Rex rules out none of the free-agent receivers


With all signs pointing to receiver Santonio Holmes being done for the season and with several big-name free-agent receivers on the market, it makes sense to wonder whether the Jets would try to replace Holmes with someone like Terrell Owens, Chad Johnson, or Plaxico Burress.

On Monday’s edition of ESPN New York’s The Michael Kay Show (via, Rex didn’t rule anyone one.

“I think right now, with the way Mike Tannenbaum is and the scouting department, we look at all the possibilities and things, but I think the big thing, hopefully we can get Stephen Hill back soon and we think he is player with a bright future,” Ryan said.  “We gotta get him back on that field.  I like the way Chaz Schilens is playing.  You look at Clyde Gates.  Clyde Gates is learning the system and I think he is going to give us a little more and there’s a guy with world-class speed and I like the way Jeremy Kerley is playing, too.  Hopefully we can get Stephen back soon and hopefully we get Santonio Holmes back sooner rather than later and I’ll feel good about it.  I think we’ll all feel good about our receiving corps, but certainly we look at every possibility.”

As Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News has reported, the Jets aren’t likely to bring back Burress.  There’s no indication, publicly or privately, as to whether they’d be interested in Owens or Johnson.

The good news for Johnson is that he wouldn’t have to worry about Darrelle Revis shutting him down in practice.  Then again, given the way Johnson has performed in recent years, Revis possibly could cover him on one leg.

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  1. Cant wait to see this dysfunctional Franchise implode under the weight of their arrogance. Tony Sparano as offensive Coordinator, Laughable!! HAHA.

  2. I think a possession receiver like Jabar Gaffney could have been a shrew pickup for the Jets, but he just signed with the Dolphins. With that, I’d like to see a guy like Danario Alexander get a shot on a “prove it” deal. If he could stay healthy I think he’d be a better contributer than retreads like Owens and Johnson.

  3. Don’t expect to get much out of any of them if they don’t think they’ll be at least getting to the playoffs, and the way things look right now that would be a freaking miracle.

  4. Well if they aren’t gonna win they can atleast entertain us by signing all three (Johnson, TO, Plax)

    I’ll tell you this I wouldn’t miss a Jets game for the rest of the season with that kind of sideshow.

  5. It doesn’t matter who the Jets have for receivers.

    They simply don’t have the right QB to throw it to the receivers.

    Sanchez is the northern version of Romo.

  6. I can see T.O. with a Jets Uniform on, doing the Airplane up and around the goal posts after a TD. I can also see Chad Johnson in green and white, he’d fit right in there. Aaron Maybin, Mark Sanchez and Bart Scott would be his best friends, you know, because all four of them think they are better than they really are.

  7. i cannot believe i’m writing this, but i would take T.O. right away. He is hungry and I think he’s chomping at the bit. Of the three Amigo headcases he seems the most stable which is hard to believe.

  8. Sanchez is the northern version of Romo.


    Wow, that’s awful generous of you. More like a Kyle Boller, David Carr, epic bust type QB.

  9. omegalh says: Oct 2, 2012 4:43 PM

    I want the Jets to get Barkley.


    Be careful what you wish for. Same school, same system.

  10. Haters- Jets are 2-0 in the division and are in 1st place. How many teams can say that? They will contend for the divison. 12 games to go guys. Worry about YOUR TEAMS!

  11. Has there been any explanation as to why they won’t re-sign Plaxico? He was one of their best receivers last year and gives them a red zone threat they desperately need. He’s not anyone’s first choice but even the Browns have got to be laughing at the Jets right now.

  12. You look at Clyde Gates. Clyde Gates is learning the system and I think he is going to give us a little more and there’s a guy with world-class speed and I like the way Jeremy Kerley is playing, too.
    Rex has got to be delusional. The Miami Dolphins have marginal receivers and cut Clyde Gates.

  13. Remember when they blamed everything on Eric Mangini? Seems like Mr T brought in some decent talent back then. Rex got to two AFC title games with those players. Now after a few years many of them are gone.

    Tannenbaum still there, giving same type of players to Rex. Maybe Rex is the problem?

  14. Does it really matter who is playing receiver for the jets? They could have Jerry Rice on one side and Randy Moss on the other…it wouldn’t matter with Sanchez. The smartest thing to do is punt on first down and hope your defense can get a turnover…for a touchdown.

  15. Their choices remind me of two guys fighting over an ugly chick. Is there ever really a winner?

  16. Get more O-Linemen.

    Put in Tebow or Cromartie with a ten-man front.

    Pound the rock – every play.

    Will it work? Not sure.

    Will I watch? Sure!

  17. Ryan has a QB built for the Wishbone offense, which hasn’t been seen in the last decade or so in even college. The last time they used it in the NFL was during the strike year, the 49ers vs the Giants. I still remember Bill Parcells trying not to laugh when Bill Walsh brought out this formation. I’m not sure the Jests have the running backs though.

