Dolphins sign Jabar Gaffney, cut Legedu Naanee


Dolphins receiver Legedu Naanee had a costly fumble in Sunday’s loss to the Cardinals, and it may have contributed to costing Naanee his job.

The Dolphins have released Naanee today and signed veteran receiver Jabar Gaffney to replace him.

Naanee has not played well this season even before that fumble against the Cardinals, and it’s not surprising that he lost his job. Still, there may be teams interested in his services, and those teams could include the Jets, who are looking for receivers and not ruling anyone out.

Gaffney worked out for the Dolphins a month ago and has been on the radar screen of several NFL teams that were looking for help at wide receiver. Gaffney caught 68 passes for 947 yards and five touchdowns for the Redskins last season.

37 responses to “Dolphins sign Jabar Gaffney, cut Legedu Naanee

  1. Good move. He has had alot of costly drops and has contributed to at least three turnovers. He has been unable to get open and when he doews he doesnt catch the ball. Gaffney is a huge upgrade.

  2. Smart move. Never been a Gaffney but he’s a huge improvement over Naanee — don’t understand how he lasted so long. Never got open, can’t catch.

  3. I understand Ireland needing to show some loyalty to the roster he put together but this move was needed 3 weeks ago and Miami is sitting at 3-1. No fumble in AZ I know ppl will say but smith got the int to keep pts off the board but he makes the catch gains 5 or 6 before the safety comes up and makes the tackle and we are in field goal range.

  4. Another waste of a free agency by Jeff Ireland. I fully expect him to re-sign Hartline, Long, Bush, and Starks to big money long term contracts and completely tap out Miami’s 45+ Mil in cap space next year. A 10 year old runs a better franchise on Madden then this clown

  5. Please welcome the jests newest WR, Legedu Naanee. Rexy will be calling him the next superbowl MVP by week’s end.

  6. The Dolphins timing was just right. Now that he’s signed, the Jets will have to look for Holmes’ replacement elsewhere.

    Go Phins!

  7. I believe that if Holmes wasn’t going to be out for the season we wouldn’t have signed Gaffney, so I’m glad we did!!

  8. I really do not understand why it took him fumbling to make this move. Gaffney is a solid WR, who put in that same situation as Nanee would have held onto that ball.

  9. Even is Gaffney does nothing at all, he’ll be an upgrade over Legadu Na-na-naht-gonna-work-here-anymore. Whether it was missing blocks, tipping INTs or coughing up fumbles, the guy was a liability every time he stepped on the field.

  10. The Curse of #19 strikes again!!!!!!!

    Let’s re-cap

    Legadu Naanee
    Brandon Marshall
    Tedd Ginn, Jr.
    Bernie Kosar’s corpse
    Scott Mitchell

    Can we have a Bizarro-Jersey retirement of #19?

    I can’t think of a number that more disappointing/bad Dolphins players have worn through the years. Can you?

  11. Thank god they finally got rid of Nanee, he was horrible. *It came to the end on Sunday when he dropped that pass. He should never have been on the final roster. Let him go to the Jets if they want him. They will soon find out what a load of rubbish he is. Just add him to the rest of that team.

  12. I was perplexed why Gaffney sat so long with so many teams in need of at least a decent #3 WR. This move should’ve been made even before Chad was brought in

  13. Nanee’s name wasn’t called for a single positive thing this season. Without looking at the stats, I wouldn’t be surprised if he has no catches on the year.

    I wonder what Miami’s record would be right now if Ocho was still on the team.

  14. Rg3 is the best person to grace any field of play. Rue the day the dolphins wouldn’t pay the minuscule price for greatness! The division has flipped!!!!! You’ve been warned!!!!!!!!

  15. Gaffney I guess will help… though Armstrong hasn’t done a thing. I’m all for getting guys in there that will continue to help Ryan develop. This season was lost before it began. Legedu, like so many players of his talent level… didn’t work hard enough. Career done.

    … and as mentioned by someone earlier… Carpenter should be next. He blew two wins… when you have a rookie QB, the veterans have to step up for the rook’s shortcomings… Carpenter is a loser.

  16. now we have a decent receiving group, I see them passing the ball more now and Tannehill looking better, but I also believe the fins made this move to keep Gaffney off the jets, the division rival.

  17. Little late now. It was obvious Naanee would contribute nothing after week 2. Happy to see they were right about Hartline thriving in the WestCoast Offense.*contract extension imminent* Surprised only because he was out all preseason. Bess is still one of the best third down Wr’s in the game, only now he has a legitimate (3rd down) QB. All that crying a lot of dolphin fans have been doing about Ireland ignoring the Wrs is really them ignoring the talent on the team.

  18. this is a really good move. I wish it had happened earlier. Gaffney is a proven veteran who is well respected in defensive circles…..the coverage he will dictate will help Bess and Hartline

    For those knocking Carpenter…..I certainly get the frustration, but he has been a great kicker for us the past few years. Don’t give up on him so quickly

  19. Little late? Gaffney saw Tannehill playing well and told Ireland he was now ready to join the team! Superbowl baby, Miami Packers!!

  20. This team is on its way to the top lol yet they have shot them selfs in the foot for two years they are finally on the right track

  21. Gaffney wasn’t signed sooner because he was hurt and a rumor was floating around that he wanted to go back to the Pats….oh well, enjoy South Beach buddy!

    Many people disrespect Ireland but I like the guy from time to time. Years past he might of wasted the whole season with Nannee but now he seems to be learning faster.

    For the record, Ireland brought in Bush when many thought he was a bust. Drafted Charles Clay, Thill, Bess, Hartline, Sean Smith, Poncey, and Big Jake. Some of those names mentioned flew under most NFL guru radars. Forgot to mention we have the BEST DT combo in the League w/ Solia and Starks!!!!!! Brady is getting old, Jets are the Jets(they have the worse GM and owner in the AFC east), and the Bills are just trying stay relevant. FINS ON THE RISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Patrick Turner, Clyde Gates, just make the cycle complete Jets and sign Nannee.

    I HOPE on everything GOOD in this world that the Jets give SEXY REXY a 5 year extension at the end of the season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Naanee Naanee hey hey goodbye!

    On a more serious note, he showed flashes of being a good slot receiver when with the Chargers so I feel kind of sorry for him.

  24. Getting Gaffney and losing Naanee is a major positive move. With Gaffney joining Hartline, Bess, and Fasano, I predict our receiving corps will finally get some respect around the league and with the sportswriters. Tannehill needs another capable, experienced WR which he gets now. Our passing offense coupled with RB’s Bush, Miller, Lane, Thigpen, and Thomas will improve, and we will begin to win a bunch of football games.

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