Matt Ryan lets the expletives fly, too


During Sunday’s win over the Bills, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady had a message for no one in particular after his touchdown run was upheld via replay review:  “F–k you bitches.”

As it turns out, Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan had a similar message for the Panthers after Atlanta came back and won the game at the Georgia Dome:  “Get the f–k off our field!

Ryan doesn’t usually demonstrate that kind of emotion.  And that could be one of the reasons why he doesn’t get the kind of attention that he arguably deserves.

We’re not saying he should engage in carpet-“F”-bombing on a regular basis.  But he should be a little more willing to show a little more fire.

Given that he’s the 25-percent of the season favorite for the league MVP award, he has every reason to.

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37 responses to “Matt Ryan lets the expletives fly, too

  1. Nothing wrong with that in my book. But one can only wonder how much more emotion he would have shown if they weren’t handed a win like that and he actually earned the W himself.

  2. Both have no class. Matt Ryan was mad because he spent the day on his back. ( 7 Sacks). The Refs won the game for him.

  3. I’m sure the Carolina defense was talking a lot of smack during the game after all the sacks they got on him. He just let out some emotion after the game winning FG.

  4. And that could be one of the reasons why he doesn’t get the kind of attention that he arguably deserves.
    Falcons’ performance in playoff games could also be the reason for it. Unfortunately, despite it being a team sport, QBs considered responsible for win/loss.

  5. Matt Ryan doesn’t get attention? He’s been a media darling since even before he was drafted.

    Did he say the curse word before or after he applied his hair gel?

  6. Rg3 doesn’t resort to this cave man diatribe. He transcends emotion into leadership and the brothers follow, led through the desert into the land of promised fruition and just righteousness. The division has flipped!!!!! You’ve been warned!!!!

  7. The camera is going to have to stay away from Ryan come this Sunday against my porous skins passing defense. He’ll have a lot to say after scoring 100 points this weekend. Coming from a skins fan here… if you have Ryan, Jones, or White on your fantasy squad… start them!! All I can hope this weekend is that RG3 keeps up with the scoring….ugh!! Just a bad match up for the skins.

  8. I knew he said something with the F-bomb when they had the camera on him and I chuckled.

    I like this. I’m sure some people will complain about this, but who cares?

  9. You didn’t win that game you punk, it was given to you. Don’t forget you have to make a trip up to charlotte on Dec 9th. Let’s see how many teeth you got left after that game.

  10. If you see Matt Ryan being interviewed, you’d think the guy doesn’t even have a pulse. He sounds so dorky and non-threatening that some of his team’s fans dismiss him as not being tough enough, not being fiery enough, not having enough arm strength, and not being whatever they think he has to be in order to lead the Falcons anywhere. My guess is that, if you’re Matt Ryan, when you’ve made the playoffs three times, when your team hasn’t won any of the games and you haven’t played well, and you are seen as a QB that can’t get it done when it matters…my guess is that any talented signal-caller with a backbone is going to carry a chip on his shoulder and do his damnedest to prove people wrong.

    I love to see fire and intensity from a QB. No one in Ryan’s locker room (or cheering for his team at home and in the stands) is going to have any problem with him telling a division rival to get off his field. It shows that he gives a damn about getting a W and defying the odds to secure it.

  11. Probably not the best thing for Matty ices look, but at least it was in a close game that went down to the end, unlike Brady who did it in the middle of embarrassing buffalo.

  12. For anyone saying “Ryan didn’t win the game, the refs won it for him”….I’m not quite sure, but I don’t think it was the refs who threw the bomb to Roddy from the 1 yardline, and I don’t think it was the refs who let Roddy catch it. Regardless of any bad ref calls at any point, Panthers had the opposition on their own 1 yardline with under a minute to play and no timeouts. Shutup and win that game, no excuses there.

  13. Sorry, but Pats and Falcons fans love seeing their QBs get fired up. They’re competitive guys and got caught up in the moment. Seems classier than Cam Newton spending all week planning his elaborate end-zone celebration dance.

