Chargers use Peyton Manning visit to sell tickets to Chiefs game


The Chargers previously tried to sell tickets to their home game against the Chiefs by marketing tickets to Chiefs fans.  San Diego has now adopted an approach less likely to fill up Qualcomm Stadium with fans who will be rooting for the visiting team.

In order to buy tickets to the October 15 Monday night game against the Broncos and Peyton Manning, fans now must also buy tickets to the November 1 Thursday night game against the Chiefs and Matt Cassel Brady Quinn.

It’s hard to fault the Chargers for being creative, given that they came more than 9,200 tickets short of selling out a Week Three visit from the Falcons.

Still, it’s also hard to think that it will work.  While the Monday night game against Manning likely won’t be blacked out in San Diego, folks in Southern California likely will be relegated to the offerings of NBC on the night that the Chargers’ home game will be televised by NFLN.

36 responses to “Chargers use Peyton Manning visit to sell tickets to Chiefs game

  1. Chargers management seems to think that all San Diegans can afford tickets to their games. The truth of the matter is, if you have limited funds, making someone buy more tickets than they want will keep them from buying ANY tickets at all.

    If the Chargers want to fill the stands, then ticket prices must come down to a more economical reality. If not……move to LA.

  2. I know it’s a business and all but it still sucks that as expensive as tickets are that fans can’t just choose to pay to see one game without being forced to pay for another.

  3. My coworkers and I wanted to get tickets to this game until we found this out. I live in LA and cannot afford to go to san diego twice that close together. I guess the chargers think this will get them more butts in the seats and force us to buy tickets, but it seems like more of a slap in the face to me. So many people in LA from other places and root for hometown teams it’s already hard to get them to pay any attention to chargers and having blacked out games all the time and tricky stuff like this does not help.

  4. Poor business practice, NFL.

    Can’t sell preseason game tickets. No problem. Make season ticket holders buy them.

    Can sell out a regular season game. No problem. Make everyone purchasing tickets to the most popular game on your schedule buy another game that they could care less about.

    But you can sell the tickets to the game you don’t want on some NFL sponsered ticket broker website (scalper anyone?).

    My answer….thanks, but no thanks. Too much of a hassle and a rip off.

    Consumers that can afford it like myself say no thank you. I’ll watch it in glorious HD at home.

  5. lets see the average capacity of nfl stadiums nowadays is 62-65,000 thousand seats… quallcomm holds 71,000 plus… do the math yet alot of fans are pissed and do not approve of norv turner and aj are using their voice here. san diego is a great city and there are diehard fans here but face is a transplant city with the military etc… lots of new yorkers,chicagoians,texans here!! you know over a 10 year period now the chargers have only had 5 blackouts! 5 in 10 years!!!chargers sold out every home game from 2003-2010 5 blackouts in 5 yrs is nothing compared to the jags before they tarped their stadium,or the raiders who have had more blackouts than that in the lst 4-5 years…why doesnt anyone from pft talk about all the raiders blackouts??????? more tha nthe chargers!! the attendance isnt on the city it is on the chargers due to their marketing of forcing people to buy multiple tickets where most people could afford atleast one game in this economy the only way they can go is to purchase tix for 2 games!

  6. another thing chargers are not for sale and spanos is not selling is gonna be passed down thru family memebrs from alex spanos to son dean to his kids!! aeg wants to own a team to put them in their stadium in LA… san diego has a vote in fall 2013 for stadium in sandiego and chargers spokesman fabiani says they are not threatening to leave san diego and they never have!he said he looks forward to working with the new mayor elected this fall and they have invested millions of dolalrs in research for a new stadium and plan on following thur and looking forward to the vote in 2013…. rams and raiders are moving back to LA.. book it!!!


  7. YES there are some chargers fans in LA but for the most part alot of people in los angeles dont want the chargers t omove there.. their claim is they only support winners or teams when they are winning. fairweather fan city!!! kings games werent selling out on a regular basis until they made a playoff run n won the cup.clippers fans u could always get tix to when they sucked and now they are goood and all of a sudden they are a hot ticket!!! fairweather!!! thats the way fans are in california.. here is san diego too but san diegans tolerate the chargers and padres when they are mediocre… that wouldnt happen in LA. the largest chargers fanbase resides in san diego and that is a fact!! with the raiders and rams already have been in LA most have stayed lotal to those teams. the number of so called new chargers fans in los angeles is not significant enough to say LA would support them more than san diego does!

