Woody Johnson chooses Romney win over winning season from Jets

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The circus continues.

Jets owner Woody Johnson, in a Monday appearance on Bloomberg Television’s Market Makers, addressed whether he prefers a win by Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney or a winning season from Johnson’s Jets.

“Well I think you always have to put country first, so I think it’s very, very important that not only for us but for particularly our kids and grandkids that this election comes off with Mitt Romney and [Paul] Ryan as president and vice-president,” Romney said.

It’s a fair response, but it won’t do much to placate the many Jets fans who:  (1) don’t own the team; and (2) would put nothing other than the healthy and safety of themselves and their immediate family members above the Jets winning.

Then there’s the fact that half (or at least 47 percent) of Jets fans support Romney’s competitor.

So, basically, it’s yet another thing for Jets fans to discuss.  And since it’s not really related to the sorry state of the team, it should be regarded as a welcome distraction.

97 responses to “Woody Johnson chooses Romney win over winning season from Jets

  1. Smart man. Hey, I too would take a Romney victory over the Jets having a winning season.

    Hell, I’d take a Romney victory if it meant the Jets would run the table and win the Super Bowl.

  2. Wow, what a disgrace of an owner. I feel bad for the Jets fans, I really do. Your owner cares more about money and politics than he does about your team winning a Superbowl. Wow. I would seriously consider boycotting my team if I ever heard anything like that from the owners. Without a single-minded obsession to win, which starts from the top of the organization, I don’t see how a team can win a Superbowl.

  3. You know what, if things don’t turn around drastically for both Romney and the Jets in October, Mr. Johnson will be oh-fer by the end of the year.

  4. Never in my life thought I would say this, but it’s good to see that a billionaire is concerned about how the country is ran rather than the interests of his billion dollar business. No matter what your political affiliation is that’s commendable in my book even though everyone in office are crooks.

  5. Well, Woody will have to wait for the the GOP to have its shot at turning our country into a corporation. No way Romney is winning in November and I cannot imagine the Jets having a winning season after yesterday’s performance.

  6. I wonder if his net worth has increased in the past four years? Anyway, Good luck to him and his Grandkids on the Money thing, I’m sure if Pres. Obama wins they will all be in the poor house.

    And as for his Jets, Good luck on that too.

  7. I’m inclined to agree with him on his politics, but why drag politics into a football discussion? One has nothing to do with the other, and it’s a shameless plug.

  8. I am embarssed/disgusted to be a jets fan right its a god dam shame what trader mikeand wiody johnson have put toghtwr as a team and I csnt belive that actually rather see tim tebow than sanchEz hell tebow or sanchez cant do it(most likely they both will fail) give greg McElroy a shot but yu know whay the jeys will end up trading him and have nick folk olay alittle qb

  9. It seems to me that neither of those things are going to happen (Jets winning season nor Romney election victory).

  10. “Then there’s the fact that half (or at least 47 percent) of Jets fans support Romney’s competitor.”

    What is your basis of fact? Did you poll all Jets fans or are you trying to influence people by referring to an old Romney speech?

  11. If the Republicans lose Johnson can just hire Paul Ryan as his GM – then he will just tell everyone they won the last 4 Super Bowls and hope no one checks up on him.

  12. Obama fan and Jet fan. I would hope he cares more about the direction of the country more than the Jets, regardless of his beliefs.

  13. I think the Jets need to do exactly what the Colts did last year and suck for Smith.

    This team is a wreck, they have pathetic offensive talent and their team depth is even worse. Even if the Jets had Revis their defense still can’t generate a pass rush and that’s a recipe for disaster in this league. Without Revis they are cooked. The Jets need to rebuild and restart this team, the Jets had their chance at getting the job done in 2009 and 2010 and failed.

    I’d be surprised if they get seven wins this year. If they were willing to trade up for that bust and future bench warmer Mark Sanchez then they are most likely more than willing to give up the farm for Geno Smith.

  14. JJ doesn’t care about winning football games because then he wouldn’t have turned the Jets into a circus. He turned them into a circus to compete with the real football team in their city and to try to make money.

    And making money is all JJ really cares about. That’s why he is placing Romney over the Jets.

  15. Of course he wants to see Wall Street deregulated again so he and the rest of the 1% can steal what little remains of America’s wealth.

