Aaron Rodgers finds mistake from regular refs “frustrating”


Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was one of the most critical players of the NFL’s use of replacement officials, and he was glad when the lockout ended and the regular refs came back. At least, he was glad until he saw the regular refs work on Sunday.

Rodgers acknowledged on his weekly show on ESPN Radio in Milwaukee that he had a hard time swallowing the Saints fumble on Sunday that didn’t count because the regular officials wrongly ruled that Saints kickoff returner Darren Sproles was down before he lost the ball.

“It was frustrating,” Rodgers said. “The way that the reviews have gone now with them reviewing all scoring plays and turnovers as well, you would think that would just continue to encourage a late whistle because if it is ruled a turnover, and there wasn’t a whistle for down by contact, you can go back and review that upstairs and make sure it was a turnover.”

Still, even despite that big mistake, Rodgers said he was glad to see referee Jeff Triplette and his crew.

“I was obviously happy to see those guys back,” Rodgers said. “I told Jeff Triplette, ‘Hey, it’s great to have you back.’ It’s been a long process. Him and a couple of the other refs thanked me for my comments. I’m not sure which comments they’re referring to, but I did say, ‘Just so you know that doesn’t mean we’€™re not going to yell at you.'”

Rodgers also said he was wearing a microphone for NFL Films during the Saints game, and that microphone picked up some choice comments about the officials. But he declined to repeat those comments, saying he’d let NFL Films decide if those comments should ever become public. Whatever he said, it probably wasn’t as bad as what the Packers were saying during the last game with the replacement refs.

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  1. Welcome to reality Aaron. The regular officials suck & the replacements were horrible. Every ref in every sport sucks & leading the pack is got to be the NBA officials!!!

  2. Yeah both sets of refs will have bad calls as a result of human error.

    The difference is the game will be smoother and less chippy, college penalties won’t be called, punts that land forty feet from the endzone won’t be called touchbacks, less clocking and ball spotting errors, there won’t be comments to players about how they are on fantasy teams, they won’t be confused when they see ball carriers in unis and pads as opposed to teddies and garters, they won’t be starstruck, they won’t throw their hats in the endzone during play and have a player slip on it…. I mean do I really need to go on, because this run on sentence can become a marathon…

  3. Jeff Triplette and his crew should not have been allowed to return from the lockout. I was hoping the NFL would have announced that a couple of replacement crews would stay on board and a couple of regular crews be let go. Triplette and his crew should have been one to be let go. They have been god awful for years!

  4. Yup, those replacement refs are by far better than the replacements.

    We will see how they continue to do. If nothing else they did seem to move the games faster, then again the players weren’t deliberately acting up either.

  5. This level of whining reminds me of my 14 year old teenage daughter talking down about Susie and Karen in the same manner because they all like Johnny.

  6. Stop crying about calls already. Don’t put yourself and your team in a position that the refs could win or lose you the game and you’ll have nothing to cry about.

  7. Funny. Rodgers and others complained so much about the replacement referees that I think he and others began to forget how bad the greedy part-timers really are.

    But Commissioner Goodell knew it. Hence his insistence that they maintain a full time crew ready to step in at any time even if it means that the NFL still continues to pay the myopic slow poke that gets relieved of his duties. The next NFL/NFLRA contract will be even more stringent regarding the individual accountablity of officials. Then we’ll finally see the level of officiating the NFL should have always had.

  8. So far this season the Pack’s offense can’t punch the ball in the end zone against quality defenses (4 TD’s in 3 games vs. SF, CHI, & Seattle) and their over-rated defense can’t stop a quality offense (Saints).

    Stop yer whining and fix your own problems and stop blaming outcomes on bad calls. Yes, it was another horrible call but the Pack is proving it is as over-rated as the Cowgirls. A crap load of talent but not doing on the field.

  9. He needs to realize just like he makes mistakes on the field, the Refs will make mistake as well. Its inevitable.

    Both replacements and real refs will make mistakes, the difference is with the real refs those mistakes won’t happen nearly as frequently as they did with the replacements.

    What Aaron Rodgers should be saying: “I thank the replacements for doing the best they could, and allowing us to have the season start on schedule. They were placed in a position with very little time to prepare and execute a very demanding job. Its unfortunate that we lossed a game because of it, but we are looking forward” End of Story… Stop Bitching and Play Football!

