Texans accuse Titans’ David Stewart of playing dirty


The Houston Texans’ defensive line has been outstanding this season, but that doesn’t mean they’ve been enjoying themselves. For the second time this season, the Texans are accusing an opposing offensive lineman of dirty play.

Texans defensive end Antonio Smith, who complained after the Week One game with Miami that Dolphins offensive lineman Richie Incognito had played dirty, was complaining again after Sunday’s game against the Titans. This time, it was Tennessee tackle David Stewart who drew Smith’s ire.

I saw some things I’ve never seen before,” Smith told the Houston Chronicle. “I saw [Stewart] try to pull [Texans linebacker Brooks Reed’s] hair out, tried to ride somebody’s back, which I thought was kind of funny, actually.”

Texans linebacker Connor Barwin said Stewart and Incognito are a lot alike.

“He’s like Incognito,” Barwin said of Stewart. “Everybody will say it — he’s a dirty player. He threw a punch at me. He threw a punch at Brooks.”

Texans safety Danieal Manning referred to Stewart as “crazy,” but the Texans also said Stewart’s antics motivated them to play harder. Whatever opposing offensive linemen are doing against the Texans, it isn’t working.

19 responses to “Texans accuse Titans’ David Stewart of playing dirty

  1. As a Texans fan I wish they would stop complaining about that kind of crap, nobody has been hurt or injured. Just keep kicking butt and taking names and don’t complain!

  2. I’m not a Texans’ fan. My team plays in western PA, where I grew up.

    But they’re right about both Stewart and Incognito. Physical football is what the sport is about, but Stewart and Incognito are filthy now, and have been for YEARS.

    Gotta agree with the Texans here on those two guys — wayyy too much game tape is testimony to that.

  3. I have never seen so many players complain about other players after games as I have this year. I don’t know what it is but almost every game you have people saying how the other team played “dirty.”

    Just shut up and play already.

  4. 4-0 is all that matters. You can only play the teams on your schedule.

    20 point lead going into the 4th quarter in all 4 games. Offensive lineman getting their assss kicked all games. Then they begin playing dirty.

  5. Stop complaining and get on and play the game.
    You bunch of “girls”. Richie Incognito is a big dude, and the Dolophins have no problem with what he does. So he’s dirty, what a shame. How many fines has he had????

  6. The boy who cried wolf so much that people stop listen to him, then the real fox ate his butt. This dude Smith needs to play football and stop crying, the league looked at the tape and fined Smith, with Richie rep he would have been fine in a heart beat if the evidence was there, looks like Houston d-line needs to shut up and play football. And who has this team beat that is in the top 10? Bill

  7. Stewart only played like that because he was getting his butt kicked all day long.

    And there’s no such thing as “strength of schedule” in the NFL – you play who you play. Suffice to say they’ve destroyed these teams on their schedule – even the Denver game wasn’t as close as the final scores showed.

  8. Why are so many teams crying about the other team playing dirty? I thought this was football. Do something about it if you don’t like it. Otherwise, go play badminton.

  9. Not that I am a fan of complaining about stuff like this….but Stewart played pretty dirty in week 1 against the pats too.

    Check out the highlight of Hightowers TD return for a TD, Stewart hits and facerakes Jerrod Mayo 8 yards deep in the endzone after the play….guys were already celebrating the td, play was over. He had a few incidents like that in the game.

  10. bsizemore68 says: Oct 1, 2012 12:47 PM

    And who has this team beat that is in the top 10? Bill


    At the time, Denver was…

  11. Conrad Dobler thinks the Texans Defensive Players should stop crying and play football.

  12. daysend564 says:Oct 1, 2012 12:13 PM

    Dolphins: 1-3
    Jaguars: 1-3
    Broncos: 2-2
    Titans: 1-3

    This is a real powerhouse we’re talking about!
    You are exactly correct. Texans dominate everyone on their schedule. I guess now that the Jets are 2-2 and lost top offense and defense player they are now a pantywaist too. Same story next week right. Cool.

  13. Incognito and Stewart are dirty players…pretty much common knowledge by those who follow the NFL…however, Antonio Smith isn’t doing himself any favors by constantly complaining about dirty play…esp when the league office fined him and not Incognito after the MIA game…

  14. what do people expect? It was a rivalry divisional game. Of course there was going to be chippy ness from both sides, David Stewart just got caught. What about the late hit on Chris Johnson that wasn’t called? Both teams played dirty.

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