  14. Media is just disappointed the roles weren’t reversed in this game. Cam and the Panthers get lucky and pull out a W instead of the Falcons getting lucky. Cam yells “Get the F off our field”. Would of been blown up big time in the press. Headlines ripping Cam for his immature and blatant lack of class on the field. ESPN would be talking about it up until kickoff on Sunday. Camera would catch Cam sitting on a bench after going over things with the coach. Announcers would say he needs to work on his leadership and be working with the coach and other players looking over what went right and what went wrong on the last play. Bring up the need for a mental coach. Say this boy will be good once he gets his head on straight but right now looking like he is heading in the wrong direction.

    Instead it was Matt Ryan and the Falcons. Instead we get it is good to see him show some emotion in a crazy finish to a good game. In which it was a good game and unbelievable finish. And there is nothing wrong with what Matt Ryan said. Just Cam would of been slammed if the roles were reversed. Got to sell those papers or get those web hits.

  15. It is great to see so many ‘sports fans’ that are petulant. Personally, I don’t care for all the cursing from ANY player when they know cameras are on them, and you can definitely read their lips. But, Ryan did a great job from his own endzone and less than a minute to get them down there to score. Gotta give the guy his due.

  16. As a 16 year falcons season ticket holder I am glad to see this normally boring guy showing some emotion. It started in that KC game when he urged Gonzo to dunk after his TD. Without a doubt we were out of the game until cam dropped the ball. But even after that it has been over 20 years since any team has come from the 1 yard line with no time outs and under 60 seconds to win the game. I know this means nothing until we win some post season games but this team is different and I’m confident this will be the year we get the monkey off our back with more than one January win. Even after the post season destruction over the years I know of 20teams in the league who would love to have Ryan as their QB and to at least make it to the post season. The last 2 years a lot of the problems fall squarely on Ryan but not everything. Look at 2008 when we played Arizona. Ryan played a solid game only to have Keith brooking give up a 3rd and 16 that cost us that game. And coach has called way to conservative games. This city has never had back to back winning seasons until Ryan and crew got here and this has been a nice run. But just making it to the playoffs is no longer good enough for this team. They know it & all of the fans know it. GO FALCONS!!!! Hopefully we can contain RGIII this weekend if not its gonna be a LONG day. That young man is Unbelievable and a pleasure to watch play his game. This game scares me like crazy but I know we have the talent to win.

  17. therealhook says:Oct 2, 2012 9:27 AM

    Probably not the best thing for Matty ices look, but at least it was in a close game that went down to the end, unlike Brady who did it in the middle of embarrassing buffalo.

    Brady’s TD tied the score, and they had just come from 2 TD’s down. They weren’t embarrassing anyone at that point.

    Its amazing that there are fans that whine about the NFL becoming sissified, then turn around and whine about some swearing on the sidelines. Make up your mind. Please, classless? Get a grip on those pearls and calm down. What do you think happens on an NFL sidelinw?

  18. These guys are world-beaters in the regular season, in the playoffs, they’ve averaged 2 points in the last two years. Win something when it counts “Matty Ice” and maybe someone would pay attention to you without you cussing people out.

  19. If you’re a grown man posting this is classless then it’s a fact you r not a sports fan because if you r then you know emotions r a huge part of the game, it’s your team versus them so f bombs will come

  20. Both Brady and Ryan have a ton of class. When you are in a moment like that sometimes you get excited and hyped up. The Patriots were down 21-7 at half and the crowd was ALL over Brady and the Pats (tons of “brady sucks” signs) and you score 40+ points and everyone is still booing. Brady especially gives more respect to every player out there (even players like Cromartie who has talked so much crap about him). The Patriots haters man…you got to love them. Should he have said it? Probably not. But let’s remember how much class this guy really has.

  21. I bet if Jay Cutler showed the same fire and emotion you’d be all over him for disrespecting an opponent.

    That said, I like Ryan as a QB, and doubt all of Atlanta’s playoff woes can be blamed solely on him.

  22. Dear Atlanta Falcons,
    Please make your red helmet the team’s primary one again. Thank you for your attention.

  23. I love the talk about the game was given to the falcons. I was unaware that cam was down and didn’t fumble that ball. I was unaware that The ball was placed on the car. 1 and not atl 1yard line. Win more than 6 games in a season cam and you can dance if you want. Until then let your play do your talking. Personally I like that he said that. I thought it was hilarious. Its a guy caught up in the game. Its not like some of these guys taking that crap in to the press conference and saying that. That’s when you draw the line between class and emotion

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