  10. Seen Rodgers at the Madison Piggly Wiggly,,,,dude was buying Chapstick, ice coffee and Tampax. I thought WTF? No wonder he cries,,,

  11. Crybaby. Packers got a gift call that won it for them. Call it even and move on. Packers look average so far.

  12. No public apology to the fans on the quality of officiating? No brainstorming by the offensive line on how to protest these officials for the rest of the season?

  13. “They’ve seen more bad calls in two weeks than most teams see in a decade.”

    The Seahawks see many more bad calls than the Packers have or ever will. A horrible call goes the Seahawks way and it turns the tide in the Refs lockout.

    All teams see bad calls. Thinking that the Packers have “seen more bad calls in 2 weeks than most teams have in a decade” is absolutely ridiculous.

  14. Cry me a river Mr Rodgers. He didn’t appear upset over the bad calls that went their way against the Giants last year. The Jennings fumble in the playoffs and the Ballard non TD call/Jennings TD in the regular season game.

  15. This is a fact of life. Maybe these over paid officials are relying on Instant Replay to bail them out.
    These jerks should be fined for all their bad calls.
    Highly trained?? I think not.

  16. I still think the NFL needs to expand replay rules as there are holes in it.

    I can’t wait for the following scenario like this to take place. Team A has the ball with 2:30 left to play on their own 20, and they trail by 2 points. Team B has no challenges left and no timeouts.

    On a 3rd and 10 play, player from Team A catches the ball for a 5 yard gain and looks to have had a knee touch the ground while stumbling after being tripped. However he gets his balance and keeps running, and looks to have an easy TD. When he gets inside the 5 he gives himself up and falls down.

    In this situation, there is no replay available since it wasn’t a scoring play or turnover. Instead of being at 4th and 5 deep in their own territory, Team B can basically run out the clock and kick a chip shot to win the game.

  17. thepvyharvin says:
    Oct 2, 2012 6:48 PM

    ,,,and he wonders why we call him Sharon…


    I don’t really think he cares what you call him. As a matter of fact, I’m pretty sure he doesn’t even know you exist.

  18. Just shut up and play football Aaron. Guess what? Not everybody worships you and the packers. I’ve never seen someone love himself so much since, ironically, Brett Favre.

  19. Triplette has always sucked. He’s barely any better than regular refs. When I saw he was the ref prior to kickoff I just knew something bad was going to happen.

  20. The story continues:

    Rodgers completely ingnored the phantom holding called against the Saints on a late-game FG attempt, which essentially handed the Packers a narrow victory. Rodgers could not recall the gift wrapping the call came in or whether there was a bow on top. The NFL is looking into Rodgers’ lack of gratitude and may heftily fine the pouty, whiny QB for his lack of couth.

    Meanwhile, Commissioner Roger Goodell announced a new penalty for ‘excessive bitching,’ which will result in a loss of 10 yards and the league’s respect.

    Packer fans also have returned to the normalcy of seeing most calls go their way. Rodgers, however, failed to receive the memo sent directly from the desk of Ted Thompson.

  21. Cry me a river. People make it seem like Green Bay is the only team in NFL history to have some calls go against em.

  22. Vikings fans are so predictable.

    I started reading this and knew exactly who I’d see commenting.

    Aaron Rodgers is and always will be better than Christian Ponder. You’re clearly jealous of everything about Green Bay, the Packers, and the state of Wisconsin in general.

    I pity you.

  23. The real (way overpaid) refs just know the rules better and thus know how to cover themselves within the rules – for instance by blowing the play dead it cannot be reviewed, and thus they are not ‘wrong.’

    Hope everyone who wanted these jokers back is happy now!

  24. This is the expected result when you’re used to the refs giving you favorable calls for the years you’re coming into stardom in the league. Looks like both the top 2 QBs in the NFL are getting harsh reality checks this year and only one of them (hint: it’s not the one this story is about) is handling it with a semblance of grace.

  25. We lost to the Dolphins, Redskins, Lions(all very mediocre) in 2010 and went on to win the Super Bowl, so everyone can act like the Packers O is going to stay down, but chances are they will get on a roll and start putting up numbers. They won’t be as efficient as last year obviously, but I have a feeling once this team gels they will be scary. All you haters enjoy the slump while it lasts, this team is going places this year. As for Rodgers, he was answering a question honestly, not crying. Pretty sure he could be causing a big disturbance by asking to be paid like Brees, Brady, and Manning but he has kept his mouth shut and went about his business. It’s pretty sad to see all these negative comments about a guy who has been nothing but pure class since he came in the league.

