  27. Man, you know what needs to happen??? The Jets need to blow this whole season up right now and start all over. They need to finally get rid of Rex Ryan, and the QB that he chose to ride with for the past three years… Mr. Mark Sanchez. They should then at least try and get Matt Flynn from Seattle or any other 2nd string quarterback from any other team until they found their new quarterback hopefully in the draft since they are going to lose a lot more games. Fire Rex and have Sparano become the interim coach the remainder of the season.

  28. Rex has a problem. What if he puts Tebow in and Tebow sucks worse than Sanchez? Switch back?

    No… he has to wait until Sanchez stinks up the field so badly, he has no choice. Then Tebow will be given a real sporting chance to get good. If after several weeks of Tebow sucking real badly, then he can switch back or get someone else.

  29. At least Ryan is asked, and responds to the tough questions. How Dennis Allen, Reggie McKenzie, Greg Knapp and the like can trot our such a terrible product week after week and never have to answer for it blows my mind. CP3 will be on IR by midseason.

  30. How embarassing is Monday night against the Texans going to be? The Jets are bad, and Sanchez will get the crap kicked out of him. What can the Jets do in any dept, that is good?? Nothing at all. They can’t stop the run, have no wide receivers now Santonio is done, no Revis and a horrible Offensive Co called Tony Sparano. He may not make it through the season, if they continue like this, it’s pathetic.

  31. Meh, Ryan should be happy for the diversion. Better to talk about one area (QB) than to talk about the complete and utter decline of the OL, RB corps, WR corps, DL, LB corps, and secondary (mostly only thanks to the Revis injury).

  32. Someone says Sanchez will be elite, if the defense gets some wins!! What a joke that is. He will never be elite the way he plays, that’s ridiculous. He won’t be around long enough to be elite.

  33. Which is “coach speak” for saying, “Hey, if I’m going to lose my job, I’m going to make damn sure no one will ever give Mark Sanchez another starting QB job.”

  34. Is there a weaker 2-2 team in the NFL?

    I could easily see this team finish 3-13 so there is plenty of time to debate when Teblow should take over. As for now, let the circus continue.

  35. Oh, he knows it in his heart? Well in that case everything’s just fine! Jets fans must be so comforted.

  36. @rexcancoach – buddy if you think THAT was just one bad game then you haven’t been watching the games. Outside of the Buffalo game they have gotten worse and worse EACH game. Jets are undoubtedly in first place….for now…but are headed straight to the bottom of the barrel with cement shoes on!

  37. The Jets are playing the Texans Mon night.

    This could be an even bigger blowout.

    The Texans look great so far this year.

    Sad days ahead for the circus.

  38. Eerily similar quote from Broncos’ Coach John Fox on Sept. 26, 2011: “Right now, in our opinion, Kyle [Orton] gives us the best chance to win.”

  39. Rex says, “Sanchez is definitely our guy”
    Some of Rex’s other astute observations/statements since August:
    1)”Our wildcast is going to give defensive coordinators sleepless nights”
    2)When asked if the Jets defense was a Top Five defense, Rex replied “that’s a given”
    3)”Sanchez has superior command of our new complex offense”
    4)”there’s a .02 chance that Revis could be ready to play in the SB this year
    5) “Sanchez gives us the best chance to win (this has been said on multiple occasions)
    6) “This is the best team I have had since I’ve been here”
    This is just some of Rex’s blowhard b.s. in the past couple of months but yet no one takes him to task. Sure glad I’m not a Jet’s fan (or saints* or a terrorist packer fan) LOL

  40. The Jets have one potentially competent NFL starting QB on their roster.

    And they have him 3rd on the depth chart.

    Tells you all you need to know about that clown show.

  41. Maybe the little snit Pete Carrol threw when Sanchez declared for the draft wasn’t as far off base as we thought. I recall him saying Sanchez wasn’t ready for the NFL. Looks like he still isn’t.

  42. If Timmy can’t even do his job as the personal punt protector how is he supposed to handle the qb position?

    But if you saw him pick up those two blitzing lb’s you get the impression he could play rb and he might just be the best rb on the team. Maybe he should start there.