  8. The Chargers have been doing this for years even back when they did sell out games. The reason is not to prevent blackouts, its to stop opposing teams fans from buying tickets. The idea being donkey fans wont buy so many seats because they would also need to buy another ticket on top of that.

  9. We let Bills play in Toronto yearly. Why not let the Chargers play in L.A. once a year.

    Let it be when the Raiders come. Then we can definitely see 92,000 filled seats at the Coliseum.

  10. L. A. Only roots for winners, which is why the chargers are a perfect fit to come on back(originally founded in L. A. back in 1960). The best part of it all would be that stingy dean spans would no longer control the team so we would be in great shape. I

    But hey I’m biased L. A. Is a 30 mij drive for me compared to sd being 2+hours. And with the clippers next door we could probably get a double header of sports. (screw the Lakers)

  11. So wait, people aren’t buying tickets, so the idea is to make it harder to buy them by forcing them into a bundle?


  12. I dont see what the big deal is? They did this for the titans and falcons game. If San Diego’s fanbase didn’t suck they wouldn’t need to do this. Come up here to LA Chargers we’ll treat you better.

  13. Every comment here is really dumb

    They do this to keep Denver (visiting) fans out of the Stadium. Take in consideration we’re the only NFL stadium in 300+ miles which includes LA and Orange County and even Vegas so we tend to get a lot of outsiders… Do the math. If you don’t live here your not going to buy tickets to another game with a team you don’t like.

    I bought my ticket, didn’t buy a Chiefs game ticket (but will) so I don’t know wtf Florio is talking about…

  14. The easy answer to their problem is they need to make going to a game more affordable to the average fan. They can’t sell out because one ticket is the same price as a full season of the NFL Ticket on DirectTV.

    San Diego isn’t creative. They’re lame. They should raffle their unsold seats for a reduced flat fee before the game. They’d have people lining up!

    Any team coming to L.A. will be plagued with the same problem. You think AEG won’t try what Al Davis did and re-coup their investment as quickly as possible? Think your mortgage is bad?! The prices at that place will be insane!

  15. Pathetic. If your city doesn’t want a team, let another city have them. Do you hear me San Diego, St Louis, Jacksonville, Tampa Bay, Buffalo, and Cincinnati?

  16. Obviously, nobody wants to see the Chiefs and “all their talent.” The idea of marketing to Chiefs fans went sideways once Chiefs fans realized what a pile of puke their team is. I mean, who is going to fly across the country to see Brady Quinn play?

    Man, Kansas City must feel like the NAIA college basketball team that gets bundled in a ticket package.


  17. sullij01,

    Obviously, nobody wants to see the Chargers and “all their talent.” Do you normally count on the opposing team to sellout your stadium?
    Or are you just bashing the Chiefs because you are secretly a Chiefs homer like JoeToronto?

  18. Teams in all sports do this type of thing to sell tickets. Oh wait, a chance o take a swipe at the Chargers? Now it’s a big deal.

  19. Buy Tickets to The Broncos @ San Diego game from Stub Hubb or look for cheap tickets on-line. Do not buy tickets for 2 games in San Diego if you only want to see 1 game. The Chargers are sooooo shady!

  20. Chiefs haven’t won a playoff game in 19 years – move this team to a city where they can afford to spend the $24M they are under the cap!

  21. Although ticket prices are expensive, Socal fans are a highly fickle bunch. Hence, the reason why we haven’t had a team in the LA/OC area for several years. And the reason
    why the Rams and Raiders split. A winning team with superstars isn’t a guarantee that people will buy tiks either. The culture here is an enigma that has puzzled capitalists for years and will continue to do so.

  22. Black outs never happened in SD until the stadium was super bowl sized by adding 10K seats. The NFL will never come back to the Q as a show of support for Spanos. Pull the super bowl seats out and it’s the good old days just like that.

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