Mike Tomlin expects Harrison, Mendenhall and Polamalu to play Sunday

The Steelers have gotten good news on the injury front in recent days.

It started with an optimistic report about running back Rashard Mendenhall’s chances of playing against the Eagles in Week Five and continued through Monday’s practice when linebacker James Harrison and safety Troy Polamalu were both able to get on the field. Coach Mike Tomlin met the media on Tuesday and kept it coming when he said that there’s a good chance of all three players getting back to work this weekend.

“All guys performed well, and we anticipate them being able to participate this weekend,” Tomlin said, via CBS Pittsburgh. “Based on how I looked at what we worked on yesterday, I think that’s a safe assessment.”

The Steelers could use Mendenhall to help jumpstart a rushing offense that’s averaging just 65 yards per game so far this season, 31st in the league, and they certainly hope that Harrison will help a pass rush that’s produced just five sacks through the team’s three games. And Polamalu thinks that getting everyone back in the lineup and comfortable with each other will only help the defense execute at a higher level.

“We just have to get ourselves on the winning side of things, because nobody cares about losing teams,” Polamalu said, via the Associated Press. “We just haven’t been executing that well, whatever the call is that coach (Dick) LeBeau has made, we just haven’t been executing it that well at all. It really has nothing to do with the scheme of things. It’s just that we’re not executing and not performing well.”

We’ll keep watching to see if there’s a change in the positive news coming out of Pittsburgh, but the bye week seems to have done the trick for the Steelers on the health front.

20 responses to “Mike Tomlin expects Harrison, Mendenhall and Polamalu to play Sunday

  1. Don’t matter who running the ball..That O-Line is just as bad as last year..well let me change that alil, seems like their doing better pass blocking now..but can’t open a whole to save their life’s. Maybe its the schemes, the formations but its just not working.

  2. a healthy Harrison will make a huge difference.. only if he is healthy though.. the lack of pressure on the opposing QB is the reason the unit as a whole is underperforming

  3. Should be a tough battle. Unfortunately I can easily see the Eagles coming in flat after that prime time roller coaster win over a division rival. They need to get Dawk in that locker room as an assistant coach just so he can give speeches on Sundays.

  4. Harrison at 75% is still better than 3/4 of the OLB’s in the league. Need to put pressure on the QB there hasnt been much of that. Just hold the Opposing Offense to 17 and we should put up about 30 a game with this offense the way it is playing right now. Go Stillers!!!

  5. It will be wonderful having the three of them back. The running almost can’t get any worse, and their defense has been soft on third downs and pressuring the QB.

    Hate to say it but this is close to a must-win game after blowing it to the Raiders. It is a long season, but you don’t want to get too far behind early on. The Eagles are a good team with a lot of talent, but they can be beat particularly if you put big pressure on Vick. He will make mistakes. They could really use Harrison for that.

    Big game, for sure! Having home cooking will also help. And Ben needs to continue with his excellent play!

  6. I’ve been stashing mendenhall on my fantasy team all year and I’m 4-0. Rich about to get richer. I took a bunch of “injured” backs, Peterson, Richardson, and mendenhall. Hope I’m 3 for 3 and I get another ace!

  7. Hope all three play, but not one of them will be at full game strength or speed. James hasn’t practiced more than than 3 times in all of 2012 – not sure how he can just jump into full game speed. Same with Mendy.

    Troy might be ready, but can’t even be sure what that level of readiness is. He was not quite himself that last year, even when not injured.

    Optimistic, but concerned.

  8. Another game against an opponent with extended rest time.

    The Eagles are going to be worn out in a few weeks at this rate. All their competition is getting a chance to get fully healed while our best players are taking a beating. Hopefully Andy Reid still has some second half of the season magic left in that bag, because I think were going to need it.

  9. ACL’s are different for every player but its not fair to expect mendenhall to come back and light it up.

    The eagles will have constant pressure on Ben, but there will be big plays to be had if Ben keeps upright.

    Probably the same for Vick. He’ll be pressured, but there will be big plays to be had if he is upright.

    With all that said I see a defensive battle that could go either way.

  10. 2 & 2 … A whole lot better than 1 & 3…

    I think this game will reveal a lot. No qb pressure, and this will be a long season.

    Playoffs have arrived early in Pitt.

    Here we go Steelers!

  11. explosionsauce says:
    Oct 2, 2012 3:21 PM
    I’ve been stashing mendenhall on my fantasy team all year and I’m 4-0. Rich about to get richer. I took a bunch of “injured” backs, Peterson, Richardson, and mendenhall. Hope I’m 3 for 3 and I get another ace!

    good for you man .. i did nearly the same: mcgahee, richardson, and mendenhall .. i am 3-1

  12. These guys won’t make too much of a difference. Pittsburgh is getting beat up on the line. They get no pressure on their opponents QB and have horrible CB play. They can’t run the ball to save their life because the line has been bad for years. They need to make this a shoot out team and try to win games 35-31. That may be their best bet.

  13. Considering Mendenhall was a serviceable average RB at best before the injury, what spark could we possibly expect him to give the running game now? Even if he’s 100% where he was before the injury, it’s still only better than 50% of the running backs in the league. Time to cut the losses, pick a new PRIMARY back, and go from there.

  14. ravenator…

    You should be more worried about your 23rd ranked total defense than what’s going on with the Steelers. Infact you need to be thankful that the Ravens have had 3 home games in Sept. The 3-1 record of the Birds is suspicious at best with the Clowns keeping it close and the missed call on the FG at the end of the Patriots gome.

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