Rams announce that Thursday night’s game will be televised locally

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The Rams typically don’t talk much about their success, or lack thereof, when it comes to selling tickets.  Before the season, the Rams declined to specify whether or to what extent they took advantage of the rule that allows teams to sell as few as 85 percent of the non-premium tickets in order to lift the local blackout.

During the season, the Rams aren’t saying much about when and if their games will be blacked out.

On Tuesday, the Rams announced that Thursday night’s home game against the Cardinals, who used to call St. Louis home, will be televised locally.  The announcement comes a day after the Rams reportedly sought and received an extension of the 72-hour deadline for selling all non-premium tickets.

For some teams, it’s a tall order to sell out a Thursday night home game that follows a Sunday home game.  This year, 10 franchises will be required to play two home games in five days:  Ravens, Jaguars, Raiders, Panthers, Cowboys, Lions, Packers, Vikings, Rams, and 49ers.

For the Rams, a blackout didn’t happen, for either game.  It’s still not known whether the blackouts were lifted by selling 85 percent of the non-premium tickets, 100 percent of them, or something in between.