  16. fground says:
    Oct 1, 2012 2:54 PM
    If the Republicans lose Johnson can just hire Paul Ryan as his GM – then he will just tell everyone they won the last 4 Super Bowls and hope no one checks up on him.

    You win the thread!

  17. Of course he does, he doesn’t want higher taxes for himself. This is the new America. ‘Keep your weak, tired and poor, don’t help anyone but yourself. Welcome!’

  18. That is the biggest joke I’ve ever heard. How do people not understand that “A two party system is a one party system”

    If you dont believe me here is John Adams on the subject and you can find many other founding fathers who echoed this sentiment.

    “There is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the republic into two great parties, each arranged under its leader, and concerting measures in opposition to each other. This, in my humble apprehension, is to be dreaded as the greatest political evil under our Constitution.” -John Adams

    its a really sad world we live in today.

  19. Are the Jets really still harboring delusions about the Super Bowl?

    I am fairly political, live in the DC area, work for the government, etc. But NEVER would I trade a Super Bowl for a politician. There is so little true differential consequence to which politician wins…is the country really going to be any different the next day if Obama wins reelection? And I am just a fan…I cannot imagine choosing a politician over the team I own winning a championship.

    He owns the team. If they won the Super Bowl is personal worth and prestige would only go up. I think his fears, presumably about taxes, are misplaced.

  20. Smart man. Romney has a better shot at winning than his J-E-T-S! That being said they both look to be in serious trouble. But at least the Jets have Tebow. Romney’s only got Hannity. Yikes!

  21. finfinatic says:
    Oct 1, 2012 2:54 PM
    “Then there’s the fact that half (or at least 47 percent) of Jets fans support Romney’s competitor.”

    What is your basis of fact? Did you poll all Jets fans or are you trying to influence people by referring to an old Romney speech?


    NY and NJ electoral votes will be going to Obama. It’s probably more than 47%.

  22. Maybe the question shouldn’t be about Sanchez getting replaced by Tebow, but Romney getting replaced by Tebow in his contest.

    Odds for improvement in either program are the same I’d guess making that change.

  23. up until about an hour ago the Jets were the 1 N.Y. franchise i didn’t care if they won or lost. now i hope they lose too.

  24. Wow I have a new found respect for the Jets organization. While I don’t care for mixing politics and sports, it’s always nice to hear that someone besides a recent Stanley Cup MVP gets this current administration. Successful people aren’t what’s wrong with this country, it’s the other way around. Go America!

  25. toallpitzberghaters says:
    Oct 1, 2012 2:36 PM
    Hahaha him and irsay should have a “shut the hell up contest”

    please don’t forget Jerry Jones……

  26. Just another rich guy who wants to get richer. Sorry Woody, but I prefer the candidate who is a friend of the middle class, not the guy who is for the rich.

    The Jets are gonna be fighting it out with the Bills for the AFC East basement.

  27. Woody,
    Thank God ,I’m a Giant fan.I suppose you think you’re taking a more altruistic stance,but the Jets have had no chance to win anything,so your statement rings very shallow.

  28. Well, the Jets are looking more and more like the Romney campaign.

    Fortunately, the Jets have time to turn things around.

    Romney – not so much.

  29. I say let Bain Capital take over the Jets and Rex, Sanchez, Holmes etc. will be sent where they belong………………………India.

  30. mrcosio says:
    Oct 1, 2012 2:44 PM
    A billionaire that supports Mitt Romney, what a plot twist!
    Both sides court the wealthy, don’t kid yourself. Problem is both sides are too beholden to their donors and their wants instead of the American people and what’s best for the country.

  31. Are the Jets trying to become the most hated franchise in NY?

    Man would it not be funny if Bart Scott were to say something Pro-Obama in his next interview. lol

  32. Can we please just keep it about football. This is where I come to escape politics.

    Also, please correct your quote. I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to be a quote from Woody, not Romney.

  33. I hope Mr. Johnson got points with that Romney pick as Mitt spend so much time with his foot in his mouth he ought to order his next pair of shoes with a mouth guard pre-installed. Tebow would have a better chance to beat Obama right now.

  34. Revenue sharing. Labor having the right to negotiate. Worst teams picking first. Salary caps. Wait a minute… It seems the entire NFL was set up by that socialist Obama. Quick, everyone back to baseball!

