Ex-Bear Tommie Harris arrested in Chicago

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Former Bears defensive tackle Tommie Harris has had a rough year, and he has now been arrested in an incident in Chicago that sounds troubling.

Harris, whose wife died in February at the age of 29, leaving him with two young children, was arrested in Chicago late Monday night and accused of threatening police officers who came upon him urinating outside a bar.

Harris was charged with misdemeanor counts of indecent exposure, urinating in public and simple assault.

A 2004 first-round draft pick of the Bears, Harris was selected to three Pro Bowls but began to decline after suffering knee and hamstring injuries. He was released by the Bears after the 2010 season and played for the Chargers in 2011.

19 responses to “Ex-Bear Tommie Harris arrested in Chicago

  1. Probably 75% of the male population has urinated outside a bar, but what’s troubling is that he was drunk and doing so on a Monday night when there were two little motherless kids at home.

  2. weak…it should not be a crime to take a leak outside a bar …I love to pee outside, don’t have to bother with that annoying “aiming” stuff

  3. This is troubling? He didn’t endanger anyone and it is highly doubtful he left his kids at home by themselves. While I would not have done what Harris did, those cops saw a large man peeing, probably recognized Harris and got some ink. They should have stuck his butt in a cab, let him sleep it off. Too bad there isn’t any real violence on the streets of Chicago worth spending time on.

  4. I won’t jump to conclusions about the kids, I’m sure there is a sitter. Big deal about the peeing outside the bar…really, there isn’t a rapist, drunk driver, or other real crime being committed that these flat foots can pursue?

  5. @purpleguy who says: but what’s troubling is that he was drunk and doing so on a Monday night when there were two little motherless kids at home.
    I know plenty of couples and single parents who leave their children with baby sitters.
    Why is this different? Oh yeah, he was a football player.

  6. What a sad story. Losing his wife has probably had a hand in his problem. I can’t imagine how awful that would be.

  7. Condolences on the lost of his wife.

    Is that today’s law enforcement is focused on, come on write the man a ticket and keep moving.

  8. It’s a slippery slope to jump to any conclusions about the whereabouts of his children while this was going on. What I do know is that Tommie Harris is a man who lost his wife after a struggle with a terrible disease and also recently lost a once-promising career; circumstances sure to drive many of us to much worse actions than urinating outside a bar. Harris has been nothing but an upstanding citizen in his career and has spear-headed and taken part in many charitable activities in Chicago, Oklahoma and globally. I think he deserves a little slack for doing something many of us have probably done before.

  9. I can understand why it is hard at times to have civil discourse in here with the mentality of some of the posters. A man urinating out in public and the responses are “don’t the police have better things to do?” Are you guys serious? Why not question the stupidity of a 29yr old father who cant find his way to a restroom? Not to mention when confronted just admitting error in judgement and it would probably been simple ticket, but instead the sense of entitlement comes through and he argues with the cops, sheer stupidity.

  10. The only worrisome thing here is the “threat” against the cops. I went to a party with a coworker where he got wasted and said the words “I’ll kick your ass man” when I pulled him away from a girl he was drunkenly hitting on (she was uncomfortable). Did I feel threatened? No. Drunk people say stupid things. Unless he hit the cops, they’re just words.

    Let’s not jump on the guy for the kids being at home, either. He’s a young-ish guy out watching football on a Monday night. Big deal. He just should’ve been more responsible with his actions so he could get home.

  11. @gbmickey I think most people gave him a pass because of his personal circumstances. I would agree with you except this is I’ve of those things where recognition got him in trouble for something done consistently. Unless he was wagging his junk around the indecency won’t hold up. Neither will the threat unless he said he would “kill them. The only thing left is drink and disorderly and that’s a misdemeanor in most states. No record and this is pointless. He pays a fine, maybe service, or counseling. Any lawyer worth their salt makes this go away. My point is those cops know that, but its Tommie Harris. We stalwarts griping about athletes who do the wrong things, well here we have some cops making sure we know all about this.

  12. The best place I ever peed was on the George M Cohen statue somewhere in NYC on New Years. All those stupid stores around there said you couldn’t come in there and pee so you had to go outside.
    Didn’t get arrested.

  13. Wizzing outside a bar seems rather trivial for an arrest and the exposure thing seems silly as well. I would guess it was what he said and did toward the officers that got him busted and charged with all the offenses. Obviously, he should have been finding a restroom, however, a trip downtown seems a bit much, unless he became threatening towards the police.

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