  18. Really, what would anyone expect Rex Ryan to say. He won’t say something like “I am worried about our WR’s, we really just have a rookie with some potential, a guy suited in the slot, and two other guys coming from teams that needed WRs at the time, we need major help”. Even if he is worried, he won’t let anyone know that. For me I’d definitely sign someone at least.

  19. Bet the Jets fans never thought they’d be wishing Schottenheimer was still the OC lol

  20. Not to brag but I run a 6.6 40 and have great hands. But I’ll only sign if Sanchez is the QB. He might be bad but at least he wont throw a floater that leads me into an injury like Tebow.

  21. @kev86 – to finish your sentence

    ….someone other than Barkley and the Jets’ fans in the gallery boo to the heavens.

  22. “Haters- Jets are 2-0 in the division and are in 1st place. How many teams can say that? They will contend for the divison. 12 games to go guys. Worry about YOUR TEAMS”

    Might be the funniest post I have ever seen on pft – and that is really saying something.
    Jets are the most poorly run, mis-managed, terribly coached, team the nfl has seen in a long time – even the browns, bucs, bengals, rams, and several other teams that are considered “bad” are on a better path then the jets. Just my opinion

  23. dlk47823 says:Oct 2, 2012 5:26 PM

    Haters- Jets are 2-0 in the division and are in 1st place. How many teams can say that? They will contend for the divison. 12 games to go guys. Worry about YOUR TEAMS!

    WOW! WOW!
    I had to read that post twice…What type medication are you on???

    Jets are most poorly run & coached team in NFL…all their money wrapped up in guys like Sanchez,,,who cannot play, never could play.

    All you sicko jet fans who cheered when Brady, Manning etc got hurt….heres hoping Revis & Holmes never come back.

    Happy 44th anniversary jet fans!!!

  24. They can sign anyone they want, and with the dearth of offensive talent on this team they’ll be sucking for somebody in the draft, whether Rex thinks that’s the plan or not.

  25. Please remind me how many points did fist pump team score. Bill p.s. not even a field goal, no fist pump.

  26. Kharma is a bee-otch! Bart loudmouth Scott and Calvin overrated Pace talk about taking out Reggie Bush, then wind up losing Revis, then Holmes.

    It’s been said all off-season how bad the Dolphins WR corps was without Brandon Marshall, and how much better the Jets and Bills Wr corps were.

    Well, the Dolphins just got Gaffney who used to play very well for Pats and then Bills (who never should have cut the guy) to go with league-leading Hartline and “the black Wes Welker” Bess, and cut that no-account Naannee. Maybe the Jets can sign “Legedont” to go with Cromartie, Kerley, and (really?) Clyde Gates (who proves beyond a shadow of a doubt Division II college WRs can’t cut it in the NFL…Division III (Garcon, for instance) is another matter. Maybe next year Lee Carothers of Sul Ross State can be a free agent for the Jets. Go Lobos!

  27. “Haters- Jets are 2-0 in the division and are in 1st place. How many teams can say that?”

    Gotta give the jests fans credit. They rode the “Sancheezy got them to two AFCC games” as long as they could but even several of them finally realized they got there in spite of sancheezy not because of him. Now, for the next three months they’ll be riding the “We led the division after four weeks” train. We all know that by Tuesday a.m., they’ll be fighting the Fins for last place in the division. Well, until the next week when they take sole possession of the basement.

  28. Rex said there is a .003% chance that Holmes could be back in time for the Superbowl so they won’t put him on IR.

  29. Their co-ordinator Sparano runs a dated offense like we had in San Francisco under Singletary and Jimmy Raye. Consequently, a marginal defense is on the field until exhaustion due to a long series of three and outs.

  30. It is AMAZING this terrible team and this blowhard, miserable coach get so much media attention. The media loves him cuz he is what they want, a continuous ridiculous spool of stupid. The next time this team wins anything will be the first time. I only wish they would trade Ben Roethlisberger (The Big Rapist) to this team. That would be the best. THE BEST.

  31. Vinny, vinny, come back , we need ya ! If you could play for Parcells at 44, you can still play for Rex now. Just hand the ball off to Tebow and collect a big paycheck.

  32. Rex Ryan’s death knell was the acquisition of Teblow.

    Oh well, at least he didn’t guarantee a Super Bowl appearance this year.

  33. put the 3 headcase WR’s in a ring and sign the one that survives! any of them would fit right in with the clown show that is the jets.the good news is they signed dirty sanchez to a contract extension……..bwahahaha ! i wonder if he’s color blind? that would explain alot.

  34. Haters- Jets are 2-0 in the division and are in 1st place.”

    So typical for a jet fan. So staved for anything to crow about they hang onto the thinest of threads.
    Welcome to the reality of 4-12 in 2012.

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