Jake Locker may miss multiple games with shoulder injury


Titans quarterback Jake Locker was knocked out of Sunday’s game in Houston with a separated left shoulder, and he isn’t expected back for at least a couple weeks.

Although the injury was to Locker’s non-throwing shoulder, and Titans coach Mike Munchak said an MRI revealed no structural damage, Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean reports that after two left shoulder separations this season, Locker needs rest and is expected to miss Sunday’s game against the Vikings, and possibly more games after that.

After Sunday’s game against the Vikings the Titans host the Steelers on the following Thursday, so they have two games in the next 10 days. It would seem unlikely that Locker will play in either game.

Which means that Matt Hasselbeck, who came off the bench and completed 17 of 25 passes for 193 yards with two touchdowns and two interceptions on Sunday, will start at least a couple games.

24 responses to “Jake Locker may miss multiple games with shoulder injury

  1. On a side note, back-to-back road games leading into a really short week with a Thursday night game (even at home) is one of the reasons I hate the expanded Thursday night scheduling.

  2. Rg3 can take the hits and still lead his team on glorious last second drives to win games. The falcons quiver at the thought of playing in front of greatness. The division has flipped!!!!!! You’ve been warned!!!!

  3. Most people think that is is a gift for the Vikings and Steelers. I think Matt is the better of the two!

  4. It’s too bad we won’t get to see the Locker vs. Ponder comparisons.

    Also, shouldn’t the Vikings be tagged in this post?

  5. Hasselbeck should’ve been named the starter at the beginning of the season anyway, IMHO. Locker just isn’t ready yet. Let Matt finish out the season Bud, since it’s obviously your call, and not Mike Munchak’s anyway.

  6. lol. the skins. you really think that coaches won’t learn to scheme against rg3. once u guys get some corners in a year or two. maybe youll be good.

  7. Locker has been overrated since college, susceptible to injury and not an NFL quarterback. I don’t want anyone hurt, but it’s probably for the best, now he can go sell cars in Seattle.

  8. Don’t be nervous don’t be shy just bend over the rail and let it fly……………The life of a young QB, don’t give up it’ll get beget.

  9. Jag fan here – let’s hope the guy bounces back quick. He seems like a promising young QB.

  10. Ol’ man Matt can still throw.. but can he still run? Not from the Vikes pass rush. CJ-yesterday is going to meet a fierce rush D as well. Going to be very interesting..

  11. Anyone who claims Hasselbeck is better than Locker definitely hasn’t seen any Titans games. Hasselbeck is afraid to throw more than 5 yards now and his accuracy is shot. No one watched him suck it up against Houston on Sunday? Or all of those instances of Locker coming in and outplaying him last year? Hasselbeck couldn’t move the ball against the freaking 0-13 Colts last year. Locker had tp come in just to make that game competitive ehen Indy got their first win.

  12. The Locker vs. Hasselbeck debate cracks me up, because, frankly, both sides are wrong. For starters, Hasselbeck had the most prolific year (throwing for more yards) than any Titans/Oilers quarterback since Warren Moon. And overall, we hadn’t seen consistently good passing like that since McNair. Why do you think the Titans won 9 games anyway … um … Chris Johnson?

    And Jake Locker? Wow. That kid’s got a major future. The way he looked against Detroit was exactly how he looked during every appearance last year. As for injury prone, yes, just like Steve McNair was. Why? Because those guys are tough, risk-body-and-limb types. It took McNair awhile to learn the wisdom of not body-slambing a ballcarrier after an interception also. Hurry back, Jake, ’cause this is going to be fun!

  13. This is convenient for the Titans and bad news for the Vikings.

    Hasslebeck is by far the best QB on the Titans roster right now, and the Vikings won’t have any recent game film on him to work with. That’s a big advantage for the Titans going into what appears to be a must win game for them.

    Still, aren’t we talking about Locker’s non-throwing shoulder? It seems like if the Titans wanted him to play, he could play.

  14. zn0rseman says:
    Oct 2, 2012 1:29 PM

    Still, aren’t we talking about Locker’s non-throwing shoulder? It seems like if the Titans wanted him to play, he could play.

    That’s what they did the first time it happened.

    According to the (unaffiliated) sports doctor inveterviewed for his opinion in the article: No rest makes the odds of it happening yet again go up, and a third occurrence means possible season-ending surgery (according to that doctor). Remains to be seen whether the Titans follow his advice, though.

    I’m a Hasselbeck fan but was fine with the decision to go with Locker this year and don’t understand the Locker-bashing here. Sure, you expect some growing pains with a young QB but Locker’s been one of the few positives to come out of the first four games, IMO. (Except for the recurring shoulder injury.)

  15. Honestly, why is there so many Locker haters? The Titans defense has been our weakness, OBVIOUSLY, we let up 151 points in four games. Yes, that’s ridiculous. Jake has played really well, especially considering our schedule early on, and he held in great against Detroit.

    I think he would have had a nice game against Houston if not for the shoulder injury, and I hope he doesn’t require season ending surgery. I really do believe he will make people see that he’s more than what everyone makes him out to be. I hardly ever see accuracy issues, the guy can make things happen with his legs, and his leadership is there 100% (that is another thing people say he lacks, leadership).

  16. For the record, I wasn’t bashing Locker. I think he’s a very talented young QB. However I think Hasslebeck give them the best chance to win right now, so the QB guessing game is bad for the Vikings because they can’t game plan for Locker, or Hasslebeck specifically.

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