  43. How about this for an idea. . .
    Bench Sanchez for Tebow and have him run the same type of offense he did last year in Denver.
    Then, bring in Sanchez as a ‘surprise opposite wildcat’ formation.
    Would probably never work, but it would certainly be entertaining.

  44. Other problem is they have no right tackle. Tebow’s blind side would be atrocious. As strong as he is, I don’t think he survives long.

    But look at this team and its sideshows:
    Bart Scott – big talk, little play
    Santonio Holmes – big talk, little play
    Cromartie – Big talk, fair play

    Rex Ryan – Big Talk, not great coaching

  45. Not having a very good offensive line, running game, an average defense without Rivas and now injuries to their number one receiver. Has done the impossible to the Jets. That is shut the Rex Ryan mouth!

  46. If he was brought in to light a fire under Sanchez, what good is it if Ryan keeps swearing how much Sanchez is the answer? Do they regret the “fire lighting” addition now? Or was it always about tickets and attention?

  47. this group is a joke from the top on down. 3 years ago the jets were a playoff team with a rook qb. rex ryan has ruined this team in 3 short years. no way he should still have a job. good DC , not HC material. just like mcdaniels in denver, good OC , but an utter disaster as the head man.

  48. Mark Sanchez = Kyle Orton
    Tim Tebow = Tim Tebow
    Greg McElroy = Brady Quinn

    Does anybody remember how the story went in 2011? Oakland fans? Chicago fans? Pittsburgh fans? There is no doubt in my mind who gives this team the best chance to win. It’s going to be Tebow Time!

  49. Tannenbaum and his scouts needs to be held responsible along with Rex and his
    his staff. The talent looks terrible.

    And Sanchez apologists need to wake up. He makes a lot of mistakes week after week. Not all his fault but He is paid to make those around him better too. He is at best average.

  50. I have been a Jets fan for many years, and I can’t even watch them anymore. I’m done with them until they fix the mess they have created, starting with a dependable receiver, running back, a new quarterback and a new coach.
    I wish hockey wasn’t locked out, because this year I can’t switch sports.

  51. The irony of that statement is both him and Sanchez are probably gone before the end of the season. He will live and die by his guy.

  52. “Rex gonna be the next Def. Coach for the Patriots……”

    I thought Rexy was going to the Fins as the DC since we gave the jests Tony Sparano. Seems fair.

  53. The unwritten story here is that Rex himself is the biggest beneficiary of this season.

    Given injuries and a dysfunctional QB Rex now has an excuse if they fail to make the playoffs and could keep his job for one more season

    Ironically it was Rex made him dysfunctional by guaranteeing that a rookie QB who came out of college early despite his college coach saying he wasn’t ready – yet despite that, Rex is the beneficiary of all the Jets injuries and his QBs poor play, for which Rex likely will not be held responsible

  54. Rex, get a clue, Sanchez isn’t even a decent back up QB, the best QB on that so-called team is McElroy. The season is basically already over for the Jets, with the injuries and the tough schedule, so let McElroy show what he has, he’s better than Sanchez and Tebow combined. He can throw deep, which Sanchez can’t and he can scramble, it’s time for a change.

  55. McElroy is more accurate, better leader and mature than Sanchez, time for a move.
    You may be right, but–

    –Sanchez is a first round draft pick, McElroy isn’t
    –Sanchez makes huge money, McElroy doesn’t
    –Sanchez went to a big-name school
    –Sanchez is the GM and coach’s fair-haired boy, so to speak, McElroy is the red-headed stepchild
    –Sanchez is a name the fans and media know, McElroy isn’t
    –It may not matter. It doesn’t look like the talent or motivation is there on either side of the ball.

  56. Sure, we all think Tebow throws like a girl. But:
    A top-ranked HS QB. 2 Nat’l champs at FL. Heisman winner. SEC records in passing efficiency and rushing TDs. Won AFC Champ at Denver. Whatever Tebow’s mechanics, all he has ever done is WIN games, titles, and Heismans. So…

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