Tebow’s not biting on questions about playing more


The bad news for Mark Sanchez is that the presence of Tim Tebow behind him guarantees a storyline when he plays poorly.

The good news for Mark Sanchez is that Tim Tebow is handling it with more grace than some would.

According to the New York Daily News, Tebow was asked seven times in seven different ways if he should be playing more after yesterday’s embarrassing 34-0 loss to the 49ers.

“I just want to do the best I can with whatever role that they give me, provide enthusiasm and energy every time I get the opportunity, but also from the sidelines or wherever I am,” Tebow said. “I’ll just be a good teammate, encourage guys and when, given opportunities, just try and make the most of them.”

While the Daily News didn’t note whether he followed up with a “God bless you,” he might as well have.

Sanchez completed less than half his passes for the third straight game, and also had an interception and a fumble.

Tebow himself didn’t do much either, which should be enough to keep the talk to a dull roar for the time being.

The fact he’s not going to fan the flames makes it more bearable, but perhaps only slightly. And the fact Sanchez has to play the Texans next week might make it all a moot point anyway.

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  1. I think the Jets said it loud and clear when they did not bring Tebow in with score as it was start of fourth quarter. He is what we thought he was.

  2. I don’t know – he got a dead, lifeless corpse of a Broncos team to the playoffs and a 1st round victory last season.

    Must be that ability to “raise the dead” that he has…

  3. does anyone else notice that rex inherited a team that was playoff ready in 2009 , and in 3 short years , has turned it into the trainwreck we see today?!? how this joker still has a job is beyond me.

  4. Tebow’s always thrown the guy in front of him under the bus and he always will. Look for some passive-agressive “source” saying Timmy wants to play and that if the other 25 guys on offense would just change everything they do to accommodate him, that would be best for everyone. See Gainesville, circa 2005, Denver circa 2011.

  5. Rather than ask if Sanchez should be replaced, why aren’t people asking if Tebow should be replaced when he’s lining up as a WR, HB, RB and serves absolutely no purpose or value?

    The Jets don’t have much talent right now at those positions, but Tebow hasn’t required any additional preparation and has brought even less to the table. Maybe Sanchez would do better if not constantly distracted and with an extra offensive threat on the field.

  6. Did that nobody Brian Hartline comment, or has he been too busy elaborating on the 253 receiving yards he had yesterday?

  7. The circus is now officially in town. Let the ole windbag deny himself to oblivion, this team is a wreck, not because of the play, but because of all this other nonsense they continually delve in, all day, every day–none of it has anything at all to do with real football. Just like many of their ‘star’ players who concern themselves with so much stuff outside of football, they are more concerned with their brand or their celebrity than focusing on football, now, we will see their actions bearing foul fruit! It’s hilarious if you ask me!

  8. Sanchump got the money, do you really think he cares if Tebow replaces him. Then he can take the blame off of him with that egg on his face yesterday. No points at all, not even a FG. Overrated USC QB, that is all Sanchump is. I would take Tebow anyday than Sanchump.
    Do not hate on Tebow…

  9. Start Greg Mcelroy or draft a Quarterback this year this so called “quarterback controversy” is ridiculous!

  10. For two #1’s you can have Carson Palmer. Wouldn’t give you a sack of used jocks for Santonio Holmes – that “injury” was right on cue.

  11. I don’t know – he got a dead, lifeless corpse of a Broncos team to the playoffs and a 1st round victory last season.


    Denver backed into the playoffs on a three-game losing streak and without a winning record. Don’t forget that part.

  12. When you’re wishing for Tebow to be your starter, you really have fallen on hard times.

    Nice kid. Would make an excellent son-in-law. Terrible NFL starting QB.

  13. “Never have I seen so many people root for a guy to fail.”

    Stating the fact (not opinion,fact) that Tebow is not a good NFL starting QB =/= “rooting for him to fail.

  14. 2manyconcussions: “Never have I seen so many people root for a guy to fail.”

    Yes, I am rooting for Tebow to fail. Not only is he a lousy QB, but he is a religious nut. His values are in direct opposition to my own, and he wants to legislate them. He believes the bible describes actual events, not silly Bronze Age mythology. He is anti-science, anti-woman, anti-gay, anti-wildlife, anti-environment. Like all evangelicals.

  15. brianz72: Tebow can be all the things you say he is, but rooting for him to fail is unnecessary. The Jets are so pathetic that a Tebow “miracle” would be just getting into the end zone!

  16. I do not care about his religion on his sleeve, and I HATE his (and Woody’s) politics, however, I surely respect the way he does not twist the knife squarely into a teammate’s back. As Mr. Gantt says, while going for the “understated comment of the year award,” while TT handles the question with more grace than “SOME would!”

  17. “While the Daily News didn’t note whether he followed up with a “God bless you,” he might as well have.”

    How cheesy like to throw that in?? Geez, i guess the way he carries himself annoys the heck of some people. Negative people, in fact.

  18. I think most of the blame goes to Tannebaum for the downward spiral. The team that went to back to back AFC Championships was full of veterans like T Rich, LT, J-Co, Braylon, Shaun Ellis, etc etc. Mike T decided to go cheap and young, and in turn left this team void of leaders. Sanchez has digressed because he developed a relationship with all those recievers, and now who does he have to throw to?…Chaz Schilens. While you want to point the finger at the coach and QB, they didn’t put this band of mis-fits together. Mike T did. His head should roll first

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