Chan Gailey says Bills need to be mentally tougher

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Before the season started, Bills General Manager Buddy Nix responded to growing hype around his team by saying that it was time for the Bills to “step it up.”

Coach Chan Gailey is sending a similar message in the wake of the team’s total meltdown from being up 21-7 in the third quarter against the Patriots to being down 52-28 at the final whistle. Gailey said that he was upset about the way his defense got pushed around by the Patriots and the sloppiness of his offense, and the coach thinks that his team needs to get tougher mentally if they are going to be better physically.

“You can’t be ahead 21-7 in the third quarter. And if we’re mentally tough like we need to be, that game doesn’t end up the way it ended. And that’s my responsibility, to work on the mental toughness and the mindset of this football team,” Gailey said, via the Associated Press. “After a game like that, you’re dissatisfied with a lot of things. Let’s not just pick out one thing. I’ve got to work on the mindset of this football team and creating a sense of urgency every snap of every game.”

Increased mental toughness is going to be crucial for the Bills in the next couple of weeks. They have to make two tough trips in a row to San Francisco and Arizona and it looks like there’s a good chance they’ll be making them without two starting offensive linemen. Left tackle Cordy Glenn and right guard Kraig Urbik both hurt their ankles against the Patriots and Gailey said Monday that he expects to be without both players for a while.

The Bills can’t use that as an excuse for poor play, especially since two straight losses would make all that preseason hype seem like an even more distant memory.

13 responses to “Chan Gailey says Bills need to be mentally tougher

  1. Seeing the way the Patriots man handles the Bills in the second half, it looks like they need to get physically tough too. And while we’re at it, didn’t the Bills pay obscene money to Mario Williams to get Tom Brady? Where was he?

  2. Toughness comes from the top. Ralph Wilson and Chan are two of the nicest guys around. Could there be a connection?

    Belichick is an absolute a-hole in dealing with the media and other teams but who cares if he goes to the super bowl every other year? Chan should just cut sombody who thought he was safe and see if that stirs things up.

  3. Texans 4-0 start should tell you all you need to know about that Mario Williams signing. They overpaid for an overrated player. The Bills were desperate.

    Desperate to make a splash to sell tickets (multiple games not sold out the past 2 years), as well as to make a splash to our neighbor to the North(toronto) to renew that deal so they take 1 game off our schedule each year ( 5 year deal ends this year).. making season tickets cheaper.

    Sadly, without their help, I’m not sure how viable the team is in WNY.

    Sucks, but poor management over that past 12 years, and an aging owner will lead to this teams demise. Oh, the lease is up in July too… Ugh

  4. im a season ticket holder but my tickets are on the visitors side. I had a friend offer a switch as he sits behind the Bills bench and what I saw was jaw dropping. Leodis Mckelvin talking, laughing with fans/relatives in the crowd. Fred Jackson and Corey Mcyntyre showing off and conversating with what seemed to be relatives in the 10-15th row up showing off and making childish gestures. Aaron Williams signing autographs after the national anthem….. I was wondering where their heads were at long before the debacle in the 3rd and 4th qtr.

  5. Looks like Chan’s taking a page from the Brad Childress playbook and growing a beard to make him seem tough. How’d that work out for Chilly?

  6. It cracks me up that a coach talks about being mentally tough to the media, and then goes out and tells the media who and how long his players will be out with injury. Why not just email the game plan to the opposing team? That would be mentally tough.

  7. I knew signing Mario Williams was a mistake for this team. They wildly overpaid for a wildly over-rated player. The Texans don’t exactly seem to be struggling without him, do they? They knew he was done.

    The Bills get killed by injury year after year. They should have spent the Mario money on roster depth. There is a significant fall off in the quality of play once the starter goes down.

    And Fitzpatrick has to quit turning the ball over.

  8. Sorry Bills fans but carnival88 is right. Houston finished number one in defense without Williams most of the year, you think that was a coincidence? And he was not that great as a number one overall until Phillips came along. Guess your stuck with him.

  9. Love everyone ripping on Mario Williams. It’s only been four games, and it’s absurd to expect him to be able to get to the QB when Wannstedt is only rushing the 4 DL against 5 OL and a RB and/or TE blocking them. A 4 vs. 5/6/7 rush scheme isn’t going to work.

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