Romeo Crennel is sticking with Matt Cassel

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Matt Cassel threw three more interceptions against the Chargers on Sunday, bringing his season total to seven and his overall total of turnovers this year to 10 as the Chiefs staggered to their third blowout loss in the first four weeks.

Despite those totals, Chiefs coach Romeo Crennel didn’t even wait to be asked about Cassel before saying that the team would be sticking with him as their signal caller against the Ravens in Week Five. Crennel danced around questions about whether or not he was considering making a change to Brady Quinn during the course of the loss, but was more emphatic when it came to sticking with Cassel.

“He still can do some good things,” Crennel said, via Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star. “The second half, we tried to rally a little bit and we were able to move the ball down the field. We had a spark of life there in the third quarter, and he was the one that helped that spark.”

It’s true. Down 27-6 in the third quarter of a home game, Cassel was able to lead the Chiefs on their first touchdown drive of the game. That helped make the final score 37-20 and who knows what kind of humiliation the Chiefs would have had to face without that spark of life in the third quarter.

Seriously, though, it’s harder to keep looking for the upside of keeping Cassel in the lineup. He’s got a long enough resume at this point in time to feel confident that he isn’t a quarterback who is going to win too many games for you on the back of his own performance, but he’s plenty capable of losing one for you. Quinn’s probably not the answere, but it is one of many places where the Chiefs need to get better and one of many changes that Teicher’s colleague Sam Mellinger suggests the team make in what’s becoming a frequent call for bloodletting in the hometown paper.

23 responses to “Romeo Crennel is sticking with Matt Cassel

  1. As a Chiefs fan I’m ok with tanking this season IF and ONLY IF it means we FINALLY draft a franchise QB!

    I’m 29 and as long as Ive been alive we have NEVER had a home grown drafted QB.

    We could be somewhat similar to the steelers when they drafted Big Ben. Had a really good roster, but needed the QB to bring it all together.

    Cassel is a really good guy, hard worker, and I’d love for him to succeeed… but its not happening.

    1 throw tells us all we need to know. Down 13 Bowe breaks free for what should be the easiest TD of his life…Cassel throws it out of bounds. That play could have changed the game with a decent QB.

  2. Better watch what you ask for in drafting a QB, you may get it. I can see the Cheaps drafting a BUST, like Landry Jones in the first round.

    They dont have a good draft record.

    Dorsey, Jackson and Poe = No QB Pressure

    Berry = Good vs Run, tore up in the pass. (See Antonio Gates yesterday)

    Baldwin = Disappointment.


  3. I’m not a chiefs fan, and I can’t claim to have seen much of them this season. But is it all on Cassel? Every thing I have heard is saying that their defense has been HORRIBLE, and that the offensive line has been almost non-existent. Again, I’m not a chiefs fan, am not invested in either their HC or their QB (didn’t the chiefs watch any browns games? didn’t they know what they were getting w/ romeo?), but…perhaps this is a matter of jumping all over Cassel and Romeo simply because they are the easiest and most convenient targets.

  4. Berry will be fine as he continues to come back from the ACL injury. Gates has tore up a lot of people over the years.

    Baldwin is open, but Cassel cant get him the ball.

    As for Dorsey and Jackson. They’ve turned into good not great players against the run. But, yes they were taken WAY too high.

    Poe is still a rookie. He has made progress each game, thats all you ask from a rookie.

    The defense isnt the problem. Our D will be fine, the 6 TO’s killed us.

  5. Thank you, Chiefs. Thanks to your performances freeing up my Sundays by halftime, my lawn has never looked better on Monday.

  6. He has no touch on the deep ball. Mid range passes are always high forcing receivers to jump and subsequently get drilled on every throw. it’s just not working.

  7. Cassel is not getting any better. His skill level has topped out. He has no deep ball. He cannot read defenses. He throws to his primary receiver regardless of coverage. During his pre-snap reads he makes his decision on who is getting the ball and that’s it. Most QB’s have a mental clock, Cassel has a sun dial.
    Stay with him if you want Romeo, you and Scott will both be looking for a job soon.
    Maybe Haley really did tell Pioli “I can’t win with this QB” before their breakup.

  8. I wanna like Cassel, but i’m through cheering for him. This team needs a good leader that can do his job. Cassel is a great back up, that’s were he needs to be.

  9. Stanzi is the answer. Let the man play football. You have Cassel and Quinn, both proven they can’t lead a football team. Let Stanzi get good reps. What’s the downside? You lose by 30 instead of 28 each week?

  10. I love Romeo Crennel aka RAC, However I believe his decision making is seriously distorted,sometimes we endear ourselves to a system,or an organization so much that we don’t want hurt feelings or to crush someones confidence etc; However the NFL is a business and part of that business is making “tough hard decisions, despite backlash,executive or general mgr influence, and so forth,Matt Cassel is a “serviceable back qb at best” he does not belong on the field if you have better options out there,your doing your team and the organization a serious disservice,despite wanting to get along with the players and instilling confidence,you have to do what’s best for the team. Seneca Wallace is still out there Donavan Mcnabb, these guys aren’t the best but their better then anyone on your roster at QB right now,if you want to salvage this season and the hardwork in st joseph and in general getting to this point.The players aren’t going to really say what they feel because they don’t want to seem like they’re throwing him under the bus,but you can see it in their eyes. Your gonna be out of a job soon all because Pioli sold you on this guy.

  11. Lost in all this is that Kyle Orton turned down the Chiefs’ offer to go to Dallas. Seemed odd then and looks even odder now. He actually thought he’d have a better shot unseeding Romo than Cassell? Maybe Orton just doesn’t want to play any more.

  12. I can’t believe I still have to sit through 12 more games of this “Patriot Way” garbage. Pioli has failed in choosing two head coaches and a franchise QB. This team, despite having lots of talented individuals, doesn’t look prepared to win any games. The quarterback can’t carry the team through adversity.

    It’s time to cut ties with all of the New England castoffs. Pioli doesn’t deserve another chance.

  13. How come it always seems lately like the Chiefs season is over before October 1st rolls around.

    Clark Hunt is a disaster for this franchise. He should be arrested for false advertising!!!!

  14. sullijo1 says: Oct 1, 2012 4:13 PM

    How come it always seems lately like the Chiefs season is over before October 1st rolls around.

    Why do Bronco fans come out of the shadows and start woofing because their team is .500 at the end of September?

  15. The biggest problem is the fact EVERYONE overrates what talent the Chiefs do have! than 5 guys on this 52 man roster is an above average player. Flowers, Hali, Charles (when he’s not fumbling), and Bowe

  16. Houston, Berry once he gets healthy, Derrick Johnson, Eric Winston, Branden Albert, maybe even moeaki once he is healthy would be considered “above average”. Derrick Johnson was an all-pro last year.

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