  35. Whoa! Tebow will not like this! Bain capital made a fortune on a company who’s main business was disposing of….wait for it…..medical waste, specifically, aborted fetuses. I do hope someone in the NY media will bring this up to Tebow. Yes, look it up, it’s a fact. The anti-abortion president put big $$$ in his pocket by disposing of aborted fetuses, they actually pioneered a new way of ‘sterilizing’ the waste by irradiating it. Go Woody, you are such a boob and perfect owner for this fiasco of a football team!!

  36. wmthomas3 says:
    Oct 1, 2012 5:04 PM
    I wonder how many people are reading this on their Obamaphone?

    Hilarious! That video decided my vote… I’m no politico, but I figure the less I have in common with that woman, the better.

  37. For the Giants fans not paying attention, your record is the same as the Jets, except the Jets are 2-0 in the division, Giants 0-2.

  38. God Bless him for saying something that is from his heart and an absolute fact . football is a game for cripes sake , our country is on the brink of a socialist transformation and most people don’t have a damn clue.

  39. By my name you know who my teams are. Both could have losing seasons for the next 8 years if Romney/Ryan would win. I would even endure Pitt winning the National Championship and the Cowboys the Super Bowl as well.

  40. Country First..Love it..Totally understand what hes saying..If this country goes down,; theres no way this game,Our game doesnt survive..Last time I checked, before we even start the game, we sing the National Athem..Yes, Country first!

  41. Mittens…How cute from the 5 year old. from the ultra lib Seattle area…C-Chicks only win when replacements ref give the Hacks ghames..And you have to be a stone cold fool or an adoring suck-up to consider voting this low-level, community agitator, racist back in the White House

  42. we all know who lil’ flo oodles over with that 47% crack….oh wait he is part of the msnbc-lsd family….explains everything.

  43. “Wow, what a disgrace of an owner. I feel bad for the Jets fans, I really do. Your owner cares more about money and politics than he does about your team winning a Superbowl.”

    Yeah, what a fool for putting this sorry backwards country first.

  44. Woody’s mistake isn’t putting the country first. His mistake is reverting backwards to the Bush years (8 years, remember?) that put this country into the tailspin we’re in now. Everyone knew it’d take more than four years to recover from that disaster; look at the stock market, we’re on the way.
    Looking forward to four more years, and hopefully eight more after that.

  45. “Everyone knew it’d take more than four years to recover from that disaster”

    Obama said if he couldn’t get it turned around in one term, he would be kicked out of office. Apparently he underestimated the stupidity of half the country.

  46. Yet one more reason to hate ANYTHING Jets. What do you know a REALLY rich football team owner wants all the perks a REALLY rich president would shower down upon him. Meanwhile telling the middle class to, in Woody’s case pay FULL PRICE for rotten pre-season games and in Mitt, ” I was born on third base, but tell everyone I hit a triple” Romney’s case telling the middle class to pay MORE in taxes than he does because he stashes his money in SWISS BANKS!! I really feel for Woody’s kids and grandkids. Man are they ever going to have a rugged life!!

  47. I am life long Jets fan and a life long Democrat, and this disgusts me. Woody Johnson is smart though, he supports a candidate who cares only about the rich. Woody is rich, Romney is rich, and all they care about is money and there rich buddies. We need to tax the people in this country that can actually afford to pay it, not the middle class and the poor. Knowing that the owner of the NFL team I love is a right wing nut, it hurts a little less when they struggle. Woody, please sell the team, you’re a d-bag…

  48. Id watch the Jets run the table, win 56-0 in the SuperBowl, and Sanchez get both season and SB MVP if it meant I never heard from Johnson, Romney, or Ryan again!!!!!! Woody Johnson should put Romney/Ryan patches on their practice jerseys, that would show his support for Williard!

  49. If you look back to the emergence of Tebow as a winning QB, and how teams appeared to just stop playing defense for him, you now understand that some team owners have the same view, and have aided in pushing the envelope, for this young man to be a success and future political figure, pulling the support of the evangellical right and the 1% who like to have puppets to control. Woody, is a mad scientist, bent on creating a candidate (Tebow) that can write a check for him and his friends, to have unlimited access to whatever wealth crosses our borders, and then trickle it down to the hungry fan in the form of sports entertainment. Jets and Giant fans have invested in a moneymaking stadium for both owners, and now will suffer through a terrible return for their investment…ask the Cowboys!

  50. That’ll win over the NY/NJ fan base…

    Of course after the new jobs report and the 49er game it looks like he wont be getting either.

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