  26. I wish Rodgers would invite a guest fan onto his radio show every week (one who is a Viking`s or Eagle`s fan comes to mind) and show them what a Superbowl champion ring looks like. The only way they will ever see one. May as well take them over to the Packer Hall of Fame and show them what a Lombardi trophy looks like.

  27. tbone you are pathetic we are not crying the vikings are playing better than some teams and lambeauand you are also pathetic the vikings will show everyone we will make it to the super bowl whenever they do good they dont get looked at just the packers and other big teams the littler teams get overlooked been that way along time and yes it was just a few years ago the vikings were undefeated so we can do better than last year we already have won as many games as we won last year and we will win more
    Only time will tell we dont need to hear complaints about the refs every game they do screw up.
    get over and next game I know I wont get many likes but I dont care just saying whats on my mind and no I am not jealous just to get that straight why would I be my team is first in the divison at the moment and will stay there .

  28. If you took all the “stars” from the Vikings and Eagles and put that team against the Packers, the Packers would win by 3 TDs.

    Also, the unwarranted egos of the “Eagles/Vikings” would result in a record amount of excuses after the game.

  29. thekingofnewyork says:
    Oct 2, 2012 6:24 PM
    “This dude never shuts up. He should be the Jets QB”

    Kind of tough when he’s busy hosting a weekly radio show and spends most of that time commenting on fan’s questions…. If you actually listen to the show, you can hear him talk about a couple calls that went the Packers way (Greg’s Playoff fumble/That trick Return play from the bear’s last year in wk3/etc) … Dude is actually pretty reserved and logical…. ya’ know…. compared to the whiny Packer hating comments on this site from people who think playing madden makes ’em football experts.

  30. mancinibread says:
    Oct 2, 2012 6:25 PM
    “Biggest crybaby in the league”
    Take a hit to the chops from Peppers, then try and call him a crybaby….

  31. I wonder how “frustrated” Rodgers was when the refs handed the Packers 7 points against the 49ers when they ignored an illegal block in the back which allowed Cobb to return for a TD?

  32. Officials don’t always catch every mistake… But what about the responsibility of their coach MacCarthy burning a challenge on a stupid play with the non catch of Jordy Nelson… He listened to the foolish fans and through the red flag on a clearly incomplete pass… Take responsibility Aaron Rodgers when you continually open your mouth and whine like a b#tch! Suck it up and play better!

  33. All of you haters…..you wish you had 1/8 th the integrity, leadership, skill and ability to be as humble and thankful as Aaron Rodgers?

    All of you suck and you know, deep down inside he will rip your team apart and you will have nothing to say on that day…..but enjoy your liberties today…..clones…..I love that you are so predictable.

    Greatful, thankful and lucky to have a quality, high class man who plays QB in the NFL in GB. Especially you Bear fans…..your QB well, I will let his actions define his drama queen like qualities.

    So funny how much people hate a winner…losers’.

    Enjoy the game not how great you think you need to sound….clones!



  34. So Rodgers thinks that the refs should blow the whistles later? So the plays over, but wait another second just in case the ball comes out? As a player i was taught to play to the whistle so rodgers answer is to wait? Yeah I’m sure no player will get injured by with his logic. I can see it now, player x catches the ball or runs with it, is tackeled, is on the ground and because there’s no whistle players y and z pile on. What an idiot. When he stops making mistakes on the field, then he can start complaining about the refs mistakes. Rodgers is turning into Brady, he thinks he is perfect, and expects every call his way.

  35. @filthymcnasty1

    They only hate him because he has a Superbowl ring.

    Which ironically was possible because of a horrible call negating a Shiancoe TD in the MN game that gave the pack one extra win which got them into the playoffs in first place.

  36. It’s very easy to call someone a crybaby from a computer desk typing a comment on this forum, but believe me, none of those people would have the guts to say it in front of a microphone in front of a camera. Aaron Rodgers is one of the most unselfish, stand-up guys in all of football, and the people that diss him on this forum are ignorant of what has taken place this season. Aaron gets asked a question by the media, and he answers it honestly. Do you expect him to say “I am glad the calls went against us, I don’t want us to win?!?!” There is some jealously out there, but I think it has more to do with mean-spirited people who like to trash the good guys in this league. You know if the people who call him a whiner on this forum were true Packer fans, they would be just as upset as he and the rest of the Packer players are at what has transpired with the refs this season. The Packers could be playing better football, that is true, but they still have been jobbed by the refs this season, replacement and regular, it’s a simple fact.

  37. Bad calls happen to every team…but if it involves the Packers, Steelers, Patriots, Bears, Cowboys, Giants, and maybe 1 or 2 other teams, the league actually cares and does something about it.

    Unfortunate, but true.

  38. bordner says: Oct 2, 2012 7:22 PM

    thepvyharvin says:
    Oct 2, 2012 6:48 PM

    ,,,and he wonders why we call him Sharon…


    I don’t really think he cares what you call him. As a matter of fact, I’m pretty sure he doesn’t even know you exist.


    what kind of argument is that …. I doubt he knows any of exist…… and we all go on commenting…. whats your point?

  39. No he’s gonna be a crybaby because they are having trouble winning? Give me a break! He’s gonna lose respect.

  40. Biggest crybaby in the league is Tom Coughlin. In fact, he occupies the first five slots in the top ten.

  41. Rodgers must belive that calls are not supposed to go against him…… Well welcome to the real world. You expect the honey moon to keep going but its OVER just like the 15/1 season an Rodgers.. his team an there constipated fans need to except that

  42. lots of Rodgers haters here. People, this is his weekly radio show. I’m sure he was asked about it and he was honest. What’s he gonna say? “I’m sure glad the refs almost lost us another game?”

    He’s right – it was a frustrating game to watch for Packers fans.

    Stop using every little excuse to put down Rodgers.

  43. tbone8018 says:
    Oct 2, 2012 8:48 PM
    Rodgers gets asked a question, answers honestly and now you have a bunch of jealous Eagles and Vikings fans crying about him crying. huh.


    Riiiight, because only Vikings and Eagles fans hate the hubris show that is Packer fandom. Guess what? You and your team are not as “darling” as you think they are.

  44. People claiming there wasn’t holding on that FG attempt are either blind or Queens fans. I’ve never seen more envious fans in my life. They wish their team had even half the success the Packers have had.

  45. Wait, there were blown calls? I don’t recall seeing any of the multiple posts per hour bemoaning every mistake in every game that happened the last 3 weeks. I’d just assumed it was all error free, rainbows and unicorns this week. Who knew…

  46. “and their over-rated defense can’t stop a quality offense (Saints).”

    The Bears offense was proclaimed to be dynamic with Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall. What happened when they faced the Packers defense? The Packers defense bulldozed them.

    The Packers defense rank in the top 10 in every major defensive category with the exception of the rush defense. So look up facts before spewing crap out of your mouth.

  47. If you took all the “stars” from the Vikings and Eagles and put that team against the Packers, the Packers would win by 3 TDs.

    Also, the unwarranted egos of the “Eagles/Vikings” would result in a record amount of excuses after the game.

  48. A .500 team that has put itself at the mercy of the refs two weeks in a row. One of their victories dependent on a fake field goal. World beaters. How about this: play better ball, score more, stop whining.

  49. Anyone bringing “fan envy” and “jealousy”” into this discussion is out of their mind, as well as being everything that is wrong with football fans nowadays. Rodgers is not being “real” or “consistent” here, he is saying EXACTLY what he needs to say in order to save face, and avoid being the soft, sore, entitled, diva whiner that he portrayed himself as in what USED to be a man’s sport (long ago). It wasn’t always the reality TV soap operah that it is today. Sorry to take all of you “we won a super bowl in this decade, so we can be elitists who whine as hard as our athletes” down a peg….. Football is a game of “what have you done NOW”, not then.

  50. People he does a weekly radio show and guess what– they usually talk about recent events in the NFL. Just because this site chooses to write about his interviews doesn’t mean he’s whining. If you are tired of him…skip the story and move on to the next one.

  51. The regular refs suck.

    Too bad it took a lockout and all the replacement ref shenanigans to bring on a discussion like this.

  52. packerbacker12 says: Oct 2, 2012 11:23 PM

    “and their over-rated defense can’t stop a quality offense (Saints).”

    The Bears offense was proclaimed to be dynamic with Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall. What happened when they faced the Packers defense? The Packers defense bulldozed them.

    he Packers defense rank in the top 10 in every major defensive category with the exception of the rush defense. So look up facts before spewing crap out of your mouth.

    Being proclaimed has nothing to do with what happens on the field. Same that goes with the Packers goes with the Bears and now, as painfully obvious as it is, the Cowturds.

    Dude, I’m a Bears fan and have been one since the ’60s but can admit the Bears offense blows (and typically always has). They’ve always been a liability that has killed anything from our chances of making the playoffs to winning it all. In 2012 they are currently ranked in the lower tier (26th) in offense.

    So what’s your point?

    Mine was simple. The Pack defense has played the offenses of 49er’s (19), Bears (26), and Seahawks (29). All are below average to pathetic. In the fourth game, Saints are currently 8. Pack defense did their job against sub-par offenses but failed against a play-off caliber offense. They were never challenged until they played New Orleans … and failed. The only reason the Pack are in the Top 10 defensively is because of what all the first three teams they played had in common: they just weren’t very good.

    Conversely, the Pack offense has done well between the 20’s but have failed to punch it in against higher ranked defenses. No one, including most hardened Pack fans, expect the Pack to duplicate last year’s numbers but the current trend is showing they simply have not been able to score close to Rodgers 28 point average this year except against a completely inept defense such as New Orleans (32 as in last of the NFL).

    After the first Q of the season, clearly the Pack has to fix their own issues and stop bitching about calls that they can’t control. If they are supposed to be the cream of the crop then play like it and stop making excuses.

    It pains me but even at 2-2 and games coming up against Texans I see the Pack is the team to beat for the NFC Central.

    I did do a fact checks and they have been served up as you wish. Bon appetite.



  53. Whine and cheese…they go together. Stop crying and play the game. If you put your team in a position to have the outcome determined by the zebras you’ve already lost. I guess this guy really did study under #4 because he’s starting to sound just like him too!

  54. People act like the “real” refs don’t blow calls and games with regularity. They do. The media blew up the whole situation with the replacement refs.

    They weren’t as bad as the media portrayed them. And the real refs aren’t as good as we wanted to remember them as being.

    That and the coaches immature gamesmanship made for an untenable situation for the replacements.

  55. Jeff’s crew is ok I guess. They can be bad and loose control of things rapidly. However, the worst by far is Walt Coleman. Walt makes all sorts of nonsense calls and was banned from Oakland football games and several other teams. If there was a refereeing team that has to go, it is Walt’s.

  56. Aaron Rogers is very hard to like. I am wondering why Tom Brady gets the bad rep?

    He doesn’t whine to the media about bad calls. His answers are ALWAYS we have make better decisions and do better as a team. He wouldn’t have answered that question the way Aaron did.

    Aaron reminds me a lot of Jay Cutler. They are friends for a reason.

  57. bad calls by the regular officials..
    you don’t say!
    They were terrible before the lockout, and are still terrible.

  58. The Packers are using the refs to cover up the real issue. They just are not as good as everybody has been predicting. Their pass first offense and never paying any attention to the run is catching up.

    They will be an 8-8 team this year and not make the playoffs. You heard here first.

  59. I’m the biggest Packer fan in the world and don’t miss a game and during there Super Bowl year every single call went there way. I said to myself one day or one season they are gonna be on the opposite end of some bad calls and I think it is the cosmos way of evening everything out!

  60. I have also said for years “when in doubt, do not blow the whistle and you can always come back and make the correct ruling”. Why are the refs so quick to blow the whistle and then having the call be the call as in the fumbled kick off return. Just let it play out and then go back and get it right. I understand they say more players could get injured but I would rather see the play continue when in doubt and the refs can get it right later.

  61. Rodgers whines too damn much. Not just that, the guy acts as if nobody is as good as him, keeps his nose raised in the air. He can do that if he likes when he fills his hand with rings. Until then, keep your nose at eye level and shut it up.

  62. He is just like Brees and so many others. These clowns have a career year, win a Super bowl and then think they shoud win it every year. It’s just not that easy (unless of course you cheat like the Patriots***).

  63. thekingofnewyork says: Oct 2, 2012 6:24 PM

    This dude never shuts up. He should be the Jets QB


    I would estimate that just about every question he’s getting these days is about the refs, so you can be upset, but answering the questions honestly is part of his job. Some players will go the manning/brady way and keep it very PC, others will go the Cutler/Rodgers way and tell it like it is. (That’s about where the similarities for cutler/rodgers end).

  64. Any statistical hay the Packers have made is largely based on Clay Matthews being faster and smarter than that Bears left tackle and the Bears coaches being too dumb to help that tackle out.

  65. Wow…the haters are out today.

    As a longtime Packer fan I can onlyexplain it one way:

    It’s lonely at the top.

  66. shut up and stop complaining whiny boy!!
    The calls aren’t gonna go your way every time (like they used too), score points so it doesn’t matter what the zebras do or say… crybaby!

  67. Enough Packer fans. Game is over, move on. Packer fans and players are acting like this was their Hurricane Katrina or some sh*t.

    When do we start seeing t-shirts with the image of the two refs and “9-24…Never Forget” on the front? Are flags at half mast over there or what? Death threats against officials?

    This would be merely a flesh wound for Viking fans.

  68. vikings1976 says:
    Oct 3, 2012 9:26 AM
    This would be merely a flesh wound for Viking fans.

    I would agree. No big deal. Routine. Nobody is more accustomed to having their asses stomped and handed to them than the Vikings.

  69. upon further review…. the “union” officials are no better then the replacements. Most of us knew that!

  70. Anybody who listened to the Aaron Rodgers show knows how badly these were taken out of context. AR defended Triplette’s crew — which was godawful Sunday — but simply admitted that the officials missed an obvious call after pressed by Jason Wilde. AR declined to bring the topic up by himself when given the opportunity.

    The comments he was talking about on the NFL microphone were those of others around him — not his.

  71. Why does everyone think the field goal would have won the game for the Saints? The Pack would have gotten ball back with over 3 minutes left and a timeout — almost too much time for how badly they carved up the Saints all day!

    Uninformed folks need to look a bit deeper.

  72. This would be merely a flesh wound for Viking fans.

    Yes..coming from the fan base still crying about 2009 and STILL after all these years saying Drew P earson pushed off…this coming from a fan base that threw a whisky bottle at the ref and knocked him out…glass houses queen fans..glass houses..

  73. Glad to have the regular refs back HOWEVER, they took the fifeld like the SS going into establish marshall law and proceed to end plays prematurely in the name of “player safety”?…this isn’t Pop Warner, give me a break. Granted we can’t have mayhem on the field but supposedly these guys know what they are doing , the difference between and interception and pass interference and a TD! I am still waiting for the refs to have the same level of accoutability for their bad game altering calls that the players have when they get fined retroactively for plays never called. It is all to apparent that the NFL is playing by their own rules to which nobody else as privy and do what they want, when they want , to whom they want with no challenge. Everybody has pass the buck on the accountability factor and it’s time this be addressed as the Shield become more tarnished with every bad incident.

  74. Wow…the haters are out today.

    As a longtime Packer fan I can onlyexplain it one way:

    It’s lonely at the top.

    Haha maybe lonely at third…. Packers fan are ridic… Tshirts with worst call ever 9-24-12… They act like their dog just died… Face it Rodgers at a season last year that he will never repeat. He peaked early. If they want to be successful run the ball more to open up the passing game… And big surprise refs miss calls. You don’t see the rest of our fans outside the stadium protesting and if your from Green Bay the replacement refs are your fault since you all are “owners”

  75. It’s lonely at the top.

    Haha maybe lonely at third…. Packers fan are ridic… Tshirts with worst call ever 9-24-12… They act like their dog just died… Face it Rodgers at a season last year that he will never repeat. He peaked early. If they want to be successful run the ball more to open up the passing game… And big surprise refs miss calls. You don’t see the rest of our fans outside the stadium protesting and if your from Green Bay the replacement refs are your fault since you all are “owners”

  76. Lol… Gotta love “this would only be a flesh wound to the Vikings.”

    Perhaps, but have the Vikings ever won anything?


    Then who cares what their scrub team or ignorant fans think?

    That’s right: no one.

  77. Well at least I’m glad some Vike fan came up witgh Sharon Rodgers. That Erin crap was getting quite ridiculous since you actually had an Erin on your team.

    And that whammbulance comment. What a zinger

    My you guys can be so original…

  78. Okay. Rodgers doesn’t bitch about much. But the call in Seattle may be the most oblivious blown call in history and the sproles fumble could have been seen by Helen Keller. There are plenty of players in the league that bitch way more about way less. Check your facts.

  79. Everyone talking crap is doing so because their quarterbacks have led them nowhere. Jealousy manifests itself in oh so funny ways. You say he is acting like a girl. Look in a mirror.

  80. you are so pathetic thetokyosandblaster why dont you just shut up every comment is geared towards the vikings on here and you say we should just shut up well why dont you
    does anyone agree with me on that

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