Jay Cutler: Mike Tice called his best game yet

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Bears quarterback Jay Cutler might not have wanted to listen to what offensive coordinator Mike Tice had to say on the sideline Monday night, but that doesn’t seem to have colored his views on how Tice fared as a play caller against the Cowboys.

Cutler, who finished the night 18-of-24 for 275 yards and two touchdowns, said on his radio show Tuesday morning that Tice “called the best game to date” in the 34-18 Bears victory. Cutler also had some warm words for the offensive line and left tackle J’Marcus Webb, a marked change to his feelings a couple of weeks ago. Cutler took the blame for the lone sack by Cowboys linebacker DeMarcus Ware, who Webb was tasked with blocking on Monday night.

“The first three games we’re figuring it out, we’re getting our game plan under us,” Cutler said, via the team’s website. “Mike’s figuring out calling plays, I’m gaining trust with the offensive line. There are a lot of moving parts and it just kind of came together [Monday] night. I thought the offensive line played great top to bottom, run game, pass game. Mike had a really good rhythm with his calling plays, mixing it up, play-action, run, took a few shots. It was well executed.”

Cutler’s sideline demeanor may continue to be a storyline for the Bears the rest of this season, but it obviously didn’t hinder the team much against Dallas. As long as they keep winning, the behavioral stories will be sidebars to stories about the Bears season.

33 responses to “Jay Cutler: Mike Tice called his best game yet

  1. Fact is (despite his bonehead moves like scalping tickets) Tice can coordinate very well, especially with decent talent. He was actually a pretty decent play caller with the Vikes as head coach, and I think Cutler is VERY arrogant to consider him “learning” or “learning to call plays”

    Cutler is FAR more in the space of “figuring it out” then a veteran tight end, turned coordinator, turned head coach, turned coordinator.

    What a pompous idiot.

    But… what an arm. Have to admit the guy can fling it.

    I wish Ponder had his arm. But not his head/attitude.

  2. Cutler’s hideous, pouty personality will not be a problem for this team…………………..as long as they’re winning.

    Watch how quickly these guys turn on him if they go on a 3-4 game losing streak.

  3. Cutler was rightfully upset with the quality of the play-calling in the second quarter (and the fact that the plays were coming in slowly). He and Tice clearly worked it out at the half, because he directed a flawless drive to start the third quarter. Maybe Cutler was justified? But, that doesn’t fit the narrative the press has decided for this story.

  4. Ya, Tice is a great coach, just ask any Viking fan. I mean, how bad do you have to be to be fired and replaced by Childress? No wonder Cutler didn’t want any advice from the guy.

  5. Cutler is a terrible leader and is responsible for the bears awful records the previous 2 seasons. his teammates hate and disrespect him so much that there is no way they could go to a nfc championship game with him as their qb. and they would be better off if he were injured and somebody else were to lead the team right?right?

  6. Packers fans know Chicago is the better team an they are scared but not like they are going to be Jacksonville is next an every game brings it one week closer to the packers in CHICAGO

  7. I am a vikings Fan. And I think that both Tice and Childress were decent coaches.

    I think Tice was saddled with limited ability to keep coordinators, and no $$ for players/free agents and fired before he had a chance to finish the job. He was fired after 9-7 season. And a win over the BEARS, ironically.

    And Childress I wanted fired, but in retrospect, this team just got old and he would have had to go through the rebuilding just like Frazier is doing now.

    It’s always the local fans who ALWAYS hate the current coach if the team is failing and want him to be fired.

    The most vitriol is ALWAYS coming from the local fans and writers. They are trying SO HARD to not be “homers” they go t0 the other extreme…

  8. Cutler is a terrible leader and is responsible for the bears awful records the previous 2 seasons. his teammates hate and disrespect him so much that there is no way they could go to a nfc championship game with him as their qb. and they would be better off if he were injured and somebody else were to lead the team right?right?

    WRONG! He’s won 8 out of the last 9 games he’s started. Some people here are very obtuse. Cutler is awesome

  9. Jay Cutler is the anti Tebow. Tebow is a creation of media manipulation where he is a mediocre football player but sport writers try to tell us he is this miraculous team leader who divinely lifts his team.Then they write about Cutler that he is a good quarterback but is such a bad leader that he is next to being a lethal disease.

    What the truth is that the Bears win with him and they haven’t had a better QB in 20 years. The other thing he is not a people person but so what? Brady berates other players and coaches and Tebow can’t throw a forward pass but the media looks past that because they like Brady and Tebow as they have more PR skills than Cutler.

  10. The media is stupid. They elect or condone Tony Romo’s occasional blunders and anoint him as a future Super Bowl champion! When this guy Does something that the media does not like on the sidelines when he is a lot more productive and doesn’t turn the ball over as much His team will lose the remainder of their games????

    All is okay when the team is winning!!!! If your job is to talk about how the team should win focus on what they need to do on the field for a change!!!!!

  11. Bottom line, j cutletts would not being doing that to Ditka or if da coach was da coach.

    Really? Ditka had a hard time dealing with Jim Mcmahon back in the day.

  12. Wow. That’s just weird. I posted a comment and checked to see that it posted. It did. I then went away to do some fact-checking and realized I needed to make a post to correct something I said and guess what? My post isn’t there now. I wonder if it’s not there because I made a reference to writers here saying whatever Florio decides the point of view is?

    By the way, the correction I was going to make involved implying that Florio might have a connection to the Raiders ( and thus might hate the Broncos and their QB’s including Cutler). The correction is that in googling I saw a Mike Florio listed from Oakland and I made the assumption. However, it doesn’t appear to be PFT’s Mike Florio. That’s not to say the Florio doesn’t have the connection to the Raiders but only that I was mistaken on the connection I thought I’d found. He clearly has a hate-on for Denver.

    I should report that I have skin in this game. Though you can see from my screenname that I’d be a Cards fan living in Phoenix, I do pull for the Broncos in the AFC.

  13. This anti cutler bologna is laughable!!! Qb is the foreman on the job, that’s why they get the lions share of the glory/blame. So many great qbs, past and present have had arguments with teammates and coaches. Jay isn’t Tim tebow. He’s frigin johny unitus……get on board or get outta the way. Who do YOU want to go to war with?!? Chicago is better w/o Cutler? Did ya watch any ball last season. He gets hurt and the bears crumble, as if on cue. Their 3-1. Mon night jays rating was over 140!…….and hell yea ya change your play calling to suit your talent. Otherwise Peyton manning would be running the wildcat right now. Wake up!

  14. A lot of fans here who know nothing about Cutler and only see what the media feeds them think they know Cutler. The fact is he has a huge bullseye from the media but is a winner. He’s won 20 out of his last 29 starts. Hate away but it doesn’t change that fact.

  15. Cowboys played a bad game last night. In the long run for the season, Chi will collapse. To see cutler Dis Tice like that was very unclassy. Before the season is over, Cutler may get knocked out by someone from his own team.

  16. What does Lovie have to say about this? As head coach, shouldn’t his responsibilities include cohesion amongst his players and coaches?

  17. Cutler knows that its the wisconsin media mostly trying to keep him under the gun but he also knows the cure is winning…. thats all just keep winning. All media has to speak to a winning QB. an Cutler might just walk away

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