Lex Hilliard lands with Jets


The Jets need a receiver.  On Tuesday, they signed a running back.

As we tweeted during Tuesday’s edition of Pro Football Talk on NBC Sports Network, the Jets have added running back Lex Hilliard.

Hilliard was drafted in 2008 by the Dolphins, who were coached at the time by Tony Sparano.  And Sparano is now the offensive coordinator of the Jets.

The arrival of Hilliard, a third-down specialist who signed with (and was then cut by) the Vikings, could mean that the Jets will have Joe McKnight spend even more time at cornerback.

14 responses to “Lex Hilliard lands with Jets

  1. Keep Sanchez at QB. Sign another scrub. Looks like to the formula to draft Barkey or Smith for the next GM/HC for Woody’s Jets in 2013.

    This team has regressed and is now a National Joke !

    I always thought this team would implode but I never imagined a bare cupboard as the Jets have zero playmakers.

    Jets fans would like to think they are tied for first place when in reality this team s competing for a top five pick in the 2013 draft.

  2. @ ampats … Why would the Jets draft another USC quarterback ala Mark Sanchez…? ! It won’t happen….I guarantee it. Maybe Geno Smith or some other stuff but they will not draft Barkley…believe it..they hate USC QB’s now…

  3. The Jets will not have a chance to grab one of the top QB’s in the draft next year, Tim Tebow will get the nod once Mark Sanchez blows this season and the team has no chance for the playoffs. Mark Sanchez would have succeeded under a better coaching staff, now he’s so set in his way that nothing will make him any better. Rex Ryan will be on his way out, so it will be a major renovation.

  4. You may be right EJ since the Jets get another chance to blow the Bills out again for another win. Maybe I should have pointed out that both the Jets and the Bills both need new starting QB’s in 2013 and the race is on for a top 5 pick !

  5. Mangold told NY today that the ship will be righted.

    Let’s believe him for a moment.

    Most of the idiots that post here will pile on. But we all know how powerful 1 win can be.

    Ampats, your team is still looking up at the Jets, now THAT is pathetic! And if you want back slaps for beating the hapless Bills, go troll on barstoolsports.com you loosah with the rest of the toe-sucking Red Sox Loosah Nation.

  6. Lex Hilliard is a hard worker and old school run between the tackles type of back. 3 quarters of him and Greene might be grueling on a defense but probably not enough to win games. Do not worry Jets fans, USC will be sending you another one of their great replacement QBs at the end of the season. Cassel, Palmer, Leinhart, and Sanchez have all looked amazing so far!!!

  7. After watching Greene…the Jets definately need a runningback. Unfortunately, they also need a wide receiver. And a quarterback. And a new head coach. Other than that, the Jets are ready to win that Super Bowl Rex Ryan’s been yapping about.

  8. In his time in MiamiI think he one good game(@Carolina) and never developed.
    As The Jets like taking Dolphin rejects I hope you lot pick up Naanee as a wide receiver too..he is crap also.

  9. Funny how there is only 3 days left for the jesters faithfull to crow about their most unlikely 1st place standing. It is a fraud!

    What ya got for us on Monday and for the rest of the